Sunday Best: Homemade Waffles

Sunday Best: Homemade Waffles | In Jennie's Kitchen

A few months ago I was at a friend’s house having breakfast. Four adults and three kids had eaten through the lemon blueberry waffles he made with lightening speed, and when the calls came for more, he replied “there’s no more mix left”. He’s such an avid cook, I was surprised he’d rely on a box or package to make waffles, especially since they’re much easier to make from scratch than you might think. So, that’s why today, I’m sharing my recipe for the best homemade waffles.

Now, if you’ve been with me a while, you know I’m not the preachy kind in the kitchen—except for getting on my local, sustainable, Grazin’ Angus Acres high horse. Like the tagline says, I’m all about making meals easier, one recipe at a time. I can’t think of anything incredibly easier than making homemade waffles.

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All you need to keep stocked is flour, baking powder (I haven’t been convinced yeast is worth the overnight prep), salt, eggs, butter, milk and vanilla extract. You could even leave the latter out if you don’t have it on hand. So this weekend, give it a shot.

Sunday Best: Homemade Waffles | In Jennie's Kitchen

Can you make waffle batter in advance?

If you like sleeping in, mix the dry ingredients the night before. All you need to do in the morning is melt the butter in the microwave and beat it with the eggs, milk and vanilla, and stir it into the flour mixture.

Sunday Best: Homemade Waffles | In Jennie's Kitchen

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Quick & Easy Homemade Waffles

Makes 5 to 6 Belgian-style waffles

You’ll never use a mix again after you try this super easy recipe. I love topping them with fresh berries when they’re in season. Some preserved jam is a tasty pick-me-up during the cold winter months too. And if you grew up with Mrs. Butterworth or Aunt Jemima and still crave them no matter what anyone says about pure maple syrup, then head to Trader Joe’s. They make an agave-maple blend that’s got all the taste you want without the high-fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors.

This recipe can now be found here.

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  • Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

    Your waffles look delicious! My mom actually makes her own bisquick-like mix that she stores in a large glass jar. Then she always has it ready for quick and easy pancakes and waffles. Reading your post reminds me that I need to get that recipe from her!

  • Erika

    For as much as I also like to cook and bake from scratch, I’ve always been a Bisquick gal. Last weekend I actually wanted to make either pancakes or waffles from scratch but didn’t have buttermilk so I just used the mix instead. So glad to see this recipe! Will try this very soon. Thanks!

  • daddybookins

    I am going to try this tomorrow morning for lil boo! With a few alternatives for allergies, rice flour instead of flour, rice milk instead of reg. milk, I need to figure out the eggs though, perhaps an egg substitute of some sort. Either way I’m going to give it a try, will let you know how it turns out. (btw….no auntie syrup here…only Vermonts best from an old farm one of my employees parents used to farm on – abfab!!)
    Peas Out!
    ~daddy b

  • Kitchen Butterfly

    Yummy. I love waffles and agree with you that they’re an easy mix to stir up. I’ve never actually used a box mix for waffles but then again, I don’t live in the States!

  • Katie

    I am typing this as I eat these! So delicious. I added a little cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar (about 2T) to the dry ingredients. We like things super sweet! 🙂 I otherwise followed the recipe to a “T” and just love it. This will be my new staple recipe for waffles — instead of using Bisquick! Thank you for sharing your recipe.

  • Constance Scaggs

    This is the best recipe ever. been making these for a few months now and every time i make them me and my hobby fight over the last one. . Lol I’m so happy i found this recipe. bisquick?what’s that? LOL.

  • Desiree Solimine

    Made these this Sunday morning for my husband. He loved them. This recipe is a keeper for me. Thanks!!!!

  • Annette

    I’ve been looking for a good waffle mix since my oldest child doesn’t like ANY of the boxed mixes. I think I’ll try this one, however: if I was to mix the dry ingredients together to make a premade mix to put in a air-tight container, how much of it would I need per use? Am I making sense? Thanks in advance for an answer.

  • Laura smith

    Hi, I just made these waffles for the first time, they are super delicious!! So hearty and yummy. I make waffles for my family all the time, these are the best! Thanks for posting. Gods blessings to you and your family!

    Laura smith

  • Teresa Tran

    This is absolutely incredible! I made some for my brothers and they loved them. Thanks for sharing! (:

  • Samantha Fury

    The batter comes up to 1754 calories if anyone wanted to know . Then divide that by how many waffles you get.

    We used her recipe BUT added 1/4 cup of sugar that added 194 calories( included above). We also used Super skim milk and self rising flour.

    They were delicious.

  • tina

    does anyone know why my waffle came out very starchy and dry tasting? My kitchen smelled great though…

    Just to note, I didn’t use the whole stick of butter….I used 3/4 of it… do you think that extra 1/4 I didn’t use is what made it dry?


  • Erica

    These are delicious. My husband said that they are the best waffles he’s ever had. Ever.

    Easy, fast and worth the few extra minutes to mix these up.

    I get a lot of waffles out of this recipe and freeze the leftovers to reheat in the toaster throughout the week.

  • Terri Singh

    I just bought the Waring Pro waffles Iron 2 weeks ago, My kids tried it out before me. I went to make waffles with Bisquick like normal but had no bisquick, so i came across ur recipe online. This will be my only waffle recipe for now on. they turned out so yummy. thank you

    and yes i did bookmark ur site

  • Kellie

    These are amazing! We have a cheapy cheap waffle iron that normally doesn’t do very well. However with this recipe the waffles come out perfect every time! I will say though that I did add about a tsp of sugar to the recipe to suit my family’s taste (household full of sweet tooths…), but otherwise it was perfect!

  • J. G.

    I made these today and they were a hit! We’ve been buying “the mix” for ever and I think from now on we will use this instead.
    Yes, one whole stick of butter is a lot of fat but since we don’t eat waffles every day then they are considered a treat.

  • Gina

    We just got a waffle maker from our wedding registry and I was googling Belgian waffle recipes and yours came up 🙂 excited to have found the perfect recipe! Thanks Jennie! (I have your cookbook too!)

  • Carmen

    Amazing recipe! My whole family loved the waffles. Just bougt myself a Waring Pro and we love ir. Thank you for a great recipe!

  • Jenny

    I made these day before last. I ran out of milk so we used 1/4 c milk and 1 c whipping cream. Absolutely fabulous…and the leftover batter held up great for next mornings pancakes!!

  • Daisy

    I made this recipe last night and used buttermilk powder and water for the milk and unbleached all purpose flour and they were delicious. Thank u for such an easy recipe.

  • Nick G.

    Great recipe. I have used it a couple times now, and have come up with my own variation. Add a tablespoon, plus a little more, of brown sugar, add about two teaspoons of cinnamon. Then, once you mix the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients, I think it’s better (if you have the time) to let the batter rest for at least an hour or two. (A chef once told me that, in the ideal world, you should make pancake and waffle batter the night before, and let it rest overnight, and your final product will be gorgeously fluffy and delicious.) Before I start making the waffles, I add a peeled, diced apple to the batter. You’ll end up with a super-delicious apple cinnamon waffle! I also love these waffles (with or without the apples) if you freeze them and then pop one in the toaster whenever you like (as another commenter mentioned.) You’ll never buy an Eggo again, I guarantee it!

  • Ody

    My grand-Daughter & I have been taste-testing different online recipes every Thursday for the last two months… Wednesday being Nana sleepover night.
    These were absolutely amazing!
    Perfectly crispy on the outside; soft & airy on the inside. Super yummy, according to my 3 year old toddler foodie.
    I had a scarcity of butter, so I used 1/4 cup butter, 1/4 cup veg. oil. Still made our taste buds stand up and shout ‘Brava!’
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Sharon

    Oh my word! PERFECT! The best recipe! I just got my Belgian waffle iron and was searching for recipes. Tried a terrible one from bisquick which was very dry. This is the simplest & best tasting, very moist! Won’t be looking for another recipe.

  • Katie

    I wanted an easy Belgian style waffle recipe. I found it! This waffle recipe calls me to go out and buy a new nice waffle maker of my own after making this waffle recipe for several friends. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Jen

    LOVE LOVE this recipe! So easy n tastey. The first time I made I only had 3/4 c of milk so I used 8oz of Trader Joe’s boxed whipping cream. Yummy!

  • Greggory

    …just made them!! Delicious!! I took one of the other reviewers suggestion and added the 1/4 cup of sugar because we wanted sweeter waffles.. Yum, light fluffy, sweet! Thank you for the recipe and all the reviewers helped!! #NO MORE BOX WAFFLES!

  • Leslie Kelley

    Thanks for the recipe. An easy (and healthy) sub for milk or buttermilk is kefir. You can also use non-dairy milk and make non-dairy “buttermilk” by adding a teaspoon of cider vinegar to the liquid. Enjoy!

  • Krista

    These were delicious. The perfect consistency for waffles. My husband says they are the best waffles he’s ever had. Thanks for posting the recipe!

  • Sophia

    So I tried to make this recipe exactly. Except I didn’t need that many so I split it. And also it was the first time I’d ever used baking powder. And I didn’t have eggs, so I used applesauce. What I’m tasting isn’t awful but it’s just kinda…. I don’t know. And it didn’t cook in the normal time a waffle cooks. It’s still insanely wet/moist ish. So yeah.

    JP’s note: A lot of work goes into developing recipes for a reason. Baking especially, which is what making waffles is technically, is a science. When you change the ingredients, proportions, and methods, it is important to understand that it will affect the final outcome.

  • Michael Dietsch

    I tried to make this recipe exactly. Except I poured the batter into my toaster. It made a mess! So yeah.

  • Scott - Shelli - Mikaela - Miranda

    The perfect Sunday “Breakfast for dinner” family delight!

    As a family, we all invaded Shelli’s kitchen and “helped” prepare these wafles while she made the homemade whip cream and sliced the strawberries… Delicious!

  • Jerry Bradley

    This is a wonderful recipe. I substituted the butter with melted peanut butter, and added some chocolate chips to the batter prior to cooking. Then topped each waffle with fresh banana slices.

  • Allà

    Amazing! My son asked for waffles. I had the waffle iron but no pre-made mix. He suggested I check the Internet (kids!) and here it was. I have so many, I am freezing for use in the toaster on a hectic day. Thanks bunches!

  • Bridgette

    BEST WAFFLES EVER!!! Made a double batch- more butter than I would have liked to use but they were amazing!!!

  • Rachel

    Great recipe! This is now our go-to recipe for waffles. It does make quite a bit of mix, but luckily the mix also saves really well refrigerated!

  • teresa rose

    Thank you for sharing, can’t wait to try this. We love it when they turn out fluffy,

  • Mad4clay

    Made this recipe yesterday for my regular Sunday breakfast and just loved them. So easy to make. Now I no longer will rely on boxed mix, just as I no longer buy boxed pancake mix. I love making stuff from scratch and these were awesome! I only added a tablespoon of sugar, just for that bit of sweetness. I used pure maple syrup and my mouth just hummed with joy. I’m keeping this one.

  • Amy

    My daughter and I just made these for the first time and they were a huge hit. Hands down, this is the best and easiest waffle recipe ever. Thank you!

  • Neil

    I r
    tried this receipe and it was perfect. I have the same waffle maker . I found that by increasing the flour to 2 cups ,I can get 6 whole waffels. Great receipy!!!

  • Delia Adalian

    Made these for breakfast. Had to, after reading ALL the positive comments. I too used buttermilk and added a little sugar & cinnamon. Deeeelish! So fluffy & light, the kids LOVED them! I could NEVER get that fluffiness with boxed waffle mixes! Thank you, now the possibilities are endless with this wonderful basic recipe.

  • Rose Radank

    love your recipe.
    My little twist to it, I add two more eggs, but separate them. Mixing the yolks with the milk. Then whisking the white until lightly stiff and folding it in after everything has been mixed. They are light and fluffy!

  • Morgan W.

    Loved this recipe. Literally just made them and now eating them. Very good! I threw in some cinnamon and nutmeg. Definitely will use this from now on to make waffles!

  • Dawn

    Made these this morning. What a wonderfully simple recipe. Had to double it of course, because there are 6 of us. All six called it a keeper.
    Interesting that the batter was so much thicker than other recipes I’ve used. Can’t wait to try some of the suggested additions and alterations.
    One of my girls keeps asking for the Bisquick. After this recipe I think she finally understands why I quit buying it. Thank you!

  • Phil

    Do you use a non stick spray on the waffle iron? And if so, what do you recommend to not get an aftertaste?

  • Jennifer Perillo

    I poke a pat of butter with a knife, and use that to grease the waffle iron as necessary Phil.

  • Cass

    Well — I seem to be living in an alternate universe from the other commenters. This proved to be one kitchen disaster after another. I followed the directions. The batter was super thin, not thick like other mixes I have used. It cascaded out of my waffle maker. So thought I’d try pancakes. They spread together and ended up beig paper thin. So I added more flour and tried the waffle maker again. The end result — we’re eating over-easy eggs right now. This was not one of my better Pins. Waffle mix will definitely be on my next shopping list!

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Hi Cass,

    I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the recipe, if you do decide to give it another try in the future. As you can see from the many previous comments, it’s been successful for many other readers.


  • Krystal Konz

    Just made your recipe and it was delicious!!!! I added some cinnamon but they were good and kid approved! My hubby said they taste like Eggos but better- huge compliment from our family. Thanks for sharing!

  • Leda

    I just made these waffles for dinner, and they are DELICIOUS! I made them exactly as the recipe directed, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • debbie

    So making these right now…only thing I did different was add a few tablespoons of coconut sugar to the batter and some vanilla. My batter was light and fluffy but after cooking it went flat. I think perhaps it is my George Forman waffle maker/grill. I have never seem to find a batter that works in this thing

  • Joe

    This is a kick but recipe! We just made them and they worked out perfect. The only substitute We made was butter milk instead of regular milk. I’m keeping this one for a quick easy waffle mix.

  • Maria

    Easy recipe, yummy waffles – thank you for sharing! It is definitely a keepr for your family.

  • Gina

    just like cass ^ I followed the recipe carefully and my batter also came out super thin and came out of my waffle maker .. It’s driving me crazy I keep looking at the recipe over and over and can’t figure out what went wrong..

  • Jessie

    Made these waffles yesterday morning and my family is requesting them again today. They are absolutely perfect!!! Thank you! Great job!

  • Arleen

    These were awesome and pretty easy to put together! Thanks so much. I made a trial run tonight to try before breakfast for the family tomorrow. Needless to say, my husband and step son were eating them as fast as I could make them.

  • eve sarita

    I copied your recipe. I love belgian waffles, i will try this recipe once i can buy a waffle iron. Thanks a lot for sharing your recipe.