Tahini & Dark Chocolate Mousse

Earlier this month, I became a contributor to The Spruce’s food channel. Channel is speak for the various departments on websites covering a multitude of topics, they’re sometimes also called verticals. How is that for boring tech talk? This recipe for Tahini & Dark Chocolate Mousse was inspired by the first recipe I made for The Spruce, a vegan Chocolate Avocado Pudding.

I know—avocado pudding doesn’t sound like anything you’d want to eat, unless you’re vegan, or have an egg allergy, in which case you’re probably already hip to this rather magical method for substituting eggs to make an all-time favorite American dessert. Admittedly, I rolled my eyes, and might’ve even raised an eyebrow when I was given this as my first assignment, especially since there are other ways to make vegan pudding that don’t involve an ingredient I use to make guacamole. Continue reading…

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