26 Recipes for the New Year + Some Thoughts for a Healthier 2020

Homemade Mushroom Pho | In Jennie's Kitchen

I’m not one for resolutions. Never have been.

I tend to look at every moment of the day as a chance to start anew. Changing course isn’t always possible immediately. In fact, rarely is instantaneous change possible, literally speaking. Intellectually, though, we can always steer our mind, thoughts and intentions in new directions.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s power of positive thinking. That seems too neat, too easy a cliche to fall for. But there is something to be said for continually working on being thankful. For me this is very different from optimism and the trend of mindfulness, which has become more a commodity for endless journals, books and magazine sales every time I walk into a Barnes & Noble.

There’s room for thankfulness, happiness, sadness and disappointment to coexist. This the lesson I try to teach my girls every day. Being aware of all those feelings is what allows us to be in the moment, and opens the pathway to refocus our attention and energies every step of the way.

If I were to put more tangible resolutions to paper, making time to get moving more would be high on the list. I feel like there’s never time to exercise, but it’s about making the time, which really means it’s about weeding out things that feel less beneficial (I could certainly spend less time on social media, even though it’s a big part of my professional life).

Now that the holidays are done, I’m eager to get back to some healthier eating (read: less sugar, more plant-based proteins). One thing I started in early December was making smoothies again for breakfast every day. One simple change like that resulted in losing 5 pounds. Weight loss wasn’t even a goal. I was just tired of the crash and burn effect from eating a carb-driven breakfast. Even if a dry piece or two of toast seemed harmless, it meant I was hungrier all day long.

My smoothie of choice is macadamia or oat milk, coffee ice cubes (easy to make, just freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays), frozen banana, almond butter, dates, and a smidge of cocoa powder. I find this keeps me feeling fuller, and also sets the tone for better food choices throughout the day.

If you’re feeling inclined to switch up you what you’re eating these days, whether it’s a little detox from holiday excess, exploring more plant-based recipes, or just need inspiration for some immunity-boosting foods during the winter season, here’s 20 of my favorite recipes from the site.

Happy New Year to you all, and many thanks as always for being with me here in this virtual home.