Thankful Thursdays {07.14.2016}

I’m getting ready to load in the car, and drive back to Maryland, like any minute now. I love the new project I’m working on, mainly because I believe in the founder, and her product. Still, I can’t wait to settle down come the last week of July. In the meantime, I’m cheating a bit here, and writing my Thankful Thursdays post a couple of days early.

I so want to do a formal write up of my favorite Montreal spots. I’ll get to that, soon. I promise. Hopefully by next week. In the meantime, I wanted to take you on a walk with me through Marché Jean Talon. It’s one of the open air markets in Montreal, located in Petite Italie, where I love to stay. Strolling through this market every morning made me happier than words can explain. The energy seeps in through the windows of the apartment we rented, as the market awakens in the early morning hours. Vendors setting up shop, shoppers trickling in.

The farmers’ markets in NYC were such an integral part of my life when I lived there. I would rise early on Saturdays to go to the one at Grand Army Plaza, arriving just before 8:00am, the official opening time. It’s truly the early bird that gets the best pick of what’s in season. I’d then often hit another market or two during the week in the city, or at Borough Hall in Brooklyn. I miss these routines deeply, and still haven’t adjusted to life dictated by four wheels instead of my own two feet.

So, here you go, folks. A peek inside one of my favorite things to do in Montreal. More soon. -xo Jennie