Happy Father’s Day, my love

In Jennie's Kitchen

life has been hard without you,

and yet infinitely better for ever having known you.

you taught me what it meant to truly love,

and be loved.

fatherhood fit you so perfectly,

the little black dress of your life.

you wore it so effortlessly

so beautifully, and passionately.

now the memories live in the attic of my mind,

boxes carefully unpacked every day,

sharing stories of who you were

so they know the person who’s love

strength, and devotion

will carry them,

live with them

in all they do,

and become.


A portion of this month’s contributions has been donated to Al Otro Lado, honoring the life of a beautiful husband, friend, and father to help support keeping families together, regardless of their nationality and immigration status. Love is love, is love. It knows no borders or boundaries. Should you want to make a donation, this article has a good listing of resources to help you make a decision. 






  • Tricia Ann

    Beautifully said! Your girls are so lucky to have you tell them about their Dad in the way you write! Love to you all xoxo

  • Jennifer

    I have been reading your blog for a few years now; and you write with such love, integrity, and eloquence. I have not only learned from you how to make homemade delicious food, but also, I have learned that in life there will be tragedy and we can close ourselves off to the world, or continue to share with genuine honesty. Thank you for chising to share.