Orange & Soy Glazed Salmon

Ahh, hello Friday. Nice to see you again. What better way to unwind than with a quick and easy dinner to greet the weekend (and a cocktail or glass of wine of course). I made this ridiculously easy salmon dish earlier in the week. I hardly ever buy salmon because it weighs too heavily on my conscience knowing how far it's traveled. I had two choices. One was a wild salmon from Nova Scotia for $23.99 a pound and the other was farm-raised from Iceland. I figured since my sustainable conscience was taking a blow, there was no need for wallet to suffer in solidarity. Then my fish monger offered up some valuable information. The farm-raised salmon was 100% organic. Not sure why they wouldn't just put that on the sign.

I put up some jasmine rice in my Aroma rice cooker (it was a comp from the company—I was testing rice cookers for the October issue of Working Mother, and  give it a big thumbs up) and added some carrots to the steamer basket for the kids. About ten minutes before the rice was done (this cooker has a countdown timer), I started the salmon. The best advice I can give when pan-searing fish is be patient. Always start it skin-side down and don't turn it too soon. Let the skin get nice and brown, this way it'll be crispy and won't stick to the pan. The sauce, a sweet and sour orange and teriyaki glaze come together in the blink of an eye. You can certainly swap out the orange for another citrus and substitute your favorite vinegar for the soy sauce too. And when it comes to cooking salmon, cook it the way you like. Who cares if chefs like to serve it rare. I'm a medium-well girl myself.

Orange & Teryaki Glazed Salmon

Serves 4

This dish is delicious and ready in less than 10 minutes. Many chefs frown upon non-stick skillets but I find it essential for pan-seared fish dishes. You can use a cast-iron or stainless-steel skillet but you'll need to coat it well with oil to make sure the fish doesn't stick.

Four 3-ounce salmon fillets, preferably center cut

Salt and freshly ground pepper, taste

Freshly squeezed juice of 1 orange

1 teaspoon honey or agave nectar

2 teaspoons soy sauce

1. Season both sides of salmon with salt and pepper. Place fish, skin-side down in a hot non-stick skillet. Cook until skin is crispy and well browned, about 2 minutes (be patient and do not move or flip too soon or skin will stick). Turn and cook for 2 more minutes.

2. Add orange juice to skillet. Whisk in honey or agave nectar and soy sauce. Bring to a boil and cook until thickened, 1 to 2 minutes. Reduce to a simmer and return salmon to pan. Spoon sauces over to coat fish, and continue doing so until salmon is cooked to your liking— for medium 1 more minute and 2 to 3 more minutes for well-done (don't worry how chef's prefer to cook it. You're cooking for your tastes, and that's what really matters). Serve immediately with additional sauce spooned on top.