The closest I ever came to fennel before adulthood was the occasional appearance at holidays. It was served raw, in […]

You know how one bite can bring you back to your childhood? That’s how I feel whenever I eat cinnamon […]

This recipe for Cherry Lime Basil Soda has no business being here. Yet, that is. I mean, there are a […]

I realize one would think we live in a food fairytale from gleaning a look at my Instagram feed. I’m […]

I love honey mustard dipping sauce. In researching recipes, though, it seems mayonnaise is a key ingredient. I’ll willingly eat […]

I originally titled this post “whipped cream with a workout”. If you’ve ever made whipped cream with a marble, and […]

There’s so much to catch up on, but first we need to talk about pie. One of the things I […]

Remember last week’s violet syrup? Well, it occurred to me that while I’ve been making and enjoying it these last […]

This is my third year making violet syrup, and last week I had to dig deep to find the energy to do it.

Warm tears began to sting my cheeks before I even wrote the first word to this post. I’ve been a bit blocked, trying to figure out how to say everything I’ve been feeling these last few days.