gingerbread cake {a one bowl recipe}

I know, I go silent for almost a month, and then share three recipes in four days. This is the upside to my cold. All of the little projects I’ve been meaning to do, the bills I’ve planning to pay, life is what I think we call it—I suddenly find there’s time to get things done when I’m relegated to the sofa, trying to get better. Actually, the sofa has just become my temporary workspace. Too tired to walk up and down the stairs, and not willing to put my cooking habits on hold, my laptop has found a permanent place in the living room, just about 20 paces from the kitchen counter.

I can’t seem to sit still, let alone nap during the day. My lack of voice is the main culprit responsible for my house arrest, forcing me to cancel all meetings for a few days. My hands work fine, though, and they’ve been busying making stock, chicken soup, this incredible cabbage dish, gingersnaps, and a gingerbread cake.

Easy, One Bowl Gingerbread Cake recipe at

These gingerbread muffins I make during the holidays were on my mind a few days ago. One thought led to another, and I decided to try and make a one bowl gingerbread cake (should it just be called gingerbread?). I’m talking about a truly one bowl recipe, where you essentially dump ingredients in stages, mixing in between. No whisking the flour and spices separately. There was a bit of blind faith as I added in everything; I wondered if the flavors would blend together thoroughly. My fears were squelched with the first bite.

And so, my gift to you is a super easy, really one bowl recipe for gingerbread—or should it be called  gingerbread cake? Perhaps I should eat one more slice to try and decide.

This recipe is now part of my new site, Simmering. It can be found by searching the archives here.