Most people hate Mondays. Not me. Truth be told, I like getting back to my schedule and structure of the […]

  Red leaf, romaine and boston bibb lettuce growing in my Brooklyn backyard. I returned from a Love Your Veggies […]

  I feel pangs of guilt for buying anything out of season or not local. But let's face it, the […]

Here's a sneak peek at the next Cuisinart Stand Mixer blog post. For my standmixer-less friends, don't fret. It's a […]

Today is a great start to the week. Not only am I testing margarita recipes for work, but I've also […]

  Refried beans are easy to make at home. Photo by Jennifer Perillo©. Taco night is universally popular, whether you're […]

Here's my latest post from the Cuisinart Stand Mixer blog. Hope you all enjoy reading and eating it as much […]

This week welcomes the debut of guest blogger, Ilina over at Dirt&Noise. Every Friday she concocts a TGIF drink to […]

I tweeted about this piecrust made with matzoh a week or so ago. The wonderful thing about being a recipe […]

The Carroll Gardens' Greenmarket finally opened this weekend in Brooklyn. Sure it signals spring really is here, who'd know it […]

After my last plantains post, there was a flurry of email activity with my best friend (you know the one […]

I’ve never been one for fad diets. In fact, I’ve never been one for diets. Instead, I try to eat […]

  That’s me shopping at Venice’s Rialto Market. Mine is not the romantic story of a girl who grew up […]

It's spring break in NYC, so I'll be busy juggling the kiddies and work this week. Here's one of my […]

My shopping priorities are different from many gals I know. On my trip to Italy two years ago, I came […]

“What inspired this tonight” was the Mr.’s question as he spooned a mouthful of this soup on a ridiculously windy […]

I came across this amazing dinner deal by accident. I trekked the kiddies down to Cobblestone Foods on Court Street […]

Making plantains is so easy it doesn’t even require a recipe—it’s all in the technique. I learned this one from […]

A few weeks back I went to an event for a "soft spreads" company which shall remain unnamed, hosted by […]