Twice as Nice: Vegetable Fried Rice

This recipe can now be found on my new site Simmering.



  • Jessie

    Brooklyn gal here too! Pizza and Chinese is always our preferred take out but you’re right about one thing, some of the best pizzas are homemade! homemade Chinese takeout for some reason does not agree with me and I always somehow mess up.
    I need to Jaden’s book! That fried rice looks extremely authentic, I’m wanting some right now ­čÖé

  • Alta

    Ooh, you got a sneak peek at Steamy Kitchen’s new book? Boy, am I jealous. She taught me fried rice! Speaking of, I love to make fried rice – out of just about anything. I purposely steam too much rice on a regular basis, just to make it. I could eat bowlfuls. Your veggie fried rice looks delish, fresh with lots of veg!