I enter spring in upstate New York with much trepidation, not completely convinced we’ll actually get to experience it. Last […]

I’ve a feeling a few of you are baking pies today with it being Pi Day. I’ve got a mostly […]

I had a moment this weekend that left me feeling genius-like, though I’m sure it’s been done before by someone […]

Last week I found myself with some mandatory slowing down time while I tended to a terrible cold. With my […]

Last fall I began making my own all-natural cleaners. I made the switch to better for-the-environment (and better-for-our health cleaners) […]

I had a thought while vacuuming the sofa earlier this morning. Not a new one, but a recurring one that […]

The title of this post is as contrary as the Christmas tree shaped doughnuts I bought to celebrate the start […]

This last week has been a blur. In all the good ways, but particularly exhausting nonetheless. I finished the last […]

I read some place recently that Thanksgiving pies must be made the morning of, and to that I say “um, […]

I know everyone is probably in Thanksgiving planning mode. I’m hoping an interruption with a wintry recipe for Hot Chocolate […]

I went to bed last Wednesday feeling thankful yet another Halloween was done. It’s my least favorite “holiday”. Does that […]