I read some place recently that Thanksgiving pies must be made the morning of, and to that I say “um, […]

I know everyone is probably in Thanksgiving planning mode. I’m hoping an interruption with a wintry recipe for Hot Chocolate […]

I went to bed last Wednesday feeling thankful yet another Halloween was done. It’s my least favorite “holiday”. Does that […]

After decades of carving pumpkins, and trying to convince myself to roast and eat the seeds, I finally abandoned the […]

It’s almost a year since sourdough starter entered my life, and what a year it’s been. Yeast never scared me, […]

Before you say anything, I’m two steps ahead of you, listening to Michael’s laughter echo through the chambers of my […]

I’ve no less than a dozen things I want to share and write about. On that list includes some new […]

A few days ago I did something I do often. I posted a photo on Instagram of something I baked. […]

Is it too daring to share an eggplant recipe with fall nipping at our heels? The craziest cold spell fell […]

A couple of weeks ago I shared a video on Instagram for making fritto misto. It’s one of my favorite […]