Market Treasures: Ground Cherry Tomatoes

Hidden inside a papery husk and no bigger than my thumbnail, these ground cherry tomatoes have a delicate pineapple flavor. I first tasted them almost ten years ago at the Union Square Greenmarket. I had the chance to introduce this old friend to my kids at the Grand Army Plaza Market in Brooklyn this past weekend. My 6 year old who could care less about tomatoes, popped one from its husk and loved it. They're expensive at $4 a half pint but the taste is so unique and season is so fleeting, it's worth the splurge. You can add them to salads, skewer on toothpicks with bocconcini and fresh basil leaves, or just eat them as-is. And if you're a gardener, seeds are available from Trade Winds Fruit.

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  • Jennifer Perillo

    Maggie – you should definitely pick up a container to taste. It’s a real treat.
    Delora – Please post a link in the comments if you have a post with that recipe. Ground cherry tomato jam sounds quite nice!

  • Lisa Teiger -

    My british chef hubbie calls these “cape gooseberries” they are delicious, especially from the farmers markets here in NYC, although occasionally you find them year round in Chelsea Market at Manhattan Produce.
    We love to use them on fruit platters by pulling back the husk but not disconnecting and dipping the gorgeous fruit into dark chocolate – pretty look – fabulous taste with a built in “handle”