Yesterday was a roll with the punches kind of day. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, and then it wasn’t. […]

I’m racing against the threat of thunderstorms today, hoping to get to the farmstand, and then BestBuy to pick up […]

Mayo once saved my marriage. Well, at least this homemade mayo recipe did. I abhor mayonnaise. Whenever people talk about […]

I never really caught my footing between winter and summer. Yes, there’s no mention of spring because we barely had […]

I shrugged off the travel time at first when I began interviewing for jobs in New York City. It’s a […]

Somewhere Michael is shaking his head at the irony of me collecting fruit from the mulberry tree behind the garage. […]

I started a new job this week, and on the train ride home it occurred to me that making the […]

Hugging the tight curves of Ohayo Mountain Road, clutching the steering wheel to navigate the twists and turns, is my […]

Things are about to get berry-licious around here. This is great news if you love strawberries, and awful if you […]

Strawberries are finally here. I lost hope that I’d find any when I went out in search of them yesterday, […]

The sun is blaring down on me, as I sit in the back porch writing. Should we believe the forecast, […]

Even after 20 years of cooking professionally, I’m still humbled the way one small tweak to a recipe transforms it […]

Working with sourdough conjurs feelings of “too difficult” or “fussy”. I say this because before I began working with sourdough […]

Preserving comes in all manners. I wonder how many people realize this truth. While canning jams, making pickles, and putting […]