Latkes & Christmas Cookies

Homemade Latkes | In Jennie's Kitchen

The title of this post is as contrary as the Christmas tree shaped doughnuts I bought to celebrate the start of Hanukkah earlier this week. Fitting since nestled next to the trio of menorahs stands a real, live tree, adorned with colorful lights and a lifetime of ornaments, each one a breadcrumb of sorts, connecting my past to my present.

It was a little awkward for me putting the tree up this time, each passing year feeling further from my Catholic upbringing, and Christianity in general. At the core of my belief system is to just be a good, kind, decent human being. Putting up a tree might seem harmless, beautiful as it is, and it certainly makes me smile as I sit here writing this post. I’ve not had a real tree in four years. It started to feel like too much work, the sticky sap, trimming it with lights, remembering to water it.  Continue reading…

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