Creamy Eggplant Hummus

Creamy Eggplant Hummus | In Jennie's Kitchen

Is it too daring to share an eggplant recipe with fall nipping at our heels? The craziest cold spell fell upon us earlier in the week, leaving Isabella and I huddled together under my shawl at Rosh Hashanah services on Monday. A bitingly cold, wet day of pouring rain nestled between 75 degree days.

By Thursday, though, we were back to humidity thick as mousse. So it goes this time of year, as the offerings at the farm stand echo the seasons dribbling from one to the next. Maybe we’ll see tomatoes strewn across the table for another week or two. There’s usually a moment of silence between summer produce shedding it’s last harvest and fall favorites arriving. I suspect they’ll overlap closer this year since someone told me it was the fourth hottest summer since record keeping. Could that really be possible? I must remember to check into it further. Continue reading…

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