a kiss to build a dream on

Navigating life without my sidekick is lonely. There’s no one who gets my Seinfeld references. I often feel alone in a crowded room. It’s easy to let this get me down, but I work minute-by-minute to temper my sad feelings with the memories of all the good ones.

Making pasta is one of those good memories. I’d never made it until I met Mikey. For a single guy, he had a relatively good collection of kitchen equipment. A blender, an assortment of pots and pans, a demitasse coffee maker, and an Atlas pasta maker. I don’t remember if he had ever attempted making it before we met. In fact, I don’t remember the first time I even made it. I do remember shedding many tears over the years of failed attempts though, mostly from not enough liquid in the dough.

Over my 16 years of making fresh pasta, I’ve learned three key things. First, room temperature eggs make a difference. They blend more easily with the flour. Pasta dough needs to nap, so once it’s kneaded, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest on the counter, at room temperature, for at least 20 minutes, and up to an hour if you have the time. My last trick is using some semolina flour. It helps add elasticity to the dough, making it easier to roll out.

There are many people who will say you must only use egg yolks. You can certainly use only yolks, but like everything in life, it’s not the only way. Whole eggs work absolutely fine. I first learned how to make pasta from Guiliano Bugialli in his book Classic Techniques of Italian Cooking. It was a gift from Mikey the first Christmas we were together, back in 1995.


That picture you see above is of the second batch of pasta I’ve made since he died. I went from making pasta twice a month to a dry spell. Not a noodle was rolled or cut since August 7th. I had actually planned on making it for dinner the day that he collapsed.

I’d been meaning to buy a new pasta maker long before Mikey passed away. That old Atlas he bought many moons ago was getting squeaky. I tried using some olive oil on the gears, but it didn’t make a difference. Since the pasta machine did the job effectively, albeit loudly, buying a new one was more a wishlist item, not a necessity.

A month ago I found myself at Sur La Table, and figured since homemade pasta would be a recipe in City Girl, Country Kitchen, then a new hand cranked pasta machine was no longer an indulgence. It was a justifiable expense. I’m not a fan of the motorized ones or stand mixer attachments. Hand cranking the dough makes me feel more connected to it, and in control.

The truth is, I don’t think I can ever use that old pasta maker again. Every time it squeaks, it’ll just remind me he is no longer here to make fun of it. I don’t intend to ever get rid of it either, so now it will become a mantle piece. That should be a conversation starter.


I set out to make pasta again last night, and currently there are eggs sitting on the kitchen counter coming to room temperature too. Homemade pasta is in our future again tonight. A dry spell for 33 weeks, and now fresh pasta three times in four days. I think I’m trying to reconnect to our early days together, emotionally searching for a way back to him.

He was much more than just my husband. He was my best friend and biggest cheerleader. He gave me the confidence to leap, always. He was the safety net to my often fearless and reckless way of just following my heart.

I don’t have a new recipe to share today, since that pasta I’ve been talking about is for the cookbook. I do have something special, though. I’d like to share my love of making pasta by giving away an Atlas 180 pasta maker. Think of it as a just because gift. Those are always the best kind.

The Fine Print: Really, you’ll be able to choose anything you want from Sur La Table because it’ll be a $150 gift card you receive, enough to cover the pasta maker, including tax and shipping. Leave a comment, and the winner will be selected randomly using Random.org on April 5th, 2012. The gift card will be sent electronically, so comments must have a valid email address to be eligible.

4/5/12β€”comments are now closed on this post. A winner will be selected and contacted shortly.

4/6/12β€”congrats to Deanna, comment 777, chosen using random.org, on winning the Sur La Table gift card.


  • Elanit

    Jennie- you’re an inspiration. Love the blog, recipes, and memories. Can’t wait for the book.

  • Brandi

    What a beautiful post. I can’t imagine losing my husband like you did and I am always overwhelmed with your brave honesty. My heart breaks for you and the girls. Enjoy your dinner tonight!

  • Miss @ Miss in the Kitchen

    I haven’t made pasta in ages, I’m not even sure where I lost my pasta machine, maybe in a move. I agree with you on the hand crank models compared to the powered versions. Can’t wait for your cookbook.

  • Barbara in DC

    Your tips are so useful! This looks delicious. I cannot wait to buy your cookbook when it comes out. You are brave the way you march forward with life.

  • Melissa

    I’m happy that you’re feeling as though going back to old routines is possible, and a way forward, rather than just saddening. Your pasta looks absolutely delicious, btw!

  • Jenna | The Paleo Project

    I love that you’re finding a way to connect to your early
    Memories and years together. It’s just another reason I love reading your stories. They are so real and remind to always be present in life

  • Meredith

    I would love a pasta maker. And I think I’d think of you & Mikey every time we used it.

  • Jill Hopkins

    Oh, I’m sure there are many things you’ll never be able to get rid of because they were his.
    A pasta maker. A real pasta maker – something I have always wanted. It would be so cool to make my family homemade pasta! It’s always such an indulgence when we go to a restaurant that makes their own.

  • Kim

    Would love a pasta maker – have made fresh pasta once, and the dish was probably the best thing I’ve ever cooked.

  • Angie @ Big Bear's Wife

    What a wonderful pasta dish. I’ve been meaning to try my hand at making pasta. But it scares me. I keep putting it off for “another day”, but I guess I need to kick myself into gear and try it.
    *I wouldn’t be able to get rid of that pasta maker either.*

  • Aibrean

    Looking forward to your book and homemade pasta, Jennie! I’ve always thought a hand-cranked machine was key, too.

  • jill

    Wonderful post! I would love to try to make homemade post but have always been to scared to try.

  • Wylie

    I’m so happy you are making pasta again. I would love to win a pasta maker! I haven’t made it in years!

  • Katie

    Your story reminded me of making pasta with my husband(because my arms always get tired during the kneeding process). We use an insanely old pasta maker that my parents bought in the 70’s and I can imagine the squeaks from yours must be quite similar to mine. Wonderful to see you making pasta again, I’m sure he’s there making it with you whether you know it or not.

  • maryfe

    Hi Jennie, I dream that one day I would learn how to make fresh pasta. I love your post as usual and I look forward to your book.

  • Glenda

    My mom made rice w/ black beans for dinner. We ate. My dad started having chest pains. He thought heartburn. Rushed to the ER. Ge was having a heart attack. Admitted. In the middle if the night he had another and passed. My mother didn’t make black beans for many, many, years. I was 13. I can so relate to this post. Thinking of you and the girls.

  • Samantha

    Jennie, I have been a reader for awhile now, but have never commented. I am in awe of your strength, and your resilience as you forge a path for yourself and your daughters without Mikey by your side. As I read your blogs I often think about what would happen if I was dealt such a stunning and inconceivable loss, and hope that I would be able to find my way as gracefully and admirably as you have. Thinking of you often, and wishing you and your beautiful daughters nothing but love and happiness.

  • Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

    Love this post, Jennie… And, I do love making fresh homemade pasta. There’s nothing like it. Of course, I’m with you 100% about the hand cranked machines, as well. There’s just something about the process that I love. Glad to see you’re making pasta again, and I can’t wait to see the recipe in the book. I know it will be amazing!

  • Nicole

    Every time I read your posts, I get tears and know I should appreciate my husband more and more. Thank you for that. I know it isn’t something you wished people to do from this, but it helps me. I would love to buy a pasta maker among many other things!

  • Patricia Powers

    I remember making pasta years ago…it would be great to make it again.
    Hugs and prayers go out to you and your girls.

  • Lisa Williams

    Today would have been my Nona’s birthday. She passed away 8 years ago but I fondly remember her making homemade pasta with my mother in the kitchen

  • Jessica

    You are an inspiration to everyone who has lost someone and still must go on. I relish your new blog posts and can’t wait for your cookbook. Thank you!

  • Lisa Imerman

    I have had you and your family in my thoughts since I heard about Mickey. Your writing is so beautiful and healing in its honesty. Thank you, your recipes are phenomenal and so are you!
    I have always wanted to make homemade pasta and never did get a pasta maker. We are now Gluten Free, but I would still love to try.

  • yasmara

    Your writing is always so beautiful. I have been wanting to try making pasta with my boys!

  • Dana G.

    I have always been scared to make pasta for some reason. I would love an excuse to go out and buy myself a pasta maker and tackle it, finally.
    What a beautiful story!

  • Jillian

    This is really beautiful. I like that food, being so fundamental, connects us to other parts of life.

  • Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ

    I have always wanted a pasta maker but never got around to purchasing one. I think it’s because I grew up watching my paternal grandmother make pasta entirely by hand, and be so happy with the results…Wonder if there is now one in my future??? Your pasta photo looks yummy. Hope you and the girls are well. Regards, ~rose

  • WInnie

    Sending you a hug…plus your pasta looks lovely, and thank you for the tips. I don’t make fresh pasta nearly enough. Wonderful giveaway, too.

  • Grishma @ZaikaZabardast

    Can’t wait to get a copy of your book Jennie πŸ™‚
    Although we did not get to meet personally at FBFORL, but I just want to say that I really respect your generosity!I have been following your blog since months but never left any comment. But I do read each and every post of yours! God bless you πŸ™‚

  • Nikki

    The Atlas is on my wishlist; it’s been there forever. I’m always tempted to buy it but then the nerves get going about making my own fresh pasta and I chicken out. Thanks for sharing!

  • Becky

    I just made pasta for the first time this year and could’ve used the semolina and room temperature eggs tip to help. I will definitely try these next time.

  • Jennifer

    Your Mikey died exactly one week before I got married. I think of your family whenever I think of our wedding date. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss.

  • robert clark taylor

    Being a single man now over the past 7 years. I can relate to your sense of emptiness..it is not that I am alone but the loss of having a partner who knew like you, your little nuances based on facial expressions, activities or just mental telepathy..no need for a spoken word, as both understood…that I miss greatly…
    I have been following your blog ever since your fateful day in response to a fellow blogger who expressed their sorrow and prayers for you that day…I have seen your evolution and feel that one day your late husband’s spirit will guide you to a new love in your life so that he will find peace knowing your life has begun again…that I pray will have for you as well…
    love your recipes, your thoughtfulness and insights…

  • Cristie

    For the record, I was going to comment even before I read of the giveaway.;) Reading you write about your relationship with Mikey makes me achingly sad because I so understand that relationship. My husband is my biggest fan and cheerleader as well so I hurt for you because I can’t imagine that void. Knowing this just makes me extra impressed by you and proud to know you. How lucky your girls are to have you as someone to model.

  • Brianne

    I received a hand cranked pasta machine for my first birthday that I was with my boyfriend. It is a treasure, and we’ve had some fun times making pasta together. I’ve had a lot of trouble with the dough, though. Thank you for the pointers.
    I hope you find solace in your pasta making this week.

  • Lynne

    Last week my home resonated with the sound of my grown children visiting and I got to make baby food for my grandson. His first taste of vegetables:)
    It seemed like just yesterday I was cooking carrots for his mom and laughing at her little face as she tried them…full circles are bittersweet.
    I am glad you are making Pasta again. I’ve ever tried but will remember your suggestions as pasta is on my list of things I want to learn to make soon.
    Food has a way of connecting us with those we love, and your old squeaky machine is a treasure indeed.
    Sending you blessings and thanking you for sharing your heart.

  • Mirtha

    so many times I have started typing a comment here and then erased, not knowing if what I wrote would be “the right” thing to say… I know “the right” thing doesn’t exit. I can’t begin to imagine what you feel. I lost my brother to leukemia a year and one week ago, and I haven’t been able to figure out what to tell his wife of 24 years.
    I do check almost daily to see if you have a new post, and have even tried a couple of your recipes.
    Thank you.

  • Susannah

    One thing I have yet to tackle in the kitchen – pasta making! I’ve done gnocchi but no full on pasta making. Without a pasta roller, I’ve been too scared to tackle it. Thanks for this giveaway and as always, thanks for sharing your journeys both in life and in the kitchen. Can’t wait for your cookbook to be released!

  • Erika Suco

    I made your marinara sauce the other day and it was wonderful! By when do you think your cookbook will be published? I’m excited to read through it. Although I’ve never met him, Mikey sounds like an awesome man/husband. May peace be with you and your girls.

  • Amanda

    You shared something special (beyond the give away) today just as you always do, thank you for that! I’m glad you’re back to making pasta again. πŸ™‚

  • Annie

    We *love* pasta in this house and, as a Chinese wifey, I would *love* to have that pasta maker to make fresh noodles for my Italian honey (who is also fussy about his noodles!). I think it would help me earn points with his family too πŸ˜‰

  • Miacupcake

    I’ve always wanted to learn to make pasta. I made it once, didn’t ask for help or use a tested recipe and my whole family ended up choking down the gummiest weirdest pasta ever. Maybe I would use an actual GOOD recipe this time.

  • Leah

    As always I am moved by your humility and honesty. Not to mention your amazing kitchen skills. I am looking forward to the day I can purchase your cookbook. Wishing you and your girls all the best!

  • Jenny

    Even though I’m a great cook and baker and pretty fearless – I never tackled marmalade until you – now I will tackle homemade pasta next.

  • Sheri

    I love making fresh pasta. I like to make one with egg yolks (it’s Thomas Keller’s recipe), because it takes a lot of kneading. And really, can’t be over-kneaded. I love the meditative quality of kneading it.

  • Jennifer's Auntie

    Oh shoot! “Old auntie” can’t enter. Maybe before I leave this good earth I’ll get an opportunity to try my hand at making it. If folks tasted them both they’d know there is no comparison. It is pheonomenal.
    Great that you have gotten back to do making something you love, my sweet Jennifer.

  • Amber K.

    I love reading your blog. Not only do I love to see your recipes I am also uplifted by your spirit and words. I have never made homemade pasta myself, but after reading your posts I feel like I could do a lot more than I ever thought I could.

  • Krista

    I have such wonderful memories of making pasta a child. We used to hang it all over the house to dry!

  • Julie

    Every one of your posts brings me to tears. I am so sorry for your loss but happy for the joy you are able to find in your cooking.

  • Ashley H

    The things you share are amazing! I never fail to tear up at some points yet smile at others. Such a generous giveaway! I would actually get the Pasta Maker with it as that*s been on my wish list the past month or so since I*ve tried making pasta at home -=D

  • Kathy

    Would love to try to make fresh pasta as my mouth is watering looking at the pictures above!

  • Carrie K

    Im just feeling comfortable enough in the kitchen to want to attempt homemade pasta! This would be such a treat to win! and your recipe teases are going to make me put that cookbook on pre-order πŸ™‚

  • Rebecca

    Beautiful post and beautiful pasta! I love how you are reconnecting with Mikey through your favorite food memories with him. If I should be lucky enough to win the pasta maker, I will surely be thinking of you and Mikey every time I use it.

  • Dee

    If I win, you will be my cheerleader because I will take the plunge and make fresh pasta for the first time!

  • Megan

    I enjoy your writing. My heart breaks for your loss. I admire your strength and wish you peace and joy in the days ahead.

  • Cathleen

    You are so inspirational and I can’t wait for your new cookbook! I wish you and your girls all the best!

  • Jaime B

    We’ve always made pasta by hand, with a rolling pin. But I would love to try it with a pasta maker!

  • Amanda

    Jennie, thanks for the drawing. I’d love to learn how to make homemade pasta! I’m sad to say that I just starting following your posts following your deep tragedy. But the realness of your commentary and thoughts help me as well . . . I lost my father six years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. I also enjoy your wonderful recipes!!

  • MickeyB

    This is so kind of you! I’m touched every time I read about your journey, and I wish you and your family the best.

  • April

    I’ve always wanted to try handmade pasta – thanks for the tips.
    I like reading about your journey because of your honesty and it seems like you’re trying to make a way in the world that will allow you to live without someone you love very much – I admire that. All the best to you.

  • Elizabeth Hernandez

    Beautiful pictures, and I like the idea of putting the pasta maker on the mantle. I would like to try my hand at making pasta πŸ™‚

  • alicia

    you are an amazing and strong person. learning to make pasta has always been on my list of things to do.

  • elizabeth @ the kitchen counsel

    i’ve never attempted homemade pasta before, but this sounds like a fantastic kitchen experiment.

  • Cherie Godbey

    What a wonderful memory! I would love to learn to make pasta! Thanks for the chance!

  • SuzyMcQ

    Thank you for the giveaway, Jennie. Win or lose it’s always wonderful to hear from you via your blog. I wish you much luck on the new cookbook and continue my prayers and good thoughts to you and your girls.

  • electricdaisy

    The pasta maker as mantlepiece sounds really lovely, and a great reminder of quirky memories. You could decorate a whole mantle with vintage/odd looking cookware, I think.

  • Andrea

    I would be thrilled to win the pasta machine, a reminder of your blog, your husband and how delicate life is and how important it is to appreciate and enjoy our time with our loved ones. I started reading your blog shortly after your husband died. I was shocking to think of how hard it would be to cope with such an abrupt loss. It has helped me reach out and deal with my aunt’s abrupt passing that happened three month’s after Mikey’s. Thank you.

  • Miss Stacey Grace

    yummmm!!! I love the idea of home made pasta, how fresh and amazing it would taste, but never had the motivation to do it myself…yet!

  • Veronica @ My eats & Treats

    Oh wow… I can only imagine how wonderful and relaxing it would be to spend an afternoon making homemade pasta! I bet it would taste absolutely divine… Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway… That’s truly generous of you!

  • Mandy

    I love reading your posts. I absolutely love to cook and past is one thing I have yet to tackle. You inspire me.
    You and your girls are in my prayers.

  • Stephanie E

    I’ve been wanting to make homemade pasta for quite some time but just haven’t made the investment in a pasta maker yet. Looking forward to your book for the pasta recipe and many others.

  • Emily

    I love reading your blog; your honesty and true feelings shine through like no other, and it is something I aspire to. This has inspired me to try my hand at making pasta, and to appreciate those little things (the Seinfeld references, the squeaky appliances) even more.

  • Sandy

    Fresh pasta holds a very special place in my heart (and belly!) as well, though for very different reasons. I’ve had my eye on an Atlas for a while…
    PS I love your blog and can’t wait for your book.

  • Sara G

    I have not yet attempted homemade pasta, I’m afraid of two things. That I’ll either screw it up and never get it right OR it turns out perfectly and I MAKE IT EVERYDAY! My hips/tummy/butt would explode.

  • Sue

    What a wonderful story! I loved reading it. My husband’s Italian grandmother always made her own pasta and it’s something I’ve always wanted to try! A pasta maker is on my wish list!

  • Ariel

    I just started cooking in the last year and I love it! I can probably never hope to be anywhere near as good as you but I love reading everything you have to say and any tips I can put in my memory for later use! Thanks so much!

  • amanda

    There is something about hand turned pasta that always brings joy to the world. I’m glad you’re able to embrace that activity again. Take it day by day, remember the good times and know that you have a whole foodie community behind you.

  • Laurie Marr

    Jennie, I look forward to each and every post! You are remarkable! Take care of your self and your beautiful girls! Baby steps!

  • Patti Nudelman

    I have been reading your posts ever since we made Mikey’s Peanut Butter Pie for my daughter’s birthday last September. I am inspired by your words, your efforts and the great love that you shared πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing yourself and your recipes!

  • Lisa

    What a lovely post. My heart aches for you, but in a good way. You’ve known love, and I bet you wouldn’t give that up for anything.
    Thank you for the chance to win the pasta maker. A nice way to pass on the tradition.

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve always been too intimidated to even make an attempt at homemade pasta; however, you’ve inspired me to gut it out and give it a shot. Can’t wait for City Girl.

  • sara belyea

    yours is a love story i’ll never forget.
    i’m sure i’m not the only one.
    thank you for sharing –
    mikey lives stronger in each heart you touch.
    homemade pasta is on my list of “must-learn”s in 2012!
    thanks [either way] for your generosity!

  • Barbara

    I’m sure it’s a new start for you…you deserve it.
    By the way, I’m italian a usually do home made pasta once a year…but it’s delicius!

  • Naomi

    Knowing too many people who have lost healthy spouses in the last year I can all too easily imagine the difficulty and pain of coping with that loss. A new pasta maker seems like a very justifiable indulgence. Enjoy it and your beautiful pasta.

  • Shannon Caleval

    Hi Jennie!! I’ve been reading your blog for 33 weeks now and I check on you every week to see how you’re doing. I’m so happy that you’re making pasta again, this makes me happy today! Thanks for the giveaway, not sure if I’d be able to use it since I’m from Canada but I appreciate you doing this for your readers.
    I think I may have to make pasta this weekend, I’ve never made it.

  • April

    I have always wanted to try making pasta, and would definitely get a pasta maker if I won–especially after your beautiful post and endorsement. Even though I don’t know you, I think about you and send prayers your way more often than is probably normal for strangers. xoxo

  • Carla G

    Thank you for your thoughtful posts. I love homemade pasta and look forward to your book coming out.

  • Laura Scott

    Another lovely post. I’d love to show my family some love by making them some fresh pasta. Best to you and your girls.

  • cj coppola

    Jennie –
    I look forward to your posts and check daily. I read you before your beloved died and now wish you bluebirds in the spring and for your heart, a song to sing.
    much admiration –

  • Wendy Plake

    Yum! Never tried making my own pasta before-first time for everything right? Sending love your way!

  • Lana

    You are an inspiration. I love reading your posts and seeing your food pics. Making homeade pasta is definitely on my to do list. Can’t wait to buy City Girl, Country Kitchen!

  • Vaishali

    A beautiful heartfelt post Jenny. I think I always leave a similar comment on your posts but that’s really how I always feel after reading them. ..:). Hugs!!

  • Kim K

    I would love to learn to make pasta but couldn’t justify a pasta maker just for myself. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!!

  • Shelby N.

    Once again, a beautiful post and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway.

  • Cheryl

    You are an amazing,special person! I have been following you for awhile and have such admiration for you (and I love your recipes). Just know that you and your family are and will continue to be in my prayers. Keep taking one day at a time. Bless you!

  • mary pat

    My mom (N. Italian) talked about drying the pasta on the indoor clothesline! I have always wanted a hand pasta maker. If I won- that’s what I’d do with the gift card- seems a good way to honor you…and Mikey. So excited about your cookbook. I am proud of you that you tackled that challenge!!!

  • Belinda

    I can’t wait for your cookbook…I have been a fan since I heard about you from another blogger, and I am hooked! I love the way you write and I have made several of your recipes and they are all good so I am anxious to get the cookbook! I would definitely enjoy the gift card to Sur La Table! Thanks for the chance!

  • Katalia

    I started following your blog shortly after Mikey passed. Thank you for sharing your story and journey. I love your recipes, and can’t wait to purchase your cookbook!

  • Becky

    If I’m entered into a contest then great… but really I just had to say that on my darkest days I come home and make pasta with my children. This post spoke to me.
    I love your blog, the way you string together your thoughts into words, the recipes and the stories that accompany them. Your love story.

  • Krista Benson

    One of the most important things about food, for me, is the ways that they connect to times of our lives, to memories, and to moments that can’t be captured in a facebook comment, a foursquare checkin, or a tweet. Thank you for sharing this – it makes me want to make pasta, which has always been intimidating.

  • Kristine

    Hi Jennie,
    I am just leaving a comment not for the contest but just to tell you that you words about Mikey are so touching – this post brought a tear to my eye. I can’t imagine going through what you are and being so strong πŸ™‚

  • Julianne

    What a sweet way memory. I’ve been following your journey over the last few months and have been so encouraged and inspired by your honesty with yourself and with others. I pray peace for you and your sweet girls.
    I’d love to learn to make pasta with my new husband, we’re still finding our groove together in the kitchen and I love hearing stories about your favorite kitchen memories!

  • Carrie

    As always, I am so touched by reading your posts. I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now, and am inspired by the way food has a real connection to your life and is more than just something to feed your family. Thanks for sharing those connections with us!

  • Ami Cerullo

    My husband and I made pasta together–a first for each of us!–last month, and we were tickled with the process and the results. Peace through pasta would be my way, as well. Cheers, Jennie!

  • Noreen

    I’d love to try my hand at fresh pasta!! Looks delicious. All the best to you and your girls.

  • Patricia

    Your recipes when we have been getting them are soooo good and I am awaiting your cookbook release.
    I will definitely be making your pasta recipes and would love to have a pasta maker to get the freshest pasta possible.

  • rachel @ sweettarte

    You are so brave! I’m rooting for you and can’t wait for your book.
    I learned how to make pasta using a hand cranking machine in Rome this summer but haven’t attempted it on my own yet. I think you’ve just inspired me to give it a go–thanks!

  • Marie Evans

    I love making homemade pasta. My first and only pasta machine is an Atlas handcrank I bought for $25 at a hardware store of all places in Victoria, Texas in 1985. It is now squeaky but my oldest son loves to make pasta and breaks it out whenever the family is together. We have experienced our share of heartbreaks but the children have always held everything together!

  • trish wong

    hi Jennie… thank you for each step forward that you take because it inspires a breath of new air, for all of us. xo

  • Tricia

    That broccoli raab (I think) looks scrumptious heaped on top of that beautiful pile of pasta. Look forward to your cookbook!

  • Nora

    I would love to make homemade pasta…can’t wait to learn more about it in your book. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  • Mary Mom

    You are an amazing woman. I await the publication of your cookbook.
    This is a much appreciated give away. I made a wish list from La Sur Table
    and the thought of spending that gift card would be so very nice.

  • Melina

    I have yet to make pasta from scratch. I love how you say you like hand cranking the machine because you feel more connected. Thanks for remaining a romantic. It leaves a lump in my throat and yet your words give me inspiration at the same time.

  • Stacey

    I am so sorry for your loss. You inspire me to work harder at not taking my hubby for granted. I try much harder not to sweat the small stuff. Again, I’m so sorry for what you’ve lost, but thank you for helping me to show my hubby how much he means to me more.

  • Jenny

    As always, a lovely and heart-wrenching exploration of your thoughts and feelings related to your dear one, your relationship with him and the relationship(s) you both had with food. I am approaching my one-year anniversary with my husband and similarly find a lot of motivation in the kitchen by imagining how he’ll like it and what he’ll say (or, in his case, how fast he slurps it down). Pasta is his absolute favorite. Thanks for being so strong and generous with your thoughts on everything going on in your life.

  • deb

    I’ve read your blog for a long time now. Your posts are so beautifully written. Your girls are lucky to have you.

  • Peggy

    I too have a pasta maker that is far more sentimental than useful. It was bought in the early 70’s when we lived in Germany and my mother passed it on to me soon after I got married in ’90. The cylinder has a bit of pitting due to our time in the south, it squeaks a bit, and is getting cranky but I still love it dearly! We still use it though because I haven’t felt I could justify a new one just yet as I can still crank the handle.

  • Marilyn

    What a beautiful post! I’ve never had much luck with fresh pasta. Can’t wait for your book so I can try it out again.

  • Lori Stone

    I’d love to start making homemade pasta! And, I love your ricotta recipe and make it about once-a-week. Honestly, it’s the best! I’d love to stuff it into shells.

  • Jen

    Food has such a powerful connection to memory. I hope your pasta making always brings Mikey back to you!

  • Melissa Evans

    Reading you post reminded me of my Italian grandmother making homemade pasta at first cutting by hand with a knife and then eventually with a pasta machine. Thank you for bringing back many wonderful childhood memories.

  • Tiffany

    My heart is with you, Jennie, and I love when a new entry in your blog pops up on my Google Reader subscription panel! You are a great writer and an inspiration to those of us who have also lost loved ones to tragedy — even if the loss was not due to death.
    That pasta looks beautiful. I would love to learn to make my own!

  • Beth

    I bought a pasta maker at a discount store a while back and it broke the first time I tried to use it – halfway through the batch of dough. Win or not, a better machine will be my next kitchen purchase. Dried pasta is truly incomparable to fresh.
    Thank you for writing – I look forward to every new post.

  • Molly E.

    Fresh pasta three times this week. Wow! I love making fresh pasta but with a 23 month underfoot it is sometimes hard to find the time. Looking forward to this recipe!

  • Julie

    I would love to have a pasta maker. It’s one of those things I can never justify buying, but would use all the time if I had it.
    I am glad you’re making pasta again. Sometimes the smallest steps toward healing are bigger than we ever realize.

  • Veronica @ My eats & Treats

    Oh wow… I can only imagine how wonderful and relaxing it would be to spend an afternoon making homemade pasta! I bet it would taste absolutely divine… Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway… That’s truly generous of you!

  • Veronica @ My eats & Treats

    Oh wow… I can only imagine how wonderful and relaxing it would be to spend an afternoon making homemade pasta! I bet it would taste absolutely divine… Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway… That’s truly generous of you!

  • Debbie Murray

    I can feel your pain. I lost my husband 11 years ago. I still miss him like crazy. Take it one day at a time. It does get easier.

  • Inesanchondo

    I cannot make pasta from scratch. I am looking forward to your recipe. Now, is a pasta maker absolutely necessary? What a wonderful giveaway.

  • Jessy

    I never even ate home made pasta but I guess I should try making my own one day. Beautiful anderen emotional post Jennie!

  • joanne

    I’d love to turn out some homemade pasta. I too think the hand crank version has far more romance. I recall a memory my 89 year old mother shares of her mother making homemade noodles and letting them dry on the back of a kitchen chair.

  • robert clark taylor

    evening Jennie….I had commented earlier about the special nuance between you, your husband and that one day you will love again..I was not aware of a contest, not why I wrote my comment…this last weekend, my parents celebrated their 62 wedding anniversary…both are still as madly in love as when they were when they first met…in reading your posts, your description of your love so reminds me of my parents…I am fortunate to have one child, a daughter and I watch your last dance video often as it reminds me of that special time I shared with my daughter when she was little, when little girls loved to be with their daddies…thank you for your musing, your continued love and joy of sharing your feelings, cooking techniques and tips…

  • Meagan

    lovely post… reminds me of someone important and inspires me to reconnect to early memories. Can’t wait to see the cookbook.

  • Carla

    I’ve been wanting to make pasta? This may give me a kick in the pants that I need to make it.

  • Jodi

    Been wondering when we’d hear from you again! I have always wanted to make my own pasta. What a treat that would be. Thanks again for sharing your heart.

  • NicoleJune

    I too never made pasta until I had my someone special, something about making pasta for him is so personal, it’s love.

  • Amanda H.

    Another moving post that again reminds me to slow down and treasure my family more. Thank you.

  • LouAnn Goossens

    I’ve never made fresh pasta, never had the urge. But you’re pictures and comments make it seem so easy and necessary. Can’t wait for the cookbook. Thank you for sharing.

  • Eric

    I found my way here by accident. I read your story and cried. I am making fresh pasta for my wife this weekend with our squeaky machine that has never been used. Thank you for moving me.

  • Arimaria

    What a lovely post, thank you for continuing to share your journey with us Jennie! You’ve inspired me to make fresh pasta πŸ™‚

  • Erin

    Thank you for your blog. I can’t wait to read the cookbook. I’ve never made homemade pasta but am redoing the kitchen and will try when it is finished.

  • Christina G

    I’ve never made pasta before but after reading this I would love to start. You are truly a strong and amazing woman, even if you don’t always feel like you are. You have brought much inspiration to me in my life. Thank you for sharing openly and honestly.

  • Julie

    Making my own pasta has been on my to do list since Christmas. Your post has inspired me to dig deep and give it a try. You are truly a gift of strength.

  • Lindsey @ A Pear to Remember

    I cannot wait for your cookbook and am truly moved by every post. Jennie, you offer me a gift every time I visit by remembering to show my husband I cherish him. We have only been married three years, and there is no way to know how many years we will get to enjoy on Earth. Thank you, thank you.

  • Robyn

    It looks delicious. I’ve always been intimidated by the thought of making my own pasta, but you make it seem less scary.

  • Barb

    Thank you for your beautiful post, Jennie. I
    can’t wait for your cookbook to be published. It will be wonderful to have and use!I have never made fresh pasta, but think it would be fun to try!

  • Holly

    Have been wanting a pasta maker forever. I understand all too well what you’re going through…have a pizza stone I will never use again, but won’t ever get rid of either.

  • Emily

    Jennie, dear, you are so, so strong. It’s been incredible to be a witness to your journey these past months, and I wish you all the best in the future. You have good things coming to you, I can tell.

  • Salvina

    I’m a recent reader of your blog, and you are truly an inspiration. Best to you always.

  • Karen

    I’ve always wanted to make fresh pasta but never had enough gumption to do so. What a treat when really we should all be giving you a gift instead. Thanks for your posts.

  • Jennifer Olson

    Yay for pasta!! I love your blog, your honesty and your heart. I continue to hold you and your sweet girls close to my heart and have offered up many prayers on your behalf. Blessings, Jen O

  • Tracey Alvernaz

    Good Evening Jennie,
    Gosh, why do you make me cry? We are in your court, girlie girl! Anyway, do what it takes. And if you girls would like to come to San Diego, I would love to meet you and show you the sights. Or you could just stay here and do S.D. on your own.
    Think about it…
    With kind thoughts,

  • sherry

    I used to make fresh pasta with my mother. I have such fond memories of how yummy the fresh noodles tasted. Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences.

  • Allison

    Thanks for another thought-provoking post. The little things about the day-to-day really do make our lives what they are. And remembering the little things can be so hard.

  • Jennifer

    Jennie, literally TODAY my pasta machine was taken away in the trash truck! Last October I prepped everything to make ravioli for my birthday dinner with friends. When I tried to roll out the dough it got all caught and twisted in the machine…I clearly didn’t know how to use it. I was so freaked that I threw the machine back in the box (dough all caught in its nooks and crannies), tossed it on a shelf in the garage, and rolled the dough by hand. I cleaned out that garage yesterday, and out went the machine with the petrified pasta dough still intact. I LOVE fresh pasta, and I’m usually a darn good cook…but that thing really got the best of me! At some point, tips and tricks would be most appreciated. πŸ™‚

  • Kristen M.

    Thank you for sharing another beautiful memory. I’ve only made homemade pasta noodles once, but never with a machine.

  • Cassandra

    Oh, Jennie, I’m so glad you’re writing and creating and making pasta , and hopefully, finding some joy in the world in which you’ve been left behind. I’m looking forward to your new book, and to that recipe! Take care, always. C

  • Susan Din

    Your blog is so inspirational, thank you for sharing how you are getting back on your feet, day by day! Your recipes are wonderful and your cookbook is greatly anticipated!

  • Julie

    Thank you for your posts. It inspires me to stay strong through my own daily struggles, which are really nothing compared to what you have endured. You are an inspiration.

  • Chrissy

    Fresh pasta is so silky good. The clamp screw is broken on my Atlas Pasta Maker. I do not have the patience to roll and cut it by hand.

  • Emily

    I’m horrible at pasta making but i’ve learned many things from you over the past several months, maybe pasta is next.

  • Kris

    I look forward to all your posts and have you in my prayers often. Congratulations on the cookbook. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mother and your husband was so lucky to have you as a wife.

  • Sarah Lasry

    I wish I had a reason to make a new pasta maker a justifiable expense – but alas it is on my wish list of things I need to replace…would love to win one! Love your site!

  • Brittany

    I am so inspired, touched and encouraged by every single one of your posts. I am most excited for you to enjoy those simple little pleasures again, that Mikey would still want you to enjoy. Even if it’s just a walk in the rain or one of his favorites, like pasta.

  • katy

    This is a lovely post and I’m glad your pasta dry spell is over. I think that food really can connect you with loved ones; smell and taste can bring a scene–or a memory–so vividly to life.

  • Morgan Clarke

    Oh, I always feel a mixture of happiness and sadness when I read your blog. Fresh pasta surely brings a bit of happiness, no matter what. Wishing you the best.

  • Amanda K

    It’s incredible how food connects us to the people we love. I lived with my grandma before she passed away and I’m working on finding the courage to make her famous cinnamon rolls again. I recently found out that she left me her rolling pin- a treasure from such an incredible baker. And when the time is right, I’ll make the cinnamon rolls just the way she taught me.
    Please, keep making the foods that hold your family together and writing the beautiful words that remind us all to stay strong no matter what.

  • Andrew Clarke

    Felt moved by your post, and I have to agree that pasta making is a very therapeutic activity. Simple processes are good for grounding us and giving us time to reflect. Thanks for your words.

  • Cristina

    I hope you can find those lovely memories and that they keep you warm. Your outlook and your strength are inspiring.

  • Julia

    Your memories are beautiful. I hope that your return to pasta making brings some of the past happiness back to you.

  • Madelyn

    I found your blog a while back, not sure where from exactly, but the link was for peanut butter pie.
    I think you are strong, even if you don’t see it yourself.
    I also think that your blog is inspiring and hopeful.
    I started making fresh pasta last year, with a thrifted “pasta queen” machine. I like to make my kids noodles cut with cookie cutters. They think it’s fun.
    Thank you for sharing your recipes and your thoughts.

  • Shannon

    Your blog has become a touchstone for me. I feel soothed by your words and honesty on loss and life, and eating, and living. I can’t wait until your cookbook comes out.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve never tried to make pasta, but have wondered about it on and off for years. Maybe 2012 is the year to try something new.

  • Ingrid

    Hope I’ll find the book in Belgium πŸ˜‰
    You had me wanna try pasta again, the last time was when my nonna tried to teach me how to do Ravioli.

  • Tracy

    I have had fresh pasta, but never even thought about making it myself…until now. It looks hard, but I am putting it on my list with all the other things I want to make when I have time. I look forward to your cookbook. Thanks for sharing and for putting yourself out there.

  • Julie

    Jennie- Tomorrow I leave for Yosemite. My now deceased husband and I spent 10 different summertime vacations in the Sierras with our children before he passed away in 09 at age 55. His ashes are scattered nearby at June Lake. Our trips were always a wonderful opportunity for us to cook together. We had originally met working at his restaurant back in the early 80’s. Life goes on. This trip I will be traveling with a new beau. He was my first date after David died. A friend of my husband’s insisted we meet. Here to tell you it’s sweet and unexpected and could be a forever thing. I’m moving forward but will never leave the memories behind. My new man calls himself a “cook in progress”. I used to be the sous chef but now I am the lead in the culinary department! Love is a beautiful thing and I continue to feel amazed and blessed, and pray that you too, will find it again. It’s so CRAZY but it IS possible. Xoxo, Julie

  • Gwen

    Jennie – you give new meaning to the word “bittersweet.” I love the mornings when I wake up and you have written a new post. Your is one of the few blogs I read – every word, each time. My heart goes out to you. And, I would love to try making pasta as my next new kitchen adventure!

  • Peggy D.

    You go on because you have to – best to you and the chidldren. I’ve never made pasta before; it looks like fun!

  • Melissa

    I love reading your blog…you really put things in perspective for me and remind me what is truly important in life. What an awesome giveaway!

  • Arothenfeld

    I am so glad you are making pasta again. It shows some hope and maybe it will get me to make pasta again for my family. I haven’t made it in a really long time, I think before I had children so about 10 years. Hugs and love

  • Sally

    My daughter just added an Atlas pasta maker to her registry and I’d love to be able to give it to her. Or, maybe I’d keep it for myself…??? I’m happy you’re making pasta again and I can’t wait for your book and pasta recipe.

  • Lorraine Smith

    Out of heartache, beautiful things are born.Reading your posts and feeling the emotion, you have brought me to tears many times. You are honoring and celebrating Mikeys life in such a beautiful way. Be proud, be strong and carry on. Take it day by day. God bless you and the girls.

  • ashley cross

    Your girls are so lucky to have such a strong woman as their mother, you will get them threw this while celebrating Mikey everyday.

  • Jennifer lehman

    I have to say that I love reading your blog and cannot wait for your cookbook. I have always been intimidated to try fresh pasta but after reading this I think I will give it a try. You are truely an inspiration.

  • Nncy

    I haven’t made homemade pasta in 15 years but you’ve inspired me! Thank you for a beautiful post.

  • Mandi

    Thanks for your honesty and for sharing from the heart. A homemade pasta maker is just what I need in my teeny kitchen!

  • Bree

    Too funny – one of my new years resolutions was to make pasta at home. Here it is nearly Aprila and have yet to accomplish that “to do” task. Thanks for the tips – sound very helpful! Hope to try it soon.

  • ginny

    have enjoyed a peek into your life with this blog and cry every post. keep healing. I remember fondly a hand cranked machine in our house in the late ’70s before pasta making caught on in America. We had bad dough experiences but it was always good for a laugh.

  • Carolyn C.

    I’ve never made fresh pasta, but I would like to try. Thank you for your generosity, and I thank you for reminding me each day is truly a gift.

  • Marie HavnΓΈ Frank

    Ive been making pasta at home for years now, its such a wonderful way of feeling connected to the food you serve your loved ones. I am glad you are slowly taking healing steps, even though you feel like he is slowly slipping away. He is not, nothing can ever erase him!

  • Kathy

    You are truly an inspiration to me. Making fresh pasta is something I’ve always wanted to try doing. I am really looking forward to your book coming out, so I can try all of your recipes.

  • Maria in NJ

    I love making pasta…and yes you are so right, your have to use semolina in it…I have a confession though, I have a CTC electric machine…but I do remember making the crank kind with my mama…
    can’t wait for the book Jennie…

  • Marianne

    I’d love to have a pasta maker, it’s been a wish of mine for years! Treasure the memories, so many great ones to hold onto. The Atlas on the mantle will add just the right touch that he would love!

  • Laura-Leigh

    I’ve never made homemade pasta, but have always wanted to try. Thank you for the giveaway and for your wonderful blog posts.

  • Alexandra

    I have always wanted to make pasta. After reading your blogs you give me the courage to try it!

  • Denise Miller

    Hello. I’ve never made fresh pasta but love cooking and experimenting so I’d enjoy a go at it. By the way, I don’t recall the way I first came to your blog, but it was only shortly before your Mikey passed away. Your courage to press on for you and your girls is tenacious. Your Mikey is proud of all of you, I am sure of it. Hugs and love coming your way. β™₯

  • Sherri

    I have never made fresh pasta before, but would love to learn how. Everytime I have had it, the difference is amazing. Thinking of you as you progess through this difficult journey you are on.

  • Barbara

    Your post brought back memories of my German grandmother making hand rolled pasta when I was a child.

  • Bekah

    Pasta…it’s one of those things that I’ve always meant to try and yet never have. I love your writing, your recipes and your stories, and it breaks my heart that you lost someone so special to you. It’s good to see you’re getting through it one step at a time.

  • Vivian Fugate

    Dear Jennie, I always look forward to your posts. They so often express what I’m experiencing since my husbands passing Aug.24,2010. Thank for sharing more than just recipes! Sincerely, Vivian

  • Beth C

    Jennie, I want you to know how much I love your blog. I check it daily, and can’t wait to buy your book. Thank you for sharing your corner of the world……

  • Kathryn

    Jennie – I always love reading your posts but this one I can really connect with. I’ve been so afraid to try making pasta, and I’m not really sure why but with your tips, I feel like I can do it. Thank you for continuing to post.

  • Mariceli

    Dear Jenny, Idon’t know you personally but I have been following your blog before Mikey passed. I have even cried with you and understand your feelings. Good luck with your book!

  • Linda Lowry

    Thank you for your constant inspiration. Can’t wait for your cookbook. Wishing you all the best.

  • Dre

    Your pasta looks so lovely! I’ve tried twice to make fresh pasta and have failed miserably! maybe I need to check out your pasta recipe in your new book?

  • Sara

    I cannot wait to get my hands on your cookbook!…and to have a new pasta maker to go with it would be amazing!

  • shannon

    I’ve never made homemade pasta…I’m pretty sure my 2 year old would love to help me try. This is on our dinner list for next week for sure!

  • ashley

    jennie – despite having stalked your blog and twitter feeds since stumbling upon you this summer, ive yet to make a comment. words fail me every time… but i suppose a chance to win a pasta machine is as good of a time as any to step out of the shadows and cheer you on in the sunlight. you inspire me daily with your strength and your courage and your dedication to your family and your sharing of your devotion and love through home cooking. every time i make a batch of fresh ricotta, marinara and pizza dough for calzone night, every time i whip together whole wheat chocolate chip cookie dough in the silence that falls upon a house after the kids’ bedtime, just to surprise my little one with warm cookies when he gets home from school the following afternoon, i take a moment to reflect on the gift ive been given. one more chance to treasure and honor and show love to my family via the comforts my kitchen can bring… youve taught me that every day counts and that food is a magnificent medium to pour love into. so thank you, jennie. im going back into the shadows now, as my words are failing me again. youre a rock star. always and forever.

  • Jamie (Mama.Mommy.Mom)

    Jennie, you are so much stronger than I think I could ever be. My heart aches for you. I can’t imagine your pain, and I don’t want to. I do know that I will never forget your or what happened to your family. August 7th is my wedding anniversary.
    I’ve never made homemade pasta, though I’ve always wanted to try it. I lack in the patience department sometimes, so resting dough and rolling noodles has always seems an impossible feat to me.
    Thank you for continuing to share your story with us.
    Jamie @ http://www.mamamommymom.com

  • Mona

    Another beautiful post from an amazing lady. The pasta looks wonderful. Would love to start making my own pasta.

  • Renee

    So happy for you and the new cookbook to come, can’t wait to get my copy! Love all your recipes. I have been wanting to try making homemade pasta, maybe today. but would be easier with a nice new Pasta Maker!

  • Kathy Ritchie

    Thank you for sharing both your blog and your life with us! I’m grateful, and constantly inspired. Bless You!

  • Becky Christiansen

    Would you believe I have never had fresh pasta? Sad but true. I would love to learn how to use a new pasta machine. Your new cookbook will be as amazing as you are! Can’t wait until it is in my kitchen . . . right next to a shiny new pasta machine☺!

  • Annie B

    I have been following this blog for almost a year now and have never commented as others seem to be able to say what I want to better than myself. I am 22 years old and dream of one day quitting my corporate job to go to culinary school… until then, I just cook in my very tiny kitchen in Chicago and read food blogs. I decided yesterday that I wanted to make fresh pasta and then volia, read this blog post almost immediately after. You are an absolute inspiration, thank you for sharing your stories!

  • Judy R

    I haven’t made fresh pasta in years. Your post has inspired me to start making it again. Thanks

  • Stephanie

    I once received a pasta maker as a gift, when I was in my twenties. I was too intimidated to try it, and after years in a box in my pantry we gave it away. Now nearly 40, I make a lot more whole foods by hand. I would love to give pasta a try.

  • Lynn carbone

    I Look forard to reading your posts and trying the recipes pasta is one that i have been wanting to try. I might try this weekend.
    Thanks Lynn

  • Lauren

    Jennie, my heart goes out to you and I am filled with gratitude every time I read your blog which is filled with such beautiful honesty about the painful reality of mourning.

  • Emilee

    I have never made fresh pasta before but it’s on my list of things to do! PS You are an AMAZING woman!!!

  • Jenn

    I think keeping the old pasta maker as a mantle piece and a conversation starter is a wonderful idea. Gone, but never forgotten.

  • Jen Borba

    I have always wanted to make my own pasta. I had an electric pasta maker that I never used. I would love to win an Atlas and promise to make and eat pasta with it.
    Jen Borba

  • Jennifer

    A beautiful memory shared, as always. I’ve never made pasta but would love to give it a try.

  • Brandy

    I am in charge of making the pasta dough every christmas when my family gets together to make our homemade raviolis. I would love to have a pasta make. Currently everything is rolled by hand and cut with a ravioli cutter, then we have the “forkers” who make sure everything is sealed up nice and tight.

  • dolly

    You are an inspiration on so many levels. Can’t wait for the book.Now I need to try to make some pasta…winning a pasta maker would sure help πŸ˜‰

  • wintersundays

    Funny I never thought to make fresh pasta but you make it sound more approachable than I would have believed. I have a wish list of kitchen tools and I will now add pasta maker! Thanks for sharing your memories of your beloved husband.

  • Rhonda

    Jennie, I love reading your posts and using your recipes! I’ve never tried to make my own pasta, so this would be a grand new adventure!!

  • Megan

    Thank you for sharing. Reminds me of the wonderful memories I have of making pasta with my grandparents as a little girl.

  • Susan

    I can’t wait for your cookbook. I have never even considered making my own pasta but I guess I could try with a pasta machine.

  • Deena

    I love fresh pasta, and also your heartfelt posts. Thanks for sharing your lovely recipes and your life. Looking forward to your new book!

  • Jocelyn Hammons

    Thank you for sharing as much as you do, both personally and from the kitchen. You are absolutely amazing…

  • Sarah

    I tried homemade pasta for the first time a couple of months ago, and have been itching for a pasta maker ever since!

  • dorothy ferrante

    I remember always having fresh pasta, on Sundays, as a kid. I got my mothers pasta machine after she passed but didn’t use that often. Then in the middle of one of my moves I sold it at my garage sale. I think of the machine and the memories and could kick myself every time I do.

  • Stephanie

    A lovely old song, Louie Armstrong did it best:
    “Give me a kiss to build a dream on
    And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss
    Sweetheart, I ask no more than this
    A kiss to build a dream on
    Give me a kiss before you leave me
    And my imagination will feed my hungry heart
    Leave me one thing before we part
    A kiss to build a dream on”
    A pasta maker is a lovely memory to put on the mantle. I don’t think I’ll look at a paster maker the same way again! Its funny, I was in Sur la Table a week ago with my husband and he noticed the pasta maker. My kids used my pasta maker for a clay press. funny.

  • Michelle W.

    I’ve been missing Barry this week. Various memories keep jumping into my head at the oddest times. He loved Tom Jones, and on Friday evenings we’d sing and dance to a TJ video he played every Friday! I don’t even know where that video is now. Barry has been gone for 8 years, 3 years longer than I knew him. Eventually, the years without him will far outnumber the years I was with him. It won’t matter. I could never forget someone who changed my life so profoundly, so incredibly. I will always love him.

  • Amy

    I’ve only made pasta once, but it was great fun with a whole gang of friends. Your post makes we want to try it again. I think my children would love the process. I’m looking forward to your cookbook.

  • Anne Weber-Falk

    Your writing is very moving. I’m looking forward to your book. Thank you for all you do.

  • Jill M.

    Glad to see your making pasta again. It’s funny, weird, sad, amazing (and so many other emotions) how something like making homemade pasta can bring up so many memories. Yours looks delicious and I’m anxiously awaiting your cookbook! Take care.

  • treasa

    I can’t wait for your cookbook and your new recipes. Homemade pasta is on my list of things to try!

  • Kristen

    I’ve never made homemade pasta yet but you make it sound so easy! You write like you’re speaking…the best tone, in my opinion!

  • lori

    Jennie, Your generosity is amazing–in sharing your experience and in your give-away. I have to admit I can make a mean pasta dough but am a complete failure when it comes to rolling it out. I ghostwrote the Il Fornaio pasta cookbook and I loved making the dough. Maurizio had this wide shallow bowl that was shaped like the well you’d make in the center of the flour. It was perfect for the job. I can’t wait for your book, because the pasta above looks delicious but I’ll probably buy the pasta!

  • Jill M.

    The pasta looks amazing! Glad to see you’re making it again. Looking so much forward to your cookbook, Jennie!

  • Elinka

    I love pasta, and have only made it once with my grandma. I hope to start trying on my own soon.

  • Linda F,

    Pasta Maker? I have never attempted making my own pasta. Would love to try it. You inspire me!

  • Devon Cretella

    I haven’t attempted fresh pasta in years, since my kids were very little. I would love to try it again as I am probably much more patient at this stage in life. You are an inspiration, in so many ways!

  • Jessica

    I have never commented on your blog before but I have been following you since the peanut butter pie. Thank you for always reminding me to take a deep and appreciate all the little things in life and my loved ones around me. I have always wanted to attempt to make homemade pasta but have never been brave enough, maybe one day soon.

  • Lori

    Jenny, you always make me appreciate the little things about my husband. I think you help me be a better, more present, wife. You’re making a difference in the world through your talents.

  • jamie

    thank you for continuing to share your story with us. i understand strength and you have so much.
    i have made pasta a few times in a cooking class. would be fun to try on my own.

  • Kim

    Thank you for your inspiration not only in the kitchen but also in life! Looking forward to your book.

  • Karmen Mannella

    looking forward to reading your cookbook – your writing is so lovely & I imagine your book will be too! please enter me in the contest!

  • Meagan

    This is a beautiful memory and story and maybe I could figure out how to make gluten free pasta on this thing…..or dairy and egg free gluten free pasta, as is necessary in our house πŸ™‚

  • Lori Stilger

    I, too, am really excited about your cookbook! I’m more intrigued, the more you post about it. πŸ˜€
    I’d also love to win; I love Sur la Table, and we don’t have one anywhere near me! πŸ™‚
    Be blessed, Jennie.

  • Sarah P.

    What a beautifully written post. I’ve always wanted to try to make my own pasta, but never wanted to make the investment in a pasta maker. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Kim

    I love your blog. I love your inspiration. I can’t wait for your cookbook. Having tried so many of your recipes, I look forward to learning how to make pasta. My family will be in heaven. It’s been a long discussed topic, but I haven’t taken the leap yet.

  • Marissa

    I would love to share in your love of pasta and appreciation for beauty in food and others. Thank you for warming my heart with each and every post.

  • Jean

    I consider myself a pretty adventuresome cook but have never made pasta – for lack of a pasta machine. Not sure if that is the real reason. Should I win one It will be impossible to make (or eat) pasta without thinking of your loss. Be well

  • Kat

    You’ve inspired me to try my hand at making pasta this weekend. I hope it turns out as beautiful and delicious as yours.

  • Tammy

    Your blog helps me more than you know… Last April, I was participating in a for charity cooking class. The chef was teaching us how to make pasta and gnocchi. I now recognize that the picture you posted, the other day, with flour and an egg was for your pasta. I originally thought you were having pizza night. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I didn’t get to taste our pasta or gnocchi from the class because my husband showed up to tell me that a family member had just died… I’m looking forward to buying your cookbook so I can make homemade pasta. The process will surely include good memories of my loved one… Thanks Jennie, blessings to you and your daughters, always!

  • Jessica McManus

    I love the way you connect to your cooking, it’s not just a task to be accomplished but almost a pouring out of your spirit. I like to think that I will be able to get there someday..

  • Jennie from Cole Camp

    My husband’s grandmother made homemade pasta – there is really nothing better. I so enjoy your posts and recipes. I’m so glad you are back to making homemade pasta!

  • gail laughlin

    Jenny…I have been following your journey for over a year. Best to your girls…do soenjoy your posts. Gail

  • Linda Grothe

    My mother gave me a pasta maker many years ago, it sat in the cupboard for quite some time. Finally I said I am going to make pasta today, I can’t believe I let the machine sit in the cupboard for soooooo long!!!! I must say it is now being used regularly.

  • Carrie

    I have never made pasta before and would love to learn how. Can’t wait for your cookbook to come out. This was a beautiful post!

  • Nicki

    Looking forward to the arrival of your cookbook. You and your girls are in our family’s daily prayers.

  • Julie

    I’ve never made fresh pasta but would love to try. Can’t wait for your new book to come out!!

  • nicole

    thank you for your beautifully honest posts – they inspire me. and, i’ll have to try my hand at the mystery of homemade pasta!

  • Ilana

    This is a really moving post. I’ve never made pasta but I’ve wanted to try it. It looks really fun.

  • Crystal C.

    I always love your posts. Always beautiful. I am happy that you are making pasta again. I have never made fresh pasta but I can’t wait to try it if I get the pasta maker (that is for sure what I would get). Can’t wait to see the cookbook when it comes out! Have fantastic day! πŸ™‚

  • Bridget

    I am not sure how I came across your blog, but I am inspired each time I read one of your posts. My husband and I are currently in a very dark place in our marraige and divorce is a strong possiblity. The love you express for your husband is exactly how I feel for mine. I find strength in your strength dealing with your loss. Thank you. You seem to be an amazing woman and an incredible mother.

  • April

    Pasta is a wonderful, wonderful thing. And so is the love you feel. It’s inspiring. It’s without ego. And it’s all heart. Beautiful.

  • marie

    I learned the art of pasta making a few months ago with friends. It’s as much fun to make as it is to eat.

  • Michelle F.

    I cannot wait for your cookbook. You are a very talented writer. Thank you for sharing your heart so eloquently.

  • Tracy Bouton

    A pasta machine (hand crank only, I’m told) is the biggest thing lacking from my kitchen arsenal and something I’ve wanted for a long time. If I win it will definitely be put to good use!!

  • Ginnette

    Hi Jennie,
    I have been a silent follower since your peanut butter pie request. You have been such an inspiration and although I have only made one of your recipes (Chocolate Chess Pie) I can not wait to see what you have been cooking up for your new cookbook. To date, I have not attempted fresh pasta for fear it would be too hard and/or take too long but I am a sucker for good food and know deep in my heart that fresh pasta tastes worlds better than store bought. PLUS, who can resist at least trying after seeing the beautiful pasta in your pictures?

  • Jessica

    Thanks for sharing your journey – what a thoughtful giveaway to have! That pasta looks super delish.

  • oneshabbychick

    Jennie, I’ve been following your lovely (and heartbreaking) blog since I read a “For Mikey” post about his favorite pie. You have drawn me in with your beautiful and candid writing… I also enjoy your recipes! I would be honored to win this pasta maker giveaway… Thanks for the giveaway, and your blog.

  • jill

    I love just-because presents…we gave some to friends just last week! I wish that could be the norm, rather than obligatory gift-giving at prescribed dates like Christmas. Sometimes I have something great to give in June, and no ideas in December.

  • lisa hochstetler

    I haven’t made pasta in a long time but your words and pictures are inspiring.

  • Linda

    About 30 years ago, my son bought me an electric pasta maker. My younger kids really loved making pasta with mom! I’ve also made egg noodles by hand. Those thick ones can be yummy, too. I’d love to win a new pasta maker or some other goodie! 😎
    xo Linda

  • Shannon Fox

    My dad died of large cell lymphoma when I was only eight. Your posts give me such an insight into and appreciation for the person my mother was and is through that experience. Thanks for that. Your pasta is beautiful and looks fantastic! I’ll have to put fresh pasta on my to do list.

  • Michelle

    Love reading your posts and your recipes. It was great to hear your thoughts about the hand crank pasta maker. I have been on the verge of buying the kitchenAid attachment but now I know I must buy the hand crank model. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jill W

    My husband has been wanting to make homemade pasta for awhile, but I haven’t been brave enough. I love your posts, Jenni, both for your personal (heartbreaking) truth-filled story, and your delicious recipes. I just made your Everyday Banana Bread the other day, but I messed up and forgot the buttermilk – and used light brown sugar instead of dark. Still pretty good, but I also plan to try it again – correctly! Thank you for a wonderful blog.

  • Jillian

    Jennie, your homemade pasta looks beautiful and delicious, can’t wait to try it! Thank you for sharing your recipes, memories, and life with us.

  • Bryanna

    I love your recipes, but even more I love your stories about Mikey attached to them.
    And I think I’d use the gift card to buy that Atlas pasta maker. I’ve always wanted to try, just never really wanted to plunk down the cash to do so.

  • Beth

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now and have been inspired to make things I’ve never thought I could make. Thank you.

  • Susan T

    I have always wanted to make pasta, and been too afraid to try. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, I feel privileged to read your beautiful words about your husband and children.

  • Isabel Reid

    love your blog Jennie….you are an amazing woman…looking forward to your cookbook.

  • Patsy Witchey

    I can’t tell you how I feel when I see there’s an email from you in my inbox. First off, I know you’re doing what you need to do. Second, I continue to be amazed with your strength and fortitude. And lastly, you share wonderful thoughts, memories and recipes. Mikey was as lucky to have you as you were to have him, I’m just sure of it. Have a wonderful day! Enjoy your pasta. πŸ˜‰

  • Andrea

    Pasta has become such a villain in our low-carb world, and such a pleasure to make and to eat. I do love my pasta attachment for the KA, though, and will put it to use today… Inspired by this post, my two toddler boys, 2 and 3 years old, will make their first homemade noodles!

  • Stephanie

    We lost my husbands father the day before Mikey died. Your words have touched me in so many ways. He was larger than life and touched so many. My mother-in-law thru herself a birthday party last night for what she called her Loving Supporting Friends and Family Dinner. Last year her husband thru her a lavish birthday knowing it would be his last alive. Hang in there and I know it must be a difficult year of firsts. Making pasta is just one of those many firsts.
    Much love,

  • Carolyn

    Beatiful memories. I love that you husband was your safety net. I have both a manual and stand mixer attachment pasta maker, and I never use the stand mixer attachment — when I (rarely) make pasta, it’s always manual. I would love the gift certificate for one of my favourite stores!

  • Lauren

    Jennie, I truly think you’re fabulous. I can’t wait to devour all the recipes in your book, including pasta, which I’d love to not mess up every time I try and make it by hand.

  • Susan Pfund

    Jennie, Love reading your posts and your recipes! So glad you are making pasta again.

  • Melinda

    jennie, what an inspiration you are! My husband also loves pasta, I hoever have not made fresh for him in years….guess what I will be making tomorrow?!

  • Victoria

    Just the other night my husband mentioned that he’d like to make fresh pasta again.
    I have a memory of him making it many years ago when his aunt was still alive. We all had a good laugh when the eggs escaped through the flour on the counter and it was a mad dash to save it before they trickled onto the floor.
    I’d really love to learn from him, having never made pasta from scratch. I think it’s the perfect chance to spend some quality time with my husband.

  • Heidi

    Love homemade pasta. It is hard to go back to the dry after having it. Can’t wait for your cookbook.

  • Lesa Rapp

    I love making homemade pasta. My Grandmother taught me how when I was just a child. I am excited about your book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Kristin

    Just learned how to make fresh pasta at a cooking class last week! Can’t wait to read your book πŸ™‚

  • jennifer

    I guess using an electric pasta maker was the mistake we made…our pasta didn’t turn out very well the time we tried it…now I know, use a hand cranked machine. I enjoy your posts so much, thank you for allowing me to share your journey. I have learned a lot from you-like how to make delicious ricotta cheese πŸ™‚

  • SimplyTastyBits

    Glad to hear you are back into making pasta. I love homemade and have a hard time eating boxed when I know the fresh stuff is so much tastier and, frankly, sexier.

  • sue epstein

    Jennie, I so enjoy your blog – and the recipes. You are really an inspiration. I used to have an Atlas pasta maker and didn’t use it for a while and in a fit of cleaning, gave it away – and have regretted it ever since! There is nothing like home made pasta.

  • A Facebook User

    I’ve wanted to try to make fresh pasta for a while myself; yours looks delicious! I really appreciate your blog’s honesty (and looking at all the yummy food too). πŸ™‚

  • Ann

    I had a different kind of loss in my life this summer…not as devastating as yours but it definitely knocked me down hard. Your candor has helped me grow through the pain of ending to discover a beginning and new way of being. Thank you. One thing, you’ve inspired me to attempt to do what I’ve never done before…now it will be pasta!

  • Carmelle Steel

    I have never attempted to make my own pasta, but with a new pasta roller, I would try!! Hang in there, I love reading about your adventures – both good and not so good.

  • Donna Johnson

    I have been following you ever since Julie vanRosendal from “Dinner With Julie” posted your peanut butter pie for Mikey.
    I have never commented here before, but have always wanted to make homemade pasta with a pasta machine and would love to use the same one you use to make your pasta with so much love.
    Thanks for being so open with your journey, you are an inspiration to me.

  • Alyse

    Thank you so much for this generous gift. We love fresh pasta, and I, too, have not made any for quite some time. Our older son, 17, is away in Portland, so I am too sad to make it right now.

  • Anna Hoge

    I’ve never made pasta because I am so intimidated by it. But your story makes me want to try! You are very brave to share with us this difficult time in your life. I am inspired each time I read your posts.

  • Amy in VA

    We could make fresh “nu-nus” as my babies say. Virtual hugs to you from me and my two girls.

  • Ginny

    Good to see you are getting stronger everyday. I’m so excited for your book! I’d love to be entered in the contest too.

  • Amanda Mays

    I have always wanted to make fresh pasta but havent been brave enough yet. Once I can get my hands on City Girl, Country Kitchen i’ll have the perfect recipe to try.

  • Deborah

    I love fresh pasta and I am glad that you have found your way back to making something that you and your family love. I look forward to your book and your lovely recipes and stories. You are an inspiration.

  • Mark S

    This post inspires me to want to make pasta with my wife this weekend…and cherish every moment of it.

  • Nicole A

    Looks delicious – makes we want to try – I remember my great grandmother handmaking pasta in the basement – excited for the cookbook!

  • Lisa A.

    Another lovely post. Creating meals with someone you love is something very special. And, even though Mike is not here any longer, you have those wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing them. Glad to read that you’re making pasta again.
    I’ve never made pasta before. It’s definitely something I need to try.

  • Joni

    I have never tried making pasta, but I sure love eating it! You never cease to amaze me with your strength and resolve. Your love for Mike clearly helps you through the tough times…

  • Deb G

    Can’t wait for the cookbook – I’m saving a place on my shelf for it. Thanks for the post.

  • Brittney

    I am getting married this August and look forward to starting a pasta-making tradition with my husband. Your blog continually reminds me to make the most of each and every day and to cherish the ones we love.

  • maria

    i don’t think i’ve ever commented on your blog, but i am a long time reader. i love your blog and am really looking forward to your cookbook. the italian in me is ashamed that i don’t have a pasta maker of my own… maybe when i finish graduate school i’ll have time and money to get one and make to make some pasta.

  • Ann

    I have been following your posts for about a year and have shed many tears while reading, and tried several recipes. Pasta is a family favorite and I am anxiously awaiting your cookbook for new recipes!

  • sharon pagan

    Love your courage you are an inspiration. Would love to win the pasta machine/gift card pasta making sounds soo easy when you describe it!

  • Cathy Stech

    What a LOVELY post, Jennie, you amaze me with your straight from the heart post, Mikey does live on, in each post you share him again with all of us! I would cherish a pasta maker, bought in his memory!

  • Dottie Williams

    so glad to see you making pasta again! I so love sur la table! Have a beautiful day today…

  • Melinda in NC

    I’ve made several of your recipes but not sure I am brave enough to try pasta! I guess the machine would be a step in the right direction!

  • Danielle

    Jennie, I look forward to each and every post you give us. The journey you’ve been on these past weeks is an incredible one and I thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  • Cecilia Gomez

    You share your words and it makes me think about life and all that I am grateful for. I hope you continue to find peace.

  • Carolynn Shugg

    Jennie-I have been following your blog for awhile now and always look forward to your posts! Can’t wait for the cook book-I have a definite feeling that it will be one of my most favorite and cherished books because of how you so willing share your life with us-you really are an inspiration!

  • Darcy Panak

    I am happy you are making pasta again! I can’t fathom how really hard things are for you—I am not sure I could be as strong. I have always wanted a hand crank pasta maker–I think it would be a great project to make pasta with my new man–he loves to cook and we could learn together. β™₯β™₯

  • Athena

    We are big pasta eaters here. I’ve made homemade ravioli before but would love to have a pasta maker to make things easier. Thanks for the giveaway, and happy to hear pasta has made it back into your cooking.

  • Alissa

    Your words are so beautiful, and they make me so teary. I don’t know how you are staying so strong, but it’s inspiring.

  • Shannon C.

    What a generous gift. Thank you for the opportunity. I’m looking forward to your book!

  • LM

    Such a beautiful post and I think you are finding the best ways to connect with him through your memories. I never had a pasta maker so i’d love to win, like everyone else πŸ™‚ Pasta is my comfort food and that’s what i have for lunch today. Thank you for the giveaway, it is very sweet of you

  • Jackie

    Wonderful post! I will have to try to make homemade pasta…it has always been a little intimidating but you are taking the fear away!

  • GiGi Carbo

    I really looking forward to your book and the amazing recipes it will hold! But now you’ve got me craving pasta like mad and I only brought black bean salad for lunch. What’s a girl to do? :+)

  • Diane

    What a wonderful post and I love that you posted how you and Mikey were best friends!
    My Hubby and I have always been best friends…Together 42 years now and married for 38 of those years!
    I still love every second we spend together and he is still by bestest friend in the world!
    Don’t ever get rid of that pasta maker It’s a keeper and decor for sure..
    Love your giveaway and hope to win!
    I see many more Pasta meals in your future…

  • Wendy A

    I have never made fresh pasta and always have wanted to! Love your blog thank you so much for sharing your life:)

  • Barbara

    I’ve always wanted to own a pasta machine. I have only made pasta once and rolled it out by hand. I’m excited about the possibilities!

  • Deb

    What an inspiring and thoughtful post! Food evokes so many memories for us. Savor your pasta, as you sparkle in the moment. For with our memories, that is all we have.

  • Celest

    Can’t wait to see the pasta recipe. I like ones with semolina flour too but haven’t found the exact right one. I’m sure yours is!

  • Brittany Richards

    This was beautiful, in fact I have the exact same pasta making story with my husband, as he too had the atlas pasta maker when I had met him, yet he never used it, and so we too learned to make it together, and its a favorite past time.

  • carie

    I love reading your blog. I lost my twin sons around the same time you lost your husband so I feel the pain you describe in your blog although in a slightly different form. SO, Thanks for helping me. I’d love to win a pasta maker πŸ™‚

  • Betsy

    What a lovely post and great giveaway. It is on my list of goals to begin making homemade pasta.

  • Pat

    Love your posts, I appreciate you being real. I’ve always wanted to make my own pasta, this would be the push I need!

  • Laura Harrison

    Super pumped about your book coming out. I have been following your work for a while (before August 7th). I find your writings to be very open with where you are now and how you are coping. Cheers on getting over the dry spells of making pasta and many more delicious recipes ahead.

  • HilaryB

    Perfect pasta comes out of heartfelt memories. Nothing beats fresh made pasta. I can’t wait to make some!

  • Cas

    you are amazing and I am touched that you cann share your memories and stories with us. Can’t wait for the cookbook!

  • Lucy

    I’ve never made fresh pasta before. So winning this pasta maker would be an inspiration! Looking forward to your cookbook!

  • Sirena

    I’ve never made fresh pasta but, since I really learned to cook – partially – as a result of falling in love with the man who would be my husband, I feel so deeply how the memories of the food we make are fed by the ones we make it for. So heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing your memories with the world!

  • Mindy

    What a great post! I’ve often thought of making my own pasta, but am intimidated by the process. You make it sound attainable. Thanks for your stories, can’t wait for the cookbook!

  • Claire Nugent

    Jennie – it’s because of you that I want to write about food and the memories that come with it. You’re such an inspiration…can’t wait for the book!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve never made homemade pasta, and it is something I’d love to try! Will definitely be buying your book when it comes out!

  • Lauren H.

    I’ve been following your blog since your husband passed away but have never had the courage to comment. You have such an amazing gift both in the kitchen and with words, please continue to share as your journey continues!

  • Ashley

    Thanks for sharing your story! You have such a beautiful way of putting your thoughts into words. I would love to make my own pasta for my son, just like my dad used to make for me when I was a lil munchkin πŸ™‚

  • Hannah

    I have never made pasta and have been feeling these incredible urges to try over the last couple of years.
    I’ve been reading your posts since the peanut butter pie that rocked the internet and I have to say they’ve helped me through some very rough months.
    Holding your hand from afar.

  • Jen

    I have always wanted to make my own pasta. Your memories of Mikey make me appreciate my husband a little more.

  • rebekah ankney

    I’ve never been good at making pasta, perhaps because I am not patient enough, But I would love to give it another go. Love your blog!

  • Anne

    I love that your writing is so heartfelt and honest. I have always wanted to make pasta and never have because up until now, I’m too intimidated to purchase the machine!

  • jen Shuttleworth

    I’ve always wanted to make pasta for my family so winning this would be perfect. I absolutely love your blog and your realness with all of your readers.

  • Payal

    This was a lovely post. Thanks for sharing more of your memories with us. Looking forward to your book.

  • Melanie

    Your posts are always so real and heartfelt. I think trying to reconnect with Mikey by making pasta is therapuetic (and tasty). Keep up the beautiful posts and recipes.

  • Holly

    The task of making fresh pasta has always intimidated me. But reading your post today has inspired me to try again.
    Then again, a nice new pasta maker would certainly make the job that much easier! Thanks again for yet another inspiring piece of prose!

  • TK

    Nothing can beat the taste of fresh pasta. Once you try it you really can’t go back to the store stuff!

  • Rachel Despeaux

    This is such a beautiful and selfless gesture.
    I hope that each day brings more strength and faith.

  • Aimee Peterson

    I look forward to your updates and reading your stories. You’re an inspiration to us all! The pasta looks delicious!

  • jlp

    Tuesday was the 2 year anniversary of the day my partner died. Your words these last few months have echoed so very much of what I went through – and I appreciate your rawness, strength and determination. Hugs.

  • Kathryn

    Climb Mount Fuji, snail, but slowly, slowly. – from the Tao (and JD Salinger). Your words and food are always an inspiration.

  • Krista

    I didn’t know of your blog before Mikey’s death, and started to follow when so many bloggers were doing the peanut butter pie. I want you to know that your writing makes a difference to me, and makes me cherish my husband, and loved ones, all the more. I realize that this is not comfort for you, but I am grateful.
    I love Sur la Table. It is a danger zone for me. πŸ™‚

  • Jenny

    Thanks for sharing with us. I’d love to win a pasta maker. I’d think of you each time. πŸ˜‰

  • Gayle E

    Jennie – I found your site from another, linking peanut butter pie. Your posts touch me, remind me to never take things for granted, to slow down just a little, and I say a quick prayer for you, like we are friends; peace. Gayle.

  • Maggie

    Absolutely love your website, and all your recipes! Can’t wait for your book. Have never make fresh pasta, but look forward to giving it a try.

  • Anna Bee

    It’s very interesting how fresh pasta appears on many blogs I read now…or I pay more attention to those posts since I have had a pasta maker on my wishlist for years now but never really got to it since I have been making many other things at home myself. Jennie, you are very inspirational and I really like the way you share your memories and connect them with the present.

  • Yvette

    In day filled with must-dos, it’s easy to forget to take the time to slow down, be thankful for the people in your life, and give them some uninterrupted attention. Your words are a reminder of how powerful a dinner table can be for doing just that. Thank you for your posts, and I’m looking forward to your cookbook!

  • Kim Gross

    I always enjoy your posts … and pasta is something I’ve yet to try … but always imagine I will!

  • Michelle

    I have never made pasta in my life. But I think any self-respecting Italian should do so at least once. LOL So, it’s on my “bucket list.” Here’s crossing my fingers πŸ™‚

  • Erin Thruston

    I’ve never commented here before although I read every post…I’ve never really known what to say as I’m usually choking back tears. I admire the way you have carried on in the wake of such a profound loss and they way you continue to bring about one of the passions of your heart into your everyday life. There are hard days for you…just know there are so many people out here holding you in our thoughts and prayers. All the best to you and your girls.

  • Gina

    Your pasta looks so, so lovely. I tried once with not much success but want to try again. You inspire me. πŸ™‚

  • Susan Link

    Thanks again for continuing to post and inspire us through your grief. I see strength in you. Every recipe I have made of yours has been very good and enjoyed by my family. You are a trusted source of good food!

  • Christine

    I always look forward to reading your blog, even though I know it will make me cry. You are a beautiful writer and your recipes are awesome. Every time I read one of your posts, I appreciate my husband more. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you and your children. You are an inspiration- I wish you all the best and can’t wait for the cookbook.

  • Annika

    You are an inspiration for many who have gone through a similar loss. I find your posts even help me in my effort to say the “right” things to my friends who have recently lost loved ones. Thank you for sharing your story and your love of making pasta!

  • joanne nixon

    i am so happy to read your posts….you are an inspiration, jennie….good things will come your way…..

  • daf

    I used to have a pasta machine years ago and haven’t seen it for ages … I’ve been looking for it and haven’t been able to find it … so I’d love to win your giveaway so I can replace my missing (cheapo) pasta machine …

  • Merri B

    I’ve never made homemade pasta, but it’s on my “to try” list. Thank you for the opportunity. I totally get you turning your Atlas into a mantle piece and think it’s a great idea if you actually go through with it!

  • Alexis

    You are an inspiration. I have been reading your blog for quite some time, I love it, the receipes and your memories that you so openly share. Looking forward to the book!

  • Linda

    Minute by minute is a good way to think about it. Hour by hour or day by day can be way too long at certain points. Thinking of you and your family during this time. Thanks for sharing your love of food and your beautiful words.

  • Mary

    I know your lonley, but you are doing a great job. Can’t wait for the new cookbook it sounds amazing. Thanks for doing the give away, not sure you need one more thing on your plate. I would love a pasta maker, your pasta looks great! Mary in NY

  • Brittany

    Just found your blog and can’t stop reading. Sorry for your loss. Congrats on conquering pasta again.

  • Cath

    So happy to hear that you are looking forward but also remembering the wonderful past that you and Mikey had….
    I enjoy your posts so much and look forward to your cookbook…

  • Barbara Winemiller

    Jennifer, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years and have made many of your recipes. When you lost your husband I was so sorry for you but since I had never posted, I didn’t then either. I do want to say that you have such a beautiful way of writing and sharing your feelings that many times my heart has ached for you and I just wanted to reach out and give you a hug. I think you have been as brave and strong as anyone in your position could be. All I can say from the vantage point of several years is “Keep on keeping on.” The pain will never go away but eventually it will find a place that you can live with. I do enjoy your blog.

  • Karina J

    What a beautiful and moving post. Your words are so touching and hopefully your pasta brings joy back to you.

  • Laura

    I’ve never made homemade pasta, but would love to give it a try and your recipe is just what I need to do it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah

    Love this post. I’m hoping to nourish a relationship with fresh pasta soon myself. I started with your homemade manicotti recipe…and I can’t wait to move on to pasta like in this post!

  • Jess

    Homemade pasta is the best…it is the first meal my husband made for me back when we started dating in high school…amazing πŸ™‚

  • DamselflyDiary

    Jennie – the reality of your situation really only hit me yesterday after reading this post. I can’t imagine losing my best friend and biggest cheerleader. My hubby too is my safety net. Without him I fear I would be that weird hermit lady in the neighborhood because facing the world without him would seem daunting.
    You are so brave. I know you hear that all the time, but really you are. You are embracing this world and looking for joy where ever you can find it. You are out and about conquering all despite your sorrow and grief. That is bravery. Good for you!!

  • Lauren

    I would LOVE to have a pasta maker! i just tried to make Cavatelli and they came out so tough. I need to try pasta again! I NEED your book!!

  • Rocky Mountain Woman

    What a lovely giveaway! I’ve been missing my husband and son a little more than usual lately. Spring always makes me think of my son who was born in early April.
    Hang in there sweetie, there are ups and downs, but as long as you are moving forward all is well.
    Can’t wait for the cookbook!!!

  • Patti

    I have always wanted to make homemade pasta and you have inspired me in many ways other then pasta. Keep showing the world what a strong women is made of even when she is vunerable.

  • Katia Mc

    Thank you Jennie for sharing your story with us. Every time I read your blog I’m reminded to tell my loved ones how important they are. Keep writing. I can’t wait to read your book!

  • Brenda

    I have never made pasta, but would love to try…I love it!
    You are an amazing woman – I always look forward to your post.

  • Susan Pietrocarlo

    What a heartfelt post! Thank you so much for your blog. You are an amazing and talented writer as well as a recipe author. I so look forward to your book and your future posts.

  • Maureen

    How I miss homemade pasta. My first pasta machine was way back in the 70s-80s. I bought it because I read that James Beard said it was the best one – electric, only rolled and cut the dough into various size strips. It was a wonderful, easy to use machine. When it died I bought one of those kinds that mixed and extruded the dough but I could never get the right balance of water to flour – always too much water. I didn’t like the texture of the pasta either. Gave it away and always intended to get another machine that only rolled and cut but never got around to it. Two friends and I always made big pasta parties for college students we worked with. I made the pasta, another made the sauce and the third made the meatballs. The students graduated and our machines died. Time to bring back some pasta party traditions.

  • Christina

    I’ve always wanted to try making fresh pasta. I’m glad you’ve started making pasta again πŸ™‚

  • Karen Sue

    Jennie, My heart breaks every time I read your blog. Wish I could take your pain away! Have never made pasta before but would love to try it. Just give me pasta and bread – that’s all I need. I have even made a pasta sandwich!!

  • Candie LB

    I came upon your blog by accident but I am so glad I found it. I’ve never made homemade pasta but would like to give it a try!

  • jodi

    the only time I made pasta was in a cooking class in italy! I’d love to try it myself at home…

  • Leslie McStravick

    Alright, you’ve inspired me to give it a try. I’ve always been so intimidated by handmade pasta.

  • MeganSmiles

    I never made pasta before, but you have inspired me to try.
    Thank you for continuing to bring all of on your journey through life & being honest as to how difficult it is. My prayers are with you & your children.
    Looking forward to the cookbook. God Bless you.

  • KathyG

    Your post is truly encouraging – I look forward to trying my hand at it (whether or not I even have a chance in this contest). Thanks for sharing your life and insight with your readers. You touch our hearts.

  • mary jane dodd

    this bittersweet story pulls at my heart… i send warmth to yours –
    you are admired… and, oh, how you give your soul mate life… i hope you feel him everywhere…

  • J

    I was blog hopping when I stumbled upon your blog several days ago. I am touched by your story, Jennie. Stay strong.
    I am glad you went to making pasta again. I have never made fresh pasta myself, but you just inspired me to start!

  • Sheila

    Jennie, I keep turning to read your blog because somehow it soothes me. You have been so open with your feelings during this most horrible of times and I appreciate this. I love your recipes but mostly I love who you are and how you share your life. Thank you for this.

  • Liliane

    I love homemade pasta. I, too, use semolina flour and whole eggs. My pasta maker is at least 40 years old. I could certainly use a new one. My pasta maker no longer makes clean cuts with the roller!

  • Geri

    Pasta for someone of American Italian heritage is like real soul food – food for the soul. Thanks you for the reminder to feed my soul in every way. Peace.

  • Christine Johnson

    One of my fondest memories of culinary school was the day we made pasta! It was by far the best pasta I have ever had.

  • Kristin

    What a wonderful giveaway (and a very touching post)! I’ve always wanted to try making my own pasta, and this would be the perfect excuse.

  • Kim

    I look forward to your posts Jennie. It’s like reading a never-ending beautiful story. I think of you often and stop myself when the “small stuff” takes a hold of me. You and your girls are always in my prayers.

  • Angela

    Pasta from scratch is the best thing in the world, my favorite egg noodles with brown sugar and butter…hmmmmm
    i cant wait for your cook book to come out

  • Kim

    Each of the little steps you take are bittersweet to read. I cannot imagine your grief, but love that you let us share in your journey. Would love to make pasta. Although I never really thought of it before, you post made me want to try it then when I saw your giveaway at the end…

  • Sara

    I love making pasta, but I rarely do it because it is so time consuming. This might be just the ticket for me to get back at it!

  • Patti

    I love your blog, your stories, your heart. You’ve inspired me ot try my hand at creating pasta…thanks for the tips.

  • Mandy

    I made spinach pasta once by just rolling it out on the counter and cutting it with a knife. It was very tedious. I would actually love a pasta maker so I can make it again!

  • Katie

    I love reading your blog, I can’t even come close to relating to your experience but your strength is inspiring and gives me the courage to face my own obstacles, thank you.

  • kristina

    i remember pasta making parties with family when i was little. the kitchen would be filled with freshly cut pasta on hangers in every available space, yum! haven’t made pasta since those days…..

  • sarah g

    lovely story. you’re a beautiful, clear writer and an inspiration for us all to reach further each passing day.

  • Coach Laura

    I would love to win a pasta maker. Another Italian, I have made pasta in the distant past but no longer have a pasta maker…because I now have to have gluten free pasta. So winning a new one would be great and would give me an excuse to try to master gluten-free pasta!

  • Judi V

    Can’t wait to get your cookbook!! I have never heard of the trick of using room temperature eggs, I’m going to have to try that, will probably help with my frustration! Would love to win the pasta maker, would be so much fun to try with making my own! I think I was Italian in my former life . . . !

  • Megan

    Still working on perfecting home made pasta… but I’m not there yet. Slowly but surely πŸ™‚

  • Alice Paredes

    Heartfelt posts,recipes worth making and a great offer. What can I say, Thanks for sharing.

  • Jennifer

    I am constantly overwhelmed by your strength. You have no choice but to go on, but I can’t imagine what it takes to do so. I pray for you and your girls.

  • Joy Tholen

    You have inspired me more than you know. Since the weaving of the internet web and finding your site (right around the time your sweet husband died), I have been cooking up a storm because of your inspiration and tears. I try a new recipe weekly if not more and think and have shared strength and story often. Homemade pasta is one of those things I haven’t tackle but your pictures and story have inspired me once again.
    My prayers are for you to find peace and happiness. Good Luck

  • Kay Taylor

    My husband was our pasta maker. He loved home made noodles. I still have the pasta machine, but there are certainly things I could use from Sur La Table. I’ll also be anxiously waiting for the book.

  • Alexa

    loved the post – it as my husband who first encouraged me to make home made pasta as well. I give him a big hug after every one of your posts. Your writing is so often my reminder to squeeze every moment (sometimes literally). Looking forward to the book!

  • Amanda

    We just got a pasta maker or Chistmas and have not looked twice at the store stuff since. Your finshed dish looks so good – can’t wait for the book!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve never made fresh pasta. Maybe I’ll try that some day. Glad to hear you’re reconnecting a bit- and getting back another piece of things you enjoy doing πŸ™‚

  • Katherine

    your blog entries always take me to a quiet place in my heart. i’m glad you’re making pasta again. πŸ™‚

  • Rachel

    I am excited to read your book and attempting to create some of your wonderful dishes…especially pasta! Yum!

  • Alice

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I would love to try my hand at pasta making and make it a tradition with my family too.

  • eileen

    haven’t made pasta in forever and it was a totally handmade experience–not machines. the hand cranked machine i do have now is one i’ve had for years but use only for making sculpey things–mostly beautiful little angels. i do have an attachment for my kitchenaid, but it’s been lost somewhere since we remodelled the kitchen four years ago! always lovely to read your poignant posts. have a great day

  • Rony

    I have never written, but I lurk, week after week, watching your pain and struggle while peaking through barely spread fingers, your horror mirroring mine. I, too, grieve for those I have lost who will never return, and I read your emotional, bare posts with fat, silent tears dripping onto the duvet. I see your raw pain. I watch you struggle and begin heal, and I find my healing keeps time with yours….a comfort, one others cannot give unless they know. Thank you Jennie, for honesty and for sharing your life with us…..before and after.

  • Peggy

    I inherited an Atlas Pasta Maker from my husband’s grandfather. I’m not much of a cook, so a few years back I gave it to your friends, Michele and John. Michele’s Great-Grandpa Sam was from the old country, a baker by trade, and he made good use of that machine. He’d be pleased to know that she was using it now. I’m glad you’re hanging onto the old squeaky one. Your daughters will probably be very fond of cooking, having learned the skills, and inherited the passion, from their talented mommy, and I’m guessing, someday your daughters will be happy you have one for each of them that you used.

  • Becky

    I have never made homemade pasta, but would love to try! I love your blog and always look forward to your updates!

  • JulieH

    I have never tried to make pasta, always too intimidated but I may just try it after reading your post.

  • Chelsea Ross

    That pasta dish looks absolutely delicious! I’ve never made my own pasta before, it is one of those things that absolutely frightens me! However, you gave such good tips that I may have to try to do it soon! As always, you write the most lovely posts. I’ve cried over your writing many times…as well as been taken into your world where I could smell the scents in the kitchen, hear the soft boil in a pot, and see your daughters running around…..and it’s lovely. Your writing is what really brings me back to your blog. I cannot wait for your cookbook!

  • SB

    I have *never* made fresh pasta! Your blog post makes it sound so simple, so maybe that will be the next thing I get for my kitchen, in hopes that it will create some fun family memories. Thinking of you!

  • Kate

    I’m currently in the tears spilled over ruined pasta years… and my gnocchi always fall apart… I’ll keep trying!
    Love to read you thoughts and recipes.

  • Angie T

    I love your writing style. You blend your life into words harmoniously. I’ve made a pie for Mikey, and I’d love to make some pasta for him too…

  • Kathryn Barton

    This post brought back great memories. My German grandmother made her own pasta daily. I can almost hear the percolator and smell the coffee. Good luck on your book.

  • Julia

    I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan but I recently found your blog through a link on pinterest. I have sat here, thousands of miles from home, crying, laughing and smiling at your various posts. This post however, inspired me like no other. When I get home from this deployment, I am going to buy a pasta maker and I am determined to master making fresh pasta. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the motivation and inspiration. I am looking forward to purchasing your cookbook as well.

  • Susan Krabacher

    Hi Jennie, You have made me cry and have made me laugh. I wish you peace, happiness and eternal JOY! You are an inspiration.

  • Meredith M.

    I’m so excited about your cookbook! And I’m so happy that you are making pasta again.

  • Nicole PM

    Your description of Mikey’s support of you made my heart swell. I think I’d put the old pasta maker on the mantle, too πŸ™‚

  • Joey

    You are and have a beautiful spirit. Life for you will likely not be “normal”, it will be different. Embrace it as best you can. Thank you for the beautiful posts.

  • Julia

    I’ve always wanted to learn and make my own pasta. Although if I win I might just have to send my prize to the woman who guided me to this post. She probably needs it more than I.

  • Amanda O.

    Stumbled upon your blog a couple days after your husband’s passing and have been hooked ever since. I feel as if I know you and your family from your posts. Thanks for the inspiration and for having the strength to share it with the world.

  • Maryanne

    I’ve never made fresh pasta, but now I’m motivated to give it a try, can’t wait for your cookbook!

  • Bethany

    Oh Jennie…thank you for sharing this with us. It would be wonderful for me to win a pasta maker, but I’m mostly just happy that you’re blogging.

  • Annabel

    Jennie, I can’t wait to try out your pasta recipe. I’ve tried making fresh pasta by hand so many times, but rolling it out and cutting it by hand isn’t exactly easy. Would love something to replace my rolling pin.

  • Laura Garcia

    Jennie, thank you for your inspiring stories and wonderful memories. Looking forward to your new cookbook!

  • Laina Lamb

    I’ve always wanted to try to make pasta, what a special way to begin. Best of Luck with the cookbook.

  • Brenna

    Lovely post. And thanks for the pasta dough tips; I just might need some fresh pasta in my immediate future.

  • Chris

    I have been following your blog for some time now and am happy to see that you’re getting back to making something you love. Pasta is next on my list of things to make. Hard to believe that I made it through culinary school without making it.

  • Sam

    I am always so inspired by your posts, Jennie, and reminded to cherish every moment with my husband. Cooking time in our house is spent side-by-side in the kitchen, with him taking the lead and me in the role of sous chef. I can see a pasta maker bringing much joy and new memories to our lives, and we would think of you and Mikey every time we use it. Your generosity, in words and action, are so valued!

  • Lindsay

    I’m completely intimidated by homemade pasta but would love to give it a go. Your posts are inspiring as I stand with a friend navigating the road of loss with you. Thank you for your sharing.

  • Kay

    So glad you keep moving forward a little every week for yourself and your girls…you are an inspiration and I love all your recipes. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great gift that has special meaning in your life!

  • Jennifer D

    The pasta looks amazing – thanks, as always, for sharing with us! Still sending you happy thoughts.

  • Teresa

    Making pasta together is definitely a family tradition here, and like you I had never done it until I met my husband. I’m glad to hear that you’re kneading, resting and rolling the dough again.

  • Tanya

    I love this post. I have attempted homemade pasta a couple of times but I don’t have a pasta maker. I just roll it out and cut it into ribbons with a knife. I would love to have a pasta maker! I have been reading your blog for about a year now. Thanks for being so open and honest with your feelings, you are an inspiration πŸ™‚

  • Amanda

    I tried making pasta once without a pasta maker and I was too scared to boil it so I ended up baking it instead. I would say that a pasta maker is a necessary expense. Can’t wait for your book!

  • Lori Melius

    Thanks Jennie, that was very inspirational. It has been a couple of years since I’ve made my own pasta and I’m thinking it’s about time I dug out the machine. My grandchildren would love it!

  • Lynn Cruz

    What a lovely soul you have, like fresh pasta tender yet strong. Bless you and your girls. Your pasta looks heavenly!

  • Joan C.

    What a lovely post – and appreciate the tips on making pasta…I have yet to do it well. πŸ™‚

  • MCDabby

    Reading your blog has given me reason to feel grateful each day for the small things in life. Thank you for sharing. Fingers crossed I win the pasta maker. I’ve been saving since I went gluten free to replace the one irrevocably contaminated by wheat flour.

  • ashley

    I’ve attempted fresh pasta without a pasta maker and never again!
    love reading your blog. It always reminds me how we should all cherish the time we have with the people that we love.

  • Editdebs

    I have a pasta machine I’ve never cracked out of the box. You may have inspired me to open and try making it.

  • jenn

    I have been a lurker on your blog for a very long time. I am constantly awed by your strength and grace in moments where it would seem as if it should be impossible to find either.
    The courage it gives me in facing similar struggles means more than I could ever say to you. Thank you for continuing to write and to share.

  • Courtney

    I have never thought about trying to make pasta before, but you have inspired me. Guess I’ll have to wait for your cookbook to come out for the best recipe!

  • Beth

    I follow your blog and am always happy when I see a new post. My sister is a widow also so I can relate through her eyes. I would like the pasta maker but I’m really writing because of you!

  • Joanna Hyatt

    I can’t wait to read the recipe when it comes out! When I try to make home-made linguine, the noodles end up clumping together. Not nearly as beautiful as that picture!

  • Andrea Merrigan

    I have been a silent follower of your blog for several months. I love reading your posts and they usually bring me to tears. I have tried making pasta one….simple recipe for noodles I put in chicken noodle soup. I would love to have a new gadget to roll out noodles!

  • Tammy H

    I can’t wait to read the recipes in your new book. I also really like the idea of the semolina. Glad to see your making pasta again.

  • Lisa

    I love your recipes and am so looking forward to your book. I’ve never tried to make my own pasta due to the lack of pasta maker.

  • Mikki

    a wonderfully written post. I adore coming to read your blog and i am looking forward to buying the book. I’ve always wanted to make pasta so a pasta maker would be amazing!

  • Dan

    I started following you a day or two before your husband passed, and every time you talk about him I cry like a baby. Like Wylie, I’m glad you’re making pasta again, and I am more glad that you’re still putting one foot in front of another. You’re a lot stronger than I am.

  • Christy

    Making homemade pasta has been on my new thing to try list for 2012, this would be a great push to do it.

  • Christina

    I have just begun my cooking adventures in the past year and a half. My husband’s favorite dinners always include pasta. Even though pasta isn’t my favorite (Don’t tell my 100% Italian Grandma!), I love watching my husband eat the pasta dishes I cook. It’s one of the only foods I can get a really satisfied “mmmmmm” out of. I would love to try my hand at making fresh, homemade pasta.

  • Melanie

    I’ve never really thought of pasta as being pretty… but your picture of it looks so perfect! I am very much looking forward to your book.

  • Susan N

    My one attempt at making homemade pasta was a disaster! Would love to be able to try it again. Love the honesty of your website.

  • Laura

    Love your blog and feel for you. I am going through a difficult time. My loss is very different from yours, but I too am lonely. I am divorcing my husband and have to say goodbye to the dreams I had of a future together. I can’t change him, but I can start over. The starting over part is how I relate to what you are going through. I found your blog due to my love of cooking and have always wanted to try making pasta.

  • Susie

    This would be a great something to win – and a reminder of this beautiful post every time I used it.

  • sarah

    You’re an inspiration to me, Jennie. I’ve been reading since the peanut butter pie post. You “lost” your biggest cheerleader, but you gained thousands of supporters and more love than you’ll ever know. Keep on keeping on. I’ve never made pasta but whoa — the dishes I would try if I did!!

  • Sarah Egeland

    Oh Jennie! What a lovely post. I would love to win the pasta maker, but most importantly you remind me every day to make the most out of life, happiness, love, and food. We are connected to those memories more than anything in life. Thank you.

  • Michelle

    I’ve never made homemade pasta before but I’d love to try. Thank you for sharing your life with us and happy pasta making πŸ™‚

  • Claire

    Making pasta is one of my goals for the year. If I win a pasta maker, the first thing I’ll try is that pasta in your cookbook. It looks delicious.

  • Carol

    Can’t wait for your cookbook to come out. That pasta looks delicious. I have never tried to make homemade pasta so I would love to win a pasta maker to give it a try!

  • Loretta

    I eagerly await your new posts as well as your cookbook. All the best to you and your family.

  • Liz K

    Sharing your journey is a gift in more ways than you can know. Sharing the journey with amazing food, well, that just makes the road trip more enjoyable. Thank you.

  • Sara

    I’ve always wanted to try making my own pasta. I’m not sure I’ve ever even eaten homemade pasta! I definitely need to soon.

  • Anna

    I read every one of your posts. You have made me a stronger person with each one. Thanks for your inspiration.

  • Breann

    For so long I’ve wanted to make fresh pasta but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Your husband inspired you to start making fresh pasta. You have inspired me. Thank you.

  • Fran

    Jennie, I can’t even imagine what you are going through, I have been with my soul mate for 42 years and can’t imagine a life without him. The more I read your posts about your life without Mickey the more yor guide me to show my husband how much I love my husband everyday. Thank You.

  • Pamela

    Yummy…I have never made homemade pasta but you have inspired me to try. I can’t wait for your book and to try this recipe, thank you!

  • Tim

    Beautiful story. One of my first dates with the woman who is now my wife was making pasta together in the commercial kitchen of a ski lodge after hours. She had cut short her Christmas vacation with her family on the whimsy of my invitation. The rest, as they say, is history.

  • Pam Mahn

    So looking forward to your pasta recipe . I hope you’re finding comfort in the pasta and going back to the beginning. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. πŸ™‚

  • jenny

    I’ve owned a pasta maker for probably 10 of my 16 years of marriage- I still haven’t used it- it’s probably time…

  • Shannon S. in VA

    What a beautiful post. I would love to learn how to make pasta and so would my kids! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Cathe Tuttle

    I too would love a pasta maker, been making noodles by hand but always with differing results. Love your blog.

  • Catherine Cook

    Your words touch me everytime I read them. I have never made fresh pasta but I love how it tastes when I have the pleasure of eating it πŸ™‚

  • Lisa

    Your writing is beautiful and every post brings a tear to my eye, in a very inspirational way. A pasta make would be wonderful, but I just commented to let you know I look forward to each new post.

  • Elizabeth Overbeck

    I’ve never made homemade pasta before so winning this would push me to try. Love your blog Jennie, you truly have a gift for writing πŸ™‚

  • Kim

    I’ve been wanting to try making pasta for a while now but didn’t want to invest in a machine until I knew that a could succeed.

  • Patricia

    Thank you for sharing your love of homemade pasta as well as your enduring memories of the love of your life.

  • Lauren

    Your posts are always so beautifully written and thoughtful. I’ve experimented with my parents’ pasta maker a few times but would love one of my own to use at my leisure.

  • Eileen

    I was on Day 387 the day Mikey died. My daughter had been following you and told me to check it out if I had the strength. Been following faithfully since. She said I should comment so here I am. My Rob died in his 50s (57) and also of a rare, rare monster of a disease, primary amyloidosis….. its even hard to say. You are a marvel! We carry on for these children of ours and eventually for ourselves. I wish you weren’t part of this sisterhood and I could kick you out of the club, but that’s not possible. So I’ll just thank you for the beautiful food and tell you I am proud of you.

  • Katie J

    I’ve been wanting a pasta maker for a while. I cannot wait to perfect pasta making like you have.

  • Cindy

    Jennie- I am healing with you while reading your posts. I too lost the love of my life unexpectantly. I’ve been unable to shop in the same grocery stores or cook like I used to. Nothing is the same. I promise to make pasta if I were to be lucky enough to win this. Thinking of you.

  • dru davis

    I can understand your journey you are going thru as I have, at 58, been twice widowed. Not an easy thing with 4 children as well. Love to you and keep up the good work with your cooking. Blessings to you and your family….

  • Michele

    Your heartfelt words are always such an inspiration to me. I have always wanted to make homemade pasta – this would be a great way to get started! Can’t wait for the cookbook!

  • rachel

    I love reading your blog. My daughter died 5 years ago and while every loss is different I can relate to many of the experiences you have expressed here. I too have many cooking memories intertwined with her. Cooking certain things, or even particular ingredients, used to be very hard at first – now they bring me pleasure and a closeness to her. Thank you for sharing a bit of your experience – with grief, with food, with Mikey – with your readers here. And thank you for this generous give-away, too! πŸ™‚

  • Sue Boyle

    Jenni, I lost my brother on March 6th. I was taking care of him when he died, and I’m finding myself in a “no man’s land” of emotions… hard on everyone, but my parents are devastated, and my nephew, Nick, who is 14, is now without a parent at a critical time in his life. His mom died two years ago of cancer. I’ve never made pasta, but have enjoyed making recipes for friends and I’d enjoy having some over to try a new pasta maker… once the fog lifts a bit…

  • Marisa

    I’ve made pasta once but rolled in by hand, meaning with a rolling pin. It was a ton of work but it turned out amazing, albeit a bit thick.

  • Deanna

    Excited for the cookbook. Your blog inspires me every day.