Galette des rois briochée

A new year, a new me. That’s what we all say to ourselves, right? I’m actually not one for making resolutions, at least not with the turn of a calendar page. As I told Isabella recently, every moment of the day offers a chance to resolve to be the best version of yourself. Being a teenager, she replied with an eye roll, but I think deep down she knew what I was getting at with my perspective on resolutions.

And yet, I do feel differently this month. It’s my seventh year greeting a new one without Michael, and while I miss him, there’s a peace I’ve not felt in a long time. The growing divide between my time with him, and my time trying to live without him provides a buffer, a perspective of sorts. I can see so clearly the different choices I wish I’d made, and yet I don’t see them as mistakes. Continue reading…

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