Thankful Thursdays {07.19.2018}

Sun-Dried Raspberries | In Jennie's Kitchen

I wake early every day except Sunday. That is my day of rest, or as much as my body allows considering its internal alarm supercedes what my mind actually wants, which is to linger in bed beyond 5:30am.

In truth, I love those mornings when I rise just around dawn, at least on the sun’s summer schedule. Daylight is already beginning to filter into the house. Quite a different experience from winter, when the sky is still soaked in nighttime. Continue reading…

Yesterday was a roll with the punches kind of day. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, and then it wasn’t. […]

I’m racing against the threat of thunderstorms today, hoping to get to the farmstand, and then BestBuy to pick up […]

Mayo once saved my marriage. Well, at least this homemade mayo recipe did. I abhor mayonnaise. Whenever people talk about […]

I never really caught my footing between winter and summer. Yes, there’s no mention of spring because we barely had […]

I shrugged off the travel time at first when I began interviewing for jobs in New York City. It’s a […]

Somewhere Michael is shaking his head at the irony of me collecting fruit from the mulberry tree behind the garage. […]