Bella’s Honey Cake

Bella's Honey Cake Recipe | In Jennie's Kitchen

My friend Ethan shared a version of this recipe for Bella’s Honey Cake with me a couple of weeks ago. It’s mere coincidence the cake shares the same name as my first born, or perhaps it was fate? I’d put out a call to friends for some kugel recipes and Ethan sent along the cake recipe, too, saying it was worth trying. I made some tweaks, mainly cutting out the raisins, nixing the whiskey, and scaling the ingredients down a bit to make a round version of what was supposed to be a sheet cake.

We’re going to talk about kugel again in the future. I didn’t grow up with kugel, and maybe I’ve no right to even write about it, but seriously, where has kugel been my whole life? Oh, yes, I was raised Catholic…I guess our equivalent of kugel is lasagna, a conversation for another time.

This cake doesn’t seem like much when you see it. And then you take your first bite. And wow. Your tastebuds are abuzz with hints of citrus, a delicate sweetness, and an earthy nip from the walnuts. It’s dairy-free, making it pareve if you’re keeping kosher. I served it as dessert on Rosh Hashanah, and then we had some for breakfast the next day (and the day after that one).

It’s a cake that holds the test of time, its crumb staying soft, and the flavors deepening with each passing day, depending on how long you make it last. Sometimes a sliver is all you want, and yet if it’s a thick wedge you desire, it won’t weigh you down. Bella’s Honey Cake is comforting with tea in the afternoon, but when sipped with coffee, the citrus notes pop, a symphony in every bite. All that from one humble looking cake.

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  • Marilyn

    This looks great & your description encouraged me to bake it. It just came out of the oven & it smells amazing!

  • Jennie

    I made a version of this for my daughters’ harvest festival at school, omitting the walnuts, and adding sliced almonds to the top. It was wonderful! Hope you enjoyed the cake, Marilyn. xo-Jennie