The Resistance

People say our country has survived worse leadership. They say we’ve been through tougher times. The glaring difference here is that the past fights have been to move our country forward in a better direction for humanity. The civil rights movement led to desegregation. The women’s rights movement led to women’s reproductive rights. The LGBTQ movement has led to equality for everyone on a human level.

This new era we’re being ushered into is not about advancement. Instead of focusing on progress, all of these movements will have to work twice as hard to keep the rights already earned. Of course, this is not new. Conservatives have been trying to chip away, and sometimes quite successfully, at women’s reproductive rights. Before marriage equality became the law of the land, Conservatives we’re hatching legislative road blocks to circumvent the supreme law of our country. Enacting voter ID laws is a direct way to suppress the minority vote.

Today’s dawn brings a majority government that cares only about the wealthy, white class of America. And so, we must do our part to push back, make sure our voices are heard. For my fellow New Yorkers, there’s an important task I’d like to leave you with this weekend. I’m the first to admit the Affordable Care Act (ACA) wasn’t perfect, far from it in fact. Still, it was a step in the right direction, and yet Republicans are blindly working to dismantle the actual good parts of it.

Thankfully, our state assembly has introduced, and passed two pieces of legislation to protect New York State residents from losing crucial reproductive rights benefits of the ACA. These are not new pieces of legislation, at least not one of them. It’s been introduced in the past, and rejected by the Senate.

NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT, and make your voices heard.

Please use this site to look up your local New York State legislative senator. You just enter your address, and it’ll tell you your district and the name of your senator. Call them when the phone lines open on Monday morning, or today, if you read this and the offices are still open. Tell them to please vote YES on these two bills that would ensure access to abortion and contraception in New York in the face of federal efforts to dismantle the protections of the ACA.

This would enshrine in New York state law the right to choose abortion as recognized in Roe v. Wade, protect health care providers who perform abortions from criminal prosecution, and regulate abortion as a public health, not a criminal, matter.


2. The COMPREHENSIVE CONTRACEPTION COVERAGE ACT (CCCA) which would enshrine the advances of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in New York state law, including ensuring no co pays for the full range of contraceptive methods, which means at least one contraceptive method from each of the 18 distinct categories recognized by the Food and Drug Administration.


  • Vanessa

    I love your blog when it’s about food, and hate it when you go political. There is no doubt you are a democrat. I disagree with most of your political views, especially the voter ID issue. If I want to buy a bottle of wine, I must present my state issued ID. If I want to drive a car, I need to have a state issued ID. If I want to get on a plane, I need to present my state issued ID. Why should voting be any different? Why make it easy for illegal immigrants to vote or have their vote bought? Politics are a great divider. Now that Donald Trump is in fact the President of the United States, YOUR PRESIDENT, your blog can focus on food again.

  • Molly

    I love it when readers try to tell the blogger what their personal blog should be about. As though because you care about food, that is all you should care about, lol. I personally agree with you, Jennie, and am grateful to see that food bloggers care about our country and where it is headed.

  • Nora

    Thanks, Jennie. It’s your blog…use it however you wish. We still have freedom of speech and freedom to choose what we read. Many are with you and will ensure that this country does not take leaps backwards.

  • Kay

    Sorry DISAGREE Vanessa and Kim! The rights of people cannot be ignored and I’m really really sorry if you cannot see we are going backwards. Talk to someone outside YOUR circle, break your bubble, talk to someone from another country – see America how others see it.

    No one is forcing you to come here and partake. Food is about community, family and sharing. And it’s Jennie’s dang space. Some things are more important than a recipe. Like me not getting kicked off insurance because my Dad had a genetic condition and the for profit insurance companies consider that a pre-existing condition.

    So Rock On Jennie. Voices need to be heard/
    Also. #notmypresident not in my heart, head or mind

  • Linda

    Vanessa since this is Jennifer’s blog, I suggest you unscribe if you don’t like what you’re reading. Donald Trump is the president, but I don’t claim him. Just sayin’!

  • Tamara

    Such ignorance on your part Vanessa. Unless the US govt can assure that all eligible citizens have the ID they need to vote, then this law should not be enforced. And they can’t. So therefore if one legal voter is rejected, it’s a travesty. Buying a bottle of wine doesn’t require an ID if you’re over a 30. But if you equate buying wine with one of our most important rights as US citizens, you are missing the damn point. GOP states don’t want minorities to vote. They’ve even admitted to this. So why are you supporting them? Says a lot about you.

  • Kenda

    Jennifer is taking about losing rights and many of you seem okay with that. That is the scary part. A con man has manipulated you into believing it’s okay. Sad.

  • Julie

    This is Jennifer’s blog. A place where she expresses HER thoughts about anything that SHE wants, whether it be food, travel, politics…..anything. Simply because she has chosen to voice her opinion regarding what is going on in the political spectrum of our nation right now does NOT give you the right to cut her down for what she has written on HER blog. If you don’t like her views or what she writes, then you are free to not read it……just as she is free to write it. See that is what everyone seems to have forgotten while they attempt to push their beliefs and opinion upon others…..that we are all FREE to have our own opinions, beliefs, and thoughts. And simply because you don’t agree with someone’s opinion does not give you the license to dictate what they should and shouldn’t do in their own space.

    Thank you Jennifer for speaking out.

  • Shirlee

    So absolutely disagree with you. Therefore, it is my pleasure to unfollow your blog. You do have the right to express your viewpoint. Unfollowing you expresses mine.

  • Cindy Matthews

    Oddly enough, neither Democrat or Republican, I resent being told that ID is necessary to vote. There are so few instances of voter fraud that it is negligible and the most recent cases are of Republicans perpetuating the fraud. In my state, NC, the Republican legislature went out of its way to disenfranchise minorities and the elderly along with gerrymandering the districts so as to create “safe” Republican districts. The only IDs they would allow many of our citizens could not obtain because many elderly blacks were born before birth certificates were common and many birth records were destroyed by courthouse fires. They also restricted voting sites and early voting. At our universities students don’t have cars and bus service is spotting so they made it difficult for students to vote. That is not good citizenship. I’ve had to contact the elections board several times if they see two identical names on the voter rolls they automatically drop one – there is another person in this same town with the same name and birthdate and I assure you we are two separate citizens. So Don’t rail about Jennifer being political – as an American citizen she has a right to express her opinion. I do agree, as a woman, that many in Congress are trying to reduce our reproductive rights. I don’t like the idea of abortion but it has always existed and always will and should at least be safe and legal. Do you want to go back to the days of coat hangers and dirty back alleys?

  • Veronica Georges

    yes, indeed. . .this is your blog, Jennifer. Thank you for letting your voice be heard in support of the rights of us all.

  • Laura

    BRAVA, Jennifer. You are not only a brilliant chef, loving mother, but a voice of empathy and compassion as well. Your strength continues to inspire me. Laura

  • Rene

    Yes, speak out! And tonight at 6:00 i will join my neighbors in #bangthepots. Tomorrow I’ll walk with several thousand other pussyhatted friends in Portland, Oregon for our rights to freedom, peace, housing, economic and racial justice, affordable healthcare and education. Join us or don’t. But don’t tell me (or Jennifer) what we we can or can’t say.

  • Lea

    “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”
    Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Nancy

    My initial reaction was the same as the first few comments. However I do agree that this is Jennifer’s blog, and she can write whatever she wants. It is just that everything, everywhere is so political these days. Sometimes I just want to read about recipes and food.

  • Margaret

    Keep expressing your opinions, Jennifer. I love your blog just the way it is. I’m with Kenda, Julie, Veronica and Rene. It’s a sad day for what America has always stood for.

  • emma

    This is Jennifer’s blog. We freely chose to be her subscribers. Let her voice speak.
    Thank you so much for In Jennie’s Kitchen.

  • Beth

    Thank you Jennie, for making your blog about more than food. While I love your recipes and many, many have been regulars in our rotation I love your blog posts just as much! You’ve always shared your life story with your readers and why stop now. Again, thanks for being true to you and your girls. xoxo BethyCorrine

  • Jennie

    Um, my blog will focus on whatever I CHOOSE to focus on. Plenty of places to go, blogs to read if this isn’t your cup of tea.

  • andrea

    Today I refused to watch the inauguration.
    Tomorrow I march in my home state, at the State House. Sadly, i could not make it to DC.
    Then, resistance however is needed.
    Jennie, thank you for reminding us that our voices need to be heard.

  • carol

    i hear you, girl!!!!! i am american in heart & soul, ad although i live in the netherlands, i always remain entwined with america, after all, that’s my where my roots grow…. love your foods-for-thoughts-to-do, and love your political-thoughts-to-ponder… its a sad sad day watching cnn’s live coverage, but HOPE keeps me going, being proactive & my voice heard, keeps me involved!!

  • Sam

    I never comment, but the absurdity of Vanessa’s comment is too perfect. You basically just said to get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich! What a great way to fulfill the stereotype of a hateful Trump supporter – we won, so sit down, shut up and stop making me feel uncomfortable! This blog is free to you and if you don’t like the content you are fully able to step away. I might offer the unsolicited advice that you do some evidenced-based research into the actual prevalence of voter fraud and the history of voter suppression in this country. (1. and 2. The majority of voting Americans did not vote for Trump and are concerned about the direction of our new administration intends to take this country. It is our constitutionally protected right to voice peaceful protest – that’s how these things are supposed to work!

  • CA Crowe

    Jennifer- thank you for your blog post. I agree with you 100%. You articulate what many of us fear.

  • heather

    I love that you took a risk with your livelihood and spoke what so many are thinking and feeling. Love your recipes, love your love of NYC, and now I know I love your politics.

  • Nina

    With you, Jennie.
    I made a donation, considerably bigger than usual, to Planned Parenthood, today, and tomorrow I march in Boston to preserve the rights of women. I ran young parent programs for 25 years, and it is very clear to me that rights to contraception and safe child bearing is fundamental to the health, not just of women, but to this country

  • Polly Cassady

    I’m with you, and actually encourage those who are not to find another space to nay-say. Do they even understand how fortunate they are to be able to make that choice, or to realize how close to losing all our voices we are? Like others, I am supporting agencies that support those on the border of disenfranchisement, and stand firm in my personal support. I will call my senator from New York, and be glad that this state, unlike others to the south, stands WITH and FOR all its constituents.

  • Susan

    Goodbye Jennie! I must say what was written on your blog today may have been your thoughts, but surely not written in your words. Notice it was well put together, professional, correct grammar etc. Not your style.

    Most of this country is indeed thrilled with President Trump. Get over your self centered “me” issues. Do we respect that you have a right to your thoughts? Absolutely. Be a decent American and simply reciprocate. Goodbye Jennie.

  • TC

    Good luck as you move forward, Jennie. I will continue to use your great cookbooks. The blog has turned incredibly angry and is no longer what I want to spend time reading. I didn’t vote for DT but HC lost the most winnable election in history. The DNC let her down not the voters. I find a good deal of this anger should be directed in that direction. All the best to you and your girls.

  • Isabel

    You spoke the things so many are thinking Jennifer. Good for you. Your blog you talk about what you want…..So many just looking to make trouble with whoever they can. May God bless America…..It is going to need it under Trump.

  • Michelle

    Thank you for speaking your mind. There are 65 million people who agree with you not him or his cohorts. I am going to have my friends sign up for your blog. Good riddance to those who don’t care for your opinion. I love it.

  • Michelle

    Oh yes I donated in Pence’s name to Planned Parenthood and am donating every month to preserve a woman’s right to choose.

  • Mary

    That we are richer, more curious (not just in the kitchen) and kinder for having read your blog — whether we agree with you or not — is indisputable. Thank you.

  • Pam

    We are all citizens of the greatest nation on earth, we all have the right to freedom of speech, and we all enjoy freedoms that many countries do not have. Jennifer you do have the right to discuss anything you want on your blog and I completely respect your right. It’s interesting in the many food blogs I follow, as well as multiple mixed media artists and they are choosing to keep their political beliefs to themselves and focus on their craft. Is this a smart business decision, I don’t know time will tell. What I do know is that I appreciate your statements today and I say thank you. Thank you for reaffirming why I chose to no longer follow you on social media after you voiced political statements in that forum, and I will do the same with my e-mail notifications from you. I have enjoyed many of your recipes over the years, especially your peanut butter pie. I just don’t enjoy the addition of your political views.

  • Nicole

    Thanks for using your voice to create change! I called my state senator today about the two acts you mentioned because of you. Love and peace to you.

  • Deborah

    Your voice is lovely, sane, intelligent, irreverent, delightful….whether you are talking about your life, your children, your relationships, your food, your recipes, or your politics. I delight in your voice and appreciate that you continue to express your opinions, fears, victories, and priorities. I am marching tomorrow for myself, my family and for all women around the world. May you continue to cook up meaningful conversation as well as delicious food! Namaste. Walking beside you in peace.

  • Helen Rooks

    As a born and bred British citizen, living in the countryside in the UK, I can tell you that the majority of us are aghast at what has happened in the US. Brexit for us is bad enough, but with Mr Trump now in such a position of power…well that is truly terrifying. The world has become a much more frightening place.

    I do not have any real knowledge of your political situation and would not be so crass to assume to comment on it. However, it is clear that your new President has demonstrated a level of unprofessionalism, inconsistency and ignorance of world wide issues that are a huge cause for concern for all of us.

    It is good to read the views of people who are living through all of this..we find it hard to understand (actually totally incomprehensible) from the news we receive. So thank you Jennifer and keep writing as you are doing…..for those who feel threatened by people with alternative views, they have the absolute right to disagree and voice their views in a reasonable, sensible, well mannered way. If they are not able to do so…stop reading the blog!

  • Lauren Kaine

    You have some nerve cursing at people & calling them names because they have a different opinion than you.
    But we agree on one thing -you have a right to say & do as you please on your blog.

    And now a bunch of us have banded together to exercise our rights & go after your publishers & sponsors. All offensive posts from here & Instagram have been sent with the message that your behavior is unacceptable & uncalled for, and if they continue to support you, we will boycott them.

    There are respectful ways to get your point across without cursing at people -but perhaps you were never taught any manners.

    No matter. You have rights & so do we. God Bless America.

  • Jennie

    Most? I believe he lost the popular vote by 3 million. That is some interesting math you’re relying on there.

  • Jennie

    Wow. Quite amazing to invoke the word respect, when people like yourself feel entitled to try and suffocate my right to exercise my 1st Amendment right to free speech. Anyone who doesn’t like what they read here is welcome to unsubscribe, and find another blog or website. Do not try to intimidate me into being passive or submissive. We will not be quiet. We will stand, rise up, and make sure our voices are heard. There is nothing offensive in my posts, except a difference of opinion. And yes, I’ve dropped the F bombs, but they hardly qualify as offensive speech. Who’s the special snowflake now?

  • Amy Oztan

    I TOTALLY forgot the part of the Constitution that talks about the right to buy wine, drive a car, and fly in a plane!

    Voter ID laws are almost always accompanied by closing or limiting the hours of places where you can get ID, or getting rid of early voting, or gerrymandering…it’s NEVER about fraud. Republican lawmakers just say it is because they know stupid people will believe them. They know that they can only win when they cheat, suppress, and scare. It’s disgusting.

    Jennie, I appreciate your voice. People who want a boring recipe have plenty of boring blogs to go to.

  • Claire

    In today’s environment, we all have a strong opinion and we must be heard. Whether you march or voice it online. I find it brace that you choose to do so online. Anyone has the option to not read what you write, but thank you for taking the risk. Fundamentally, it’s our right to express our opinions. Just as it is other’s right to disagree and I will stand up for everyone’s right to express that opinion everytime.
    I hope your sponsors realize (just like Sears and Target) that by backing the people who see the change that is coming whether folks like it or not, there is a profit to be made. And they should be on the this side of it.

  • Angie

    I will forever howl in laughter at blog readers who take their ball and go home the second a blogger dares to deviate from her/his usual topic. As though you have one interest and one interest only. To that, I say “Girl, bye.”

  • farmerpam

    Long time lurker here, proud to say our little state, Vermont, had the largest show of people at the state house today, ever. Three exits closed on the interstate. What you’re doing, informing, is exactly what needs to continue to happen. Interesting and scary how some are trying to silence. I’m pairing this comment with “Revolution” by the Pretenders 😉

  • Andrea

    Jennie, you have been a source of inspiration for me over the years, not just because of your cooking but for passionately standing up for your beliefs and ideals. Rock on, sister.

  • Teri

    I have loved your blog for many years. I’m a lurker, but felt compelled to post today. It’s disappointing that some people find the politics of basic human decency so troubling. Most of my adult life I donated to causes, signed petitions, wrote some e-mails, all the while thinking I was doing enough. I stayed mostly silent so as not to offend people who disagreed with me. This election proved to be that proverbial straw for me. Yesterday I marched in Los Angeles with 750000 other people. I broke into tears several times during the day. I was so moved and inspired by all the families with young children, churches, synagogues, mosques, elderly people in wheel chairs, all marching for the rights of all people, including Vanessa’s. I will continue to read your blog, whether its food related or political. Thank you!

  • Ashley

    Jennie keep speaking your minf and standing up for what you belive in. Those that belive a person should only have 1 point of view should stick to Fox news. Too bad the whole couN try isn’t full of good little sheep was just wander around and bawww, but more than 67 million are with you and will continue to be against this disgraceful president. I wish I could have marched yesterday but I had to work. Don’t let anyone sensor you. They can all just keep drinking their kool-aid.

  • Cee Pluse

    Keep posting about what you believe, Jenny, as is your right on your own blog. Those who don’t like your comments are free not to read, and/or to start their own blogs to post their own opinions. Free speech is a right for everyone in this nation, whether we agree with what is said or not.

    To Lauren Kaine, you do realize that what you are doing is called bullying. To post comments expressing an opinion about a group or an ideology is just that – an opinion. If you find it offensive or do not agree, then do not return to this blog. To target one person and threaten their livelihood because you disagree with them is bullying pure and simple.

    I read this post three times and could find no offensive language. I have read Jennie’s other posts and find that she uses that sort of language infrequently (believe me, there are other blogs that use those words much more often). I do not participate in social networks like Instagram so I do not know what goes on there, but I doubt that Jennie is the only one posting comments which you would find offensive.

    We are forced to accept a president who has used some of the most offensive language I could imagine, but if I were to suggest that he should be impeached for this reason I am sure you would howl in protest. A bully for president does not give you license to emulate his behavior. Surely you learned as a child that bullying is considered bad manners. Feel free to express any opinions you like, but do not resort to churlish, childish, and disrespectful bullying behavior just because you feel you can.

  • Neha

    Vanessa, you are totally and utterly uninformed. I am an attorney and work with homeless individuals in Philadelphia, including veterans. There are such insignificant instances of voter fraud, and the majority of it actually comes from republicans and coercion at polling locations. You have no idea what you are talking about and frankly you are a total idiot.

  • Jane Huber

    Wow, you’re certainly separating the wheat from the chaff here in the comments! Thank you for speaking your mind and writing with such courage. I know it’s not easy to read such hateful thoughts. You’re strong and we love you for it.

  • Jane Huber

    For those of you who support Jennie, this is a great time to share her blog on social media. I know she’ll find lots of new fans!

  • Lucie Mewes

    I really appreciate that EVERYONE speaks up! And we choose what to read. ORANGETTE shared great Delancey and Essex recipes and also some f the most very personal life experiences ever. (Still reading.) CAN I STAY FOR DINNER mixed great food with close personal stories and became a moneyarized ANDIE MITCHELL. (Stopped reading. Too many sponsored posts.) HOW SWEET IT IS writes weekly posts on food, beauty, miscellany and so on. (Still reading. I skip the beauty posts.)

    My heart warms as you write about your life. The Women’s March was about speaking up and acting up. You work hard to live your best life for your girls and this is it.

    Thank you.

  • Amy

    Go go go Jennie! From reading through all the comments to this point, you don’t seem to need cheerleading, but I’m going to some anyway. Free speech, right?! I’m a long time reader, and I’m proud of you for standing up for human rights, and truth, in this country. Trump speaks lies, consistently, and we cannot normalize that. The Internet is a big crazy place and people who differ in opinion can go elsewhere. But your leadership is needed.

  • Emma

    It just frustrates me that liberals don’t understand that the dread they feel is exactly what we conservatives feel when a democrat is in the White House.
    This revolution is hopefully going to end murder of our youngest humans, begin legal entry and legal voting in our country, and end the literally double insurance rate I got and can’t afford from Obama.

  • Shannon P.

    You do you, Jennie! If you weed out some haters along the way, so be it. It would be much better if we could come together and discuss each other’s views so that we can learn from each other and affect change as a country – hopefully more people will be ready for an open and respectful discussion. I’m working on practicing empathy. It is necessary to move forward when I really just want to cry and throw things. Thank you for being open and honest, no matter how hard it is.

  • Jennie

    Before Obama my health insurance increased 30% TWICE a year. With the ACA at least it was only that much ONCE a year. Plus it protected people with pre-existing conditions. The ACA literally saved lives, and if that means it cost me a little more, well, I can sleep better at night. The real way to address health care costs is to cut the for-profit insurance companies at the knees, but you can bet your conservative candidates are never going to do that.

    And let’s talk about murder of the youngest human beings. Does life begin at conception? No. A living organism, a grouping of cells begins at conception. If you would like to suggest taking those eggs from my uterus, once implanted, and paying the entire costs to do so, PLUS footing the bill for the medical intervention necessary, if at all possible to nurture those cells into a living, breathing on-its-own child, AND also pay the costs associated through college, then yeah, maybe we can talk about redefining when life begins. But then you also need my permission because I’m going to consider my DNA proprietary, and you can’t just go around stealing that stuff.

    Legal voting? Are you really drinking the punch your Liar-In-Chief spews about that? I’m not even going to waste my time addressing it any further.

    Liberals are about the quality of life for ALL HUMAN BEINGS. All Conservatives care about is preserving the way of life AS YOU SEE FIT. Get how that infringes on a lot of people’s rights? Our constitution calls for a specific separation of church & state, so please keep your faith out of my womb. And if you cared one bit about the quality of life, you’d care about the reasons why so many immigrants seek refuge in the U.S., instead of applauding a mad man who wants to build a wall.

  • Sirena

    It’s your blog, and you write about what you want. I’ve seen family members who I know are against the concept of buying organic leaving comments on Jamie Oliver’s page when he extols the virtues of buying organic milk asking him to get back to being a good looking guy talking about food. And I don’t like it. Sometimes food bloggers I read write about recipes or cooking styles I’m not into that particular day (raw food! alkalinizing smoothie bowls! roasted snow goose breast! whatever!). I just make a note to tune back in another day. I’m not going to write whether or not I agree with your comments, Jennie, cause I don’t feel that’s the point – what I agree with is our awesome country granting the right to all of us to speak our mind, freely, without fear of repercussion or bullying. This is true for the ones who support trump and the ones who oppose him. It’s your blog and, until an injunction or blackout or gag order is issued from on high, you’re free to do so. I love your blog and support your right to keep it free, and yours.

  • Lan

    Nothing but my support for you, Jennie. As my two year old learned this weekend, stand up fight back!!

  • Amber

    This post makes me so so happy. I applaud you, truly. To all of the people on here who are spewing hatred, don’t let the door hit you on the way out! I am here today because of ACA!