Strawberry Almond Milk

Strawberry Almond Milk | In Jennie's Kitchen

Just a quick visit today, on a Monday that seems to have flashed by way too quickly. I suppose it’s good when Mondays don’t linger on too much, yes? I woke this morning, and make a batch of Strawberry Poppy Scones (more on those soon), and then decided to make some of this Strawberry Almond Milk.

I love making almond milk. It tastes better than any of the boxed stuff, and I can control what goes into it—meaning no fillers or preservatives. Just almonds, water, and a pinch of sea salt. There is a way to up the ante on homemade almond milk, though—add fresh strawberries!

Last year, if you recall, I made a homemade Cherry Cashew Milk. I still adore that recipe, but this strawberry almond milk earns its keep in my rotation, too. A little bit of vanilla extract gets us closer to the Nestle Quick strawberry milk I used to love making as a kid. I prefer the natural sweetness the almonds lend, but you can add some maple syrup to your milk if you like it a little sweeter. Just a splash should do the trick.

I hope Monday has been gentle to all of you. Sorry for the hit and run here, so to speak. I’ll be back shortly, but wanted to share this recipe before it escaped my very long To Do list! xo-Jennie

Strawberry Almond Milk | In Jennie's Kitchen

Strawberry Almond Milk | In Jennie's Kitchen

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