A Rainy Day Rib Recipe

Slow Roasted Oven Ribs | In Jennie's Kitchen

The sun is blaring down on me, as I sit in the back porch writing. Should we believe the forecast, to the extent of what I see on my iPhone, it looks like Memorial Day might be a bit of washout. Who knows, really, but I suppose it’s best to be prepared, and have a back up plan. I mean this last part for all of you since we’ve no big plans for the Memorial Day weekend, and I’m very content with that reality.

Michael and I were never one for these traffic-heavy holiday weekends. In fact, as native New Yorkers who constantly had to share our city with millions of people, these were the moments we cherished. There are three key weekends in NYC when you can stroll  into a theater just a few mins before your movie time, get a last minute dinner reservation relatively painlessly, and find a hassle-free parking spot. Continue reading…

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