Who doesn’t love a warm soft pretzel? I know someone out there is reading this, thinking “um, me, Jennie”. That’s […]

Yes, you read that correctly: pizza babka. I hadn’t even realized that was a thing until the recipe was assigned […]

Remember when snow days felt like something special? A day off from school, a pretend “sick” day from work so […]

22 days to go. I realize the calendar turning to 2021 isn’t some miraculous panacea but it feels like getting […]

I had my first sip of chai in 2007 on NYC’s lower east side, at the original location of Doughnut […]

In the kitchen I can feign control and predictability when everything else feels incredibly unpredictable. When I saw some oranges […]

I hadn’t planned to bake when I woke up Monday morning, but 10 minutes after splashing some warm water on […]