thankful thursdays 02.25.2016

This is one of those Thursdays where I’m not sure I have anything particularly special to share. I suppose that’s the point of these weekly posts, in a way. They keep me in check, reinforce that thankfulness comes in all sizes, no sentiment too small to evoke a feeling of being grateful.

We had an uneventful week, and that is fine with me. Last week I was out of sorts; the construction in my apartment building rocking me to my core. It left me feeling mentally drained, in spite of having a pretty productive workweek. I decided to dust off an old project, one that lay in my laptop for two years now. I dedicated a good deal of my time to it last week, and am really excited about it. I’ll share more on that as it takes a more definite shape in terms of readiness.

The big event in our house this week my little one losing her top front tooth. This wasn’t her first tooth to go, but something about those bigger ones, front and center, that make me nostalgic for the baby she used to be. Now her smile has this little gap, and once it closes, another tiny chapter of childhood goes into the memory books. She decided to write a note asking the Tooth Fairy if she could please keep her tooth (as she does with all of her baby teeth). What really struck me was that she also made the Tooth Fairy a little gift, a fairy friend crafted from sparkly paper and a toothpick. Virginia said, “the Tooth Fairy gives everyone gifts for their teeth, but I bet no one thinks to leave her a gift in return”.

Thankful Thursdays 02.25.2016 |

Now, I’m sure this isn’t true, but still, it made me quite proud. This little girl tries my patience a lot (I mean a lot). Little acts of kindness like this help remind me that deep down there’s a sweet person growing who understands the value of being thankful and kind. Tucked away in my journal, an old one, hidden in my file cabinet, is a little fairy friend to remind me that even in the toughest times of being a single parent, there were bright spots, moments that made it all worthwhile.