In the kitchen I can feign control and predictability when everything else feels incredibly unpredictable. When I saw some oranges […]

I hadn’t planned to bake when I woke up Monday morning, but 10 minutes after splashing some warm water on […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about family meals this week, and how that will look for everyone in whatever our […]

Michael is on my mind more and more these days. This Friday he should be turning 60. But he is […]

Growing up, my aunt hosted Thanksgiving at her apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. This was long before it was playground […]

Three years ago at this time I was plotting and planning our trip to Europe. Those three weeks feel like […]

I sat in services feeling empty and lonely amidst a room full of people, my own person now gone more […]

Every first is a last. Conversely, every last is a precursor to a first, proving life is a series of […]

I sometimes wonder if reading this blog is like listening to the old uncle who rolls out the same stories […]

My mind is stuck in the clouds today, staring out the sliding doors overlooking Cape Cod Bay. I watched Virginia […]