hummus, four ways

Last week someone posted news of last year’s hummus recall from the popular brand Sabra’s. It also brought judgment from every food blogger about how hummus is the easiest thing to make, and why would you ever buy the stuff. Guess what? I buy Sabra. My kids love it, and I do, too. I immediately dumped the unopened container in my fridge out, figuring better to be safe. Of course, had I paid better attention to the date of the article she shared, I would’ve realized it was a recall from last August. 

But that’s not the point. Here’s the thing (imagine Alec Baldwin’s voice here). Why do people think it’s okay pass judgement on someone else’s choices? Ironically, some of the folks I noticed commenting in such a fashion are rather liberal, and ardent supporters of equal rights for all. Does that not apply to food choices, too? Sabra hummus is one of those brands I felt comfortable buying because all the ingredients were familiar, ones I could pronounce, and often used in my own cooking. It’s an easy enough snack for the kids, my seven year old included, to gather on their own. I take pride watching Virginia grab the container from the fridge, pull out some crackers, and fix herself a snack plate while I’m busy doing chores around the house. Sure I’d prefer it were the homemade stuff but that isn’t always the reality juggling life on my own with two kids (my picky palates prefer homemade hummus when I cook the beans from scratch vs. using canned). I could’ve easily kept this to myself, so I’m not trying to justify it, or make myself feel better. I’m sharing because I hope we can all remember to be respectful of the choices others make. We’re all trying to live our best lives, and that translates differently based on the myriad of things we juggle on a daily basis.

And for those who are seeking some great hummus recipes, here are four I’ve shared in the past. Let’s all work at putting more positive energy into the world. Also, if you need some Super Bowl Sunday menu ideas, don’t forget about these recipes (the fried chicken is a personal favorite!). -JP

2/4/2016: this post has been update to reflect that the recall was last year, and not this year.

Creamy Homemade Hummus

Zucchini Parmesan Hummus

White Bean Hummus

Mango Hummus

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  • Peggy Gilbey McMackin

    Amen to that! Even folks who make most things homemade have some items they purchase. Sabra is terrific product, I think. Agreed that folks should choose foods they like, and that fit within the schedule of their needs and their own families.

  • Lauren | The Oatmeal Artist

    Thank you for saying this. I’ve tried making it at home, but I didn’t like the flavor or texture. I much prefer the flavor and creaminess of storebought. That type of judgment and mentality is exactly the kind of rhetoric that fuels “fear foods” in eating disorders.

  • Jessica

    I’m totally on board with the sentiment here. But, am I correct that this recall was almost a year ago? Is there a new recall I ought to be concerned about? Thanks!

  • Wendy

    Your creamy homemade hummus is my favorite hummus ever. That being said, cooking from dry beans and taking all the skins off took forever and the hummus was so good, it was gone so fast! It’s impossible as a working mom to make everything homemade (at least for me) so you have to pick and choose what is best for your family. It’s unfortunate how judgy people have become.

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Yes, you are correct Jessica! I should clarify that. It was an old post someone shared just a few days on Facebook, with a note that said “people, hummus is the easiest thing to make! Got my feathers so ruffled that I thought it was worth writing about.

  • Tina

    My issue with Sabras is the GMOs, but if that doesn’t bother you …. eat on.
    epsiCo, acquired a 50% share of Sabra in March 2008. Since then, strategic marketing campaigns have boasted Sabra’s image as a healthy alternative to other snack dips. While Sabra states it is dedicated to the people, places and environment that contributes to its product, its parent company, PepsiCo, is one of the largest supporters of the anti-GMO labeling movement, fighting consumer’s right to know. Why is that? Sabra hummus is one of the many PepsiCo products laden with GMOs. So much for being a healthy alternative. Sabra is just like 70% of all the other processed foods in the grocery store, stuffed full of GMOs.

  • Emily

    I’ve often found those who claim they are liberal and “tolerant” to be those most judgemental and least tolerant of those who disagree with them. Interesting.

  • Lisa

    Well put. I buy Sabra AND I make mine at home too. (I’ve also been known to buy Sahadi’s from time to time). I didn’t realize there was such a negative reaction online though. (Jeesh)
    The zucchini parmesan hummus sounds delicious!