4 Ways To Make Soda Bread

Buckwheat Oat Soda Bread | In Jennie's Kitchen

Some days choosing what kind of bread to bake leaves me torn. I’m fond of my follies with sourdough starter, but also love making challah. This time of year, though, it’s kind of a no-brainer. While I’ve never been one to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, soda bread ranks up there as a favorite, and a great first foray into baking bread if starter and yeast feel too intimidating.

There are a lot of very inaccurate soda bread recipes out there, and by that I mean they’re not at all authentic. I’m all for artistic interpretations, but what I love most about soda bread is the science factor. Recipes that call for baking powder do not respect or have faith this wonderous process. Continue reading…

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