I’m sitting at the sprawling granite counter in one my best friend’s kitchen in Rhode Island as I write this, […]

So many thoughts and feelings tucked inside this little pot of Raspberry Violet Jam. I don’t know where to begin, […]

There’s a whole lot of love tucked between the pastry of this Strawberry Cherry Pie. On the surface it’s a […]

My Sunday Best Waffles recipe is the top recipe on this site, no matter the day, week, or year—it will […]

Hope Sunday is being kind and gentle to everyone. Popping in here to share my recent round up from Parade’s […]

On one of my trips to Paris a few years ago, I went to the legendary Bouillon CHARTIER in the 9 […]

A few weeks ago I made this frugal, late lunch, repurposing some fries we took home from a restaurant dinner […]

Coming off a three-day weekend is a bit of a time hangover. I’ve already had to remind myself 17 times that […]

Just a quick visit today, on a Monday that seems to have flashed by way too quickly. I suppose it’s […]