Crispy Roasted Tofu

Crispy Roasted Tofu | In Jennie's Kitchen

I love tofu. Those are words I would’ve never imagined saying 20 years ago. Two decades later, though, and figuring out how to best use this plant-based protein, things are different. I find myself making a batch of this Crispy Roasted Tofu at least once a week, and while the intention is always to add it into a salad or stir-fry, it’s also an addictive snack.

Many recipes call for a lower roasting temperature, but the real secret to making amazing crispy tofu without frying it, is to give it a blast of heat. The center of the cubes dries out, while the exterior crisps up perfectly.

I’ll admit to not always sticking to a recipe as I’m sharing here today. Sometimes I just wing it, throw the tofu on a lined baking sheet, give a few shakes of soy sauce, some sesame oil, salt, and pop it in the oven. You should improvise, too. Toss it in your favorite salad dressing instead, and use this high-heat roasting method.

Be mindful that some brands of parchment can’t handle this high temperature, and while none have gone on fire (thank heavens!), the edges have singed a bit. For that reason, you might want to use foil instead (just be sure to coat the foil with a bit of oil first).

Crispy Roasted Tofu | In Jennie's Kitchen

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  • monica

    This looks great! I love baked tofu and am always looking for the perfect way to do it. Have never marinated overnight – looking forward to trying this – a guessing you meant 1/4 CUP of soy sauce?