Disappointment is perhaps the best word to convey my feelings after reading Pete Wells’ article in this past Sunday's New […]

I made this lovely looking pie with apples from Bensonhurst. Yes, in Brooklyn. A sweet, smiling Italian lady gave them […]

Happy Monday everyone. You probably noticed a few new things at In Jennie's Kitchen. Let me give you the grand […]

The New York TimesNeighbor, Can You Spare a Plum? abcNEWS.com Salma Hayek on Why She Breastfed Another Woman’s Baby Chris […]

SheKnows.com regular contributor How to Manage Your Kids in the Kitchen Cherished Recipes Mom Used to Make Parenting Magazine freelance […]

June 2009 June 13-14thBig Apple Barbecue Block Party11:00am to 7:00pm Pitmasters from around the country descend on NYC’s Madison Avenue […]

Yesterday I posted about cookie dough ice cream. Well, there's one author that popped into my mind the whole time […]

When a twitter friend tweeted a few weeks ago that she spied strawberries at the Union Square Market, my heart […]

One of the things I love about my Brooklyn neighborhood is the sense of community. You'd think living one apartment […]

I never watched how my mom made chicken soup but know she used to puree the celery and pour it […]

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York Sunday was the day most Italians would savor a traditional gravy dinner.  This is […]

Before you Mad Men fans attack, yes, I imagine Don Draper wouldn't be caught dead drinking a cocktail with maraschino […]

"Nana, please can I have oatmeal today?""Are you going to eat it this time?""Yes, I promise." My nana passed away […]

Here's a sneak peek at an upcoming Cuisinart Stand Mixer post. As always, you can improvise if you don't have […]

So far the veggie garden I planted on Mother's Day is surviving under my care. Below you'll see some lettuce, […]

Periodically a dish comes along that's the talk of the town, garnering praise from coast to coast. In the case […]

Lunchtime is hit or miss for me. Depending on what I'm testing, a balanced meal isn't always a guarantee. Sometimes […]

What is it about a bakery that makes my knees weak?  Is it the sugar, the yeast, the sight of […]

Most people hate Mondays. Not me. Truth be told, I like getting back to my schedule and structure of the […]

  Red leaf, romaine and boston bibb lettuce growing in my Brooklyn backyard. I returned from a Love Your Veggies […]

  I feel pangs of guilt for buying anything out of season or not local. But let's face it, the […]