Cherry Chocolate Ripple Gelato

Cherry Chocolate Ripple Gelato | In Jennie's Kitchen

The freezer is plugged in! Hooray. Of course, it didn’t go as seamless or easy as one would hope, but I’m no stranger to things not going as planned.

My first trip to Best Buy was successful in the chest freezer I wanted being in stock. Fitting it in the car was only possible after driving back home 26 miles to drop off the kids, and then clocking another 26 miles to return to Best Buy with an empty backseat so I could fold both seats down and fit the freezer in the car (had hoped just folding down the 60% split would work, oh well). All said, it was a 100 mile journey since I had to do the roundtrip drive twice.

Getting it in the house was much easier than I expected. The 5 cubic foot freezer is quite light, relatively speaking, though large compared to the size of my doorways. A little help from Bella, and we got it settled downstairs in the basement. As per the directions, I left it standing upright overnight so the coolant inside could settle since it had been resting sideways in the car.

Never in the history of anything has anyone been so excited to wake up and plug in a chest freezer. I mean, folks I’ve got to get myself a life, really.

Cherry Chocolate Ripple Gelato | In Jennie's Kitchen

I ran down to the basement, plugged it in. Nothing. The blue light didn’t come on. It seems the outlet that old behemoth chest freezer had been plugged into long before I owned my house was no longer working. I plugged something else into the outlet just to make sure it wasn’t a defect with the new chest freezer. Nothing.

I scouted the basement outlets, searching for a three-prong outlet. Success. On the opposite side of the basement. This was already turning into too much work for a Sunday morning, but I could see the homestretch was near. I thought about all the fruits and vegetables I’d be able to freeze now. Visions of multiple ice cream maker bases tucked inside it one day floated through my mind.

Cherry Chocolate Ripple Gelato | In Jennie's Kitchen

I pulled the dolly from the garage. Those things are not light to carry. Why is that exactly? I slid the chest freezer onto the dolly, carried the cinder blocks to the other side of the basement, and wheeled the chest freezer over. In case you’re wondering, the cinder blocks are necessary because the basement was designed to take in water during heavy rains. It all drains into a hole in the floor equipped with a sump pump.

So, the cinder blocks are necessary for all mechanicals in the event of heavy rains, or worse flooding which has happened when the electricity goes out and the sump pump can’t do it’s job. Oh, do I miss living in the city

But I never had room for a chest freezer in Brooklyn. And, if I still lived in the city, I would’ve likely never met Matthew, and I can’t imagine my life without him, so sometimes we end up just where we’re supposed to be even if the road getting there is fraught with confusion, worry, and heartache. I’ve no doubt there’ll be more hard times. That is just called life. Tackling those times with a kind, funny, loving person is what makes the whole journey worth it. Good thing he loves ice cream. I see a lot more of the homemade kind in our future.

Cherry Chocolate Ripple Gelato | In Jennie's Kitchen

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  • Laura

    I would love to make this, but I need to know what I can use instead of the Lemon Juice. My daughter and I are extremely allergic to citrus and citric acid. Any Suggentions?

  • Trisha

    The joy of a new freezer, country living and someone who loves you is right up there with preparing your own food…life treasures ❤️

  • Jennie

    The lemon juice helps neutralize the sweetness without adding any flavor, so I think you’d be fine leaving it out. Mind you, I haven’t made it that way, and can’t say 100% how it would affect the overall recipe, but I really don’t see it being a deal breaker here.