Apricot & Lemon Thyme Soda

A short but sweet post, as this soda needs hardly any explanation. Spill a little (or a lot) of this syrup into an ice filled glass of seltzer, give it a stir, and you’ll soon be sipping a quite refreshing homemade Apricot & Lemon Thyme Soda.

One trick to making homemade sodas I learned a few years ago. I always start by adding seltzer to the glass first. It seem a little contrary (or maybe it doesn’t?), but by adding the syrup afterwards, I find the soda doesn’t get a foamy top, which I don’t much appreciate (perhaps you do?). I’ve been enjoying this as-is, but feel free to add a splash of gin, vodka, or even Lillet if you like.

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Apricot & Lemon Thyme Soda


  • Apricot & Lemon Thyme Syrup recipe here
  • Freshly opened bottle of selzter


  • Combine as much syrup as you like, with a glass of seltzer. Stir to mix well. Serve over ice.