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Fritto Misto | In Jennie's Kitchen 07

A couple of weeks ago I shared a video on Instagram for making fritto misto. It’s one of my favorite fast, fresh, and easy meals to make for lunch, or as nibbles to go with wine or prosecco while I’m preparing dinner. Fritto misto is an Italian dish much like vegetable tempura, a mix of vegetables dipped in a light flour batter, then fried quickly, and best enjoyed hot.

The phrase literally translates to mixed fried. You can use any vegetables you like—best to slice them thin so they cook quickly, otherwise your batter might brown before the vegetable cooks sufficiently. Zucchini, both the whole vegetable and the blossoms, and eggplant are my favorite. Green beans are appreciated for their minimal prep, just snapping off the ends. I love bell peppers, too.

My herb garden is overrun with sage, so frying up some leaves are a must for me. No need to dip them in batter. Fry them just after the vegetable are done, keeping a careful eye as they take mere seconds to shrivel up into crispy, herbaceous bites. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice brightens everything up, as does a peppery arugula salad (but feel free to make a salad of whatever mixed greens you have available).

Some people might even like an aioli to dip their fritto misto (I am not one of those people!).

I’m not really sharing a recipe here today, more tempting you with the inspiration to make fritto misto because it’s really a no-recipe recipe of sorts. The kind you rely on your instinct to make rather than a strict recipe. There’s a video on Instagram in my highlights where you can watch me make it. All you need is flour, salt, and seltzer. And oil for frying, something neutral like grapeseed or canola. You want the batter to be thick enough to lightly cling to the vegetables, but not so thick that it weighs them down.

Vacation is imminent as I click away at the keyboard in Rhode Island, a brief stopover at my friend’s house before we leave for North Truro in the morning. All the while, I’m trying not to get anxious about all the shark activity on the ocean beaches. Thankfully the house we stay at is on the bay, but I’ll still be playing it safe.

I’ll be working from home the first week of vacation, but since home will be the beach, I’ll keep the complaining to a minimum! Still, I can’t wait until August 25th when my mind can completely unplug, especially since Matthew will be joining us for a few days then, too. Hope everyone is enjoying these last few weeks of summer.

Fritto Misto and panelle (recipe here).

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Fritto Misto | In Jennie's Kitchen 07

Fritto Misto

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  • Assorted vegetables sliced thin
  • Flour
  • Sea salt
  • Freshly opened bottle of seltzer
  • Oil for frying


  • Watch this video on Instagram to see how to prepare your Fritto Misto.
  • Enjoy!







  • Cathy Diaz

    5 stars
    Hi Jennie. I hope that you are enjoying your vacation on the Cape.

    You may have closed the comments for your Red Thai Lentil Soup but I wanted you to know that I have been making it for my family all summer. I must admit that I substitute in green/brown lentils (French?) for the split red ones but beyond that, I follow your recipe exactly. The resulting ‘soup’ is really more of a side dish which we let rest for a tad before serving warm ladled over Basmatti rice and accompanied by grilled chicken, grilled naan and a large salad. It is so flavorful and hearty. My somewhat picky daughter loves it and I make sure to keep a batch in the fridge so she has a healthy meal waiting for her when she returns from sports practice.

  • Jennie

    Cathy, I’m so glad you like the soup! I also love your idea to serve it as a side with rice. I must remember to try that with my girls. xo-Jennie