I started a new job this week, and on the train ride home it occurred to me that making the […]

Hugging the tight curves of Ohayo Mountain Road, clutching the steering wheel to navigate the twists and turns, is my […]

Things are about to get berry-licious around here. This is great news if you love strawberries, and awful if you […]

Strawberries are finally here. I lost hope that I’d find any when I went out in search of them yesterday, […]

The sun is blaring down on me, as I sit in the back porch writing. Should we believe the forecast, […]

Even after 20 years of cooking professionally, I’m still humbled the way one small tweak to a recipe transforms it […]

Working with sourdough conjurs feelings of “too difficult” or “fussy”. I say this because before I began working with sourdough […]

Preserving comes in all manners. I wonder how many people realize this truth. While canning jams, making pickles, and putting […]

Now is the time to admit I’m human, and while I make 90% of everything we eat from scratch, there […]

Come Saturday, my mission in the kitchen is singularly focused on using up any ingredients lingering in the fridge or […]

I know, it’s springtime, and many of you might be done with soup. It’s been the longest winter here, though, […]

Last year I hit my stride with pie making. After years of feeling like lattice crusts were intimidating, I realized […]

There’s a million things I miss about living in New York City. It’s probably easier to count the parts I […]