Going, Going, Gone | Best Cherry Recipes

I shouldn’t even be here right now. I mean this seriously. While I click away at my keyboard, the stakes are high. Will the cherries still be there when I get to the farmstand? Do they even have cherries left, or did the season sneak away as quickly as it appeared? These are the kind of things that keep up at night.

We had a late spring frost here in the Hudson Valley. Sadly that means my favorite farm lost all of their apricots, another crop which my feeble mind can’t remember, and we were warned that cherry season would be a short one. And forget about sour cherries. They lost 80% of their crop, so it’s going to be the early bird that catches those sour cherries this season.

I use my early morning hours to work before the kids wake up, so who knows what this late start to the farm stand will yield. Will you all say a little cherry prayer for me, or do a crazy cherry dance in hopes there are still some left for lil’ ol’ me? It’s going to be the pits if I miss out. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t resist that…

Don’t let my cherries woes worry you, though, and definitely don’t let them stop you from enjoying one of these cherry recipes. Here are some of my favorites from over the years here at In Jennie’s Kitchen. I’d hard pressed to choose just one, all-time favorite, so rest assured that they’re all winners in my book.

Best Cherry Recipes | In Jennie's Kitchen

A delicious haul from Montgomery Place Orchards near Red Hook, NY. | In Jennie’s Kitchen

How to Freezer Preserve Cherries

Cherry Conserves

Sweet Cherry Hand Pies

Cherry Lime Biscuit Muffins

Cherry Slushies

Sour Cherry Jam

Cherry Lime Basil Soda


  • Debra

    At our Farmer’s Market today in Albany, NY on the Empire State Plaza we had tart, sour, and sweet cherries. Yay for cherries!

  • Jennie

    OMG. I’m headed to Montreal in the morning. Would it be totally crazy to schlep them to Canada with me?

  • Deena

    I’ve been getting into making popsicles. I’m gonna riff on your recipe for Cherry Lime Basil Soda and add yogurt and take out the soda. Yay!

  • Carol

    I have a question about Cherry Hand Pies. You said the recipe makes 16 pies? I got 6. Also the dough seemed wet using only 4 T of water. Not sure I added enough flour. I don’t have a scale so I added 1 c of flour to equal 8 oz which didn’t seem to be enough. I love your blog and recipes and am perplexed by this one. Thanks

  • Jennie

    Hi Carol,

    1 cup of flour equals anywhere from 125 to 150 grams, depending on how you measure it. 8 ounces of flour equals 224 grams, so that might explain the wet dough. Did you use a 5-inch cutter as noted in the recipe? If you used a larger, and had a wetter dough, that could explain the lower yield. These are meant to be two-bite pies, not larger hand pies. Hope that helps.