That Time of Year Again…Violet Syrup

Homemade Violet Syrup | In Jennie's Kitchen

I’m trying to wrap my head around the reality that May is almost here. Hopefully we’re done with the frost, though the cold weather isn’t completely gone. I finally caved and put on a little heat just before settling down to right this post. According to the almanac, we could get still get one final frost, so I’ll hold off on planting the garden until the third week of May to be safe.

Until then, there’s lots to do, like fend off the everlasting sweet peas that are already creeping up everywhere. The blooms are beautiful but they’re dreadful, and will overpower a garden even worse than mint (and at least mint serves a more beneficial purpose, in my opinion). And then there are the violets that kept me busy last week. They start in little fits. A pop of purple here and there, growing more abundant as the days pass.

It looks like this going to be a stellar year for my harvest, too. I’ve already made one batch of violet syrup, about 2 1/2 cups worth, and think I’ll collect enough to make a second batch. An impressive yield compared to past years. I might even be more inclined to share some. Virginia loved making violet sodas all winter long by adding some syrup to sparkling water. I’m dreaming about violet gin & tonics if I can remember to buy tonic at the grocery store.

You can find the recipe for the violet syrup here. If you want to see just how easy it is to make, I came across this video I made last year on Snapchat, which I must confess to rarely using these days. I tend to stick with Instagram, and use the stories feature for live videos. There are just too few hours in the day, and too many apps to dedicate the time to using. I feel like perhaps I’m regressing a bit these days, and if by some divine intervention I can start posting from my manual typewriter in the attic, then I’ll be the first to give it a try.

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