crispy chewy walnut cookies

The weather in NYC has been abysmal the last few weeks. Not good for someone who often jokes she operates on solar energy. When I woke up to sunshine streaming in through the crack in the curtains I knew it would be a farmers’ market day. Wednesdays and Saturdays are my favorites for going to Union Square because it’s bursting with the most farm stands.

I had no business going today with my manuscript due the end of next week, but it’s where my heart needed to be. Eating is a common way to cope with deep sadness, but whenever I feel out of sorts I find more comfort in ingredients. As I crossed over Union Square West and found myself in the center of the market, I began sprinting, scanning stands to see what I wanted. Then I stopped and realized it was the equivalent to gobbling my food up too fast.

After the dreary weather, this time at the market needed to be savored. It needed to nourish my mind so I could get back to the real work at hand, which at this moment is finishing the last of the recipe development and writing headnotes. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and slowed down my pace. After collecting my bounty, I headed to the subway.

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