Zimsterne {cinnamon meringue star cookies}

By now you all know my adoration for Classic German Baking, by Luisa Weiss. Her Christmas cookie recipes have found a solid place in my holiday cookie baking (and eating) habits. In case you’re curious, the final tally this year was was 61 dozen cookies—732 cookies! Yes, I was very exhausted when it was all done. Call me crazy, but now that it’s all finished, and most of the cookies are packed in tins, on their way to friends around the country, I miss the flurry of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter.

Last year I was fascinated with the idea of making Zimsterne from scratch. Zimsterne are a German Christmas favorite, even to be easily found wandering the holiday markets in New York City. They had lots of lebkuchen too! Continue reading…

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