monday, monday

I realize the general consensus regarding Mondays is that they’re an unwelcome event. I prefer to see them as a wipe the slate clean kind of day; a new beginning, of sorts. Way back when, Mondays used to be mommy and me day. Virginia was still a wee one, and only went to daycare four days a week. I’d wake, go for a run, come home, cook breakfast, pack lunch, and then gently wake the rest of the house to start the day. Once he left with Bella for school, Virginia and I would cuddle on the sofa with poached eggs and toast, watching Sesame Street.

Then it all changed so suddenly, and it took me a while to find my footing. In the beginning, it was a matter of survival. Each Monday was a reminder that I’d gotten through another week. I feel like you should get a grief badge for each one, the way they give chips at AA meetings. As time passed, Mondays morphed into a day of relief. Single parenting seems relentless on the weekends. It’s one long 48 hour shift without a break.

Mondays are very different now.  It’s not the kind of change that can be compared. Much of grief, in terms of starting a new relationship, is the necessity to compartmentalize things a bit. That was then, and this is now. On this Monday, though, I feel hopeful. I have a lot on my mind these days, but I also feel incredibly happy, and for that I’m very thankful. So, I don’t take Mondays for granted. Or any other day of the week, for that matter.

A little housekeeping that is taking up mental space, and I think good news for all of you. I’m working on the April newsletter. I know, it’s been a while—you can sign up here, so you don’t miss it. And in case you’re wondering, yes, there will be a new issue of Simple Scratch Cooking, too. There will be a limited number of print copies available for annual subscribers only, and a digital version at a lesser cost. You can pre-order print subscriptions here. Orders placed by April 3rd are eligible for a 10% discount (use code ANNUAL10). I’m still working out the delivery specifics for the digital issue, and will post a link to order when it’s all hashed out.

That’s it for now lads and lassies.


Music Pairing: The Happy Mondays by The Innocence Mission



  • Kathy H.

    Hi Jennie! Just curious to the pre order for Simple Scratch Cooking – the price is $59.00. Looks like that is a preorder to order the next 4 issues. Do you have a link to order just the next issue? (not digital). Thanks!

  • Rita

    Just confused about choosing the shipping as I don’t want to make the same mistake as last time. I want the print copies but there is choice of flat rate – flat rate magazine only and digital? I am confused…..which do I choose? Also when I apply the discount code it doesn’t show a price deduction?

  • Tracey A.

    Good Morning Jennie,
    I am happy to hear all about you and your progression. It brings a smile to my face.
    I have always loved your recipes, your tips and your trials and tribulations.
    Kudos to you!
    I have to go run too, starting my day with the Baking of Lemon Brownies.(Baking should always be capitalized, don’t you think?) and a quick run to get the endorphins moving!
    Tracey A

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Let me look into this Rita. I know a few people have already used the discount code, and it’s worked fine for them.

  • Laura D

    Thanks for bringing this up, Rita!!! And Thank you Jennie for looking into this.. I want to make sure I’m choosing the correct shipping method as well..

    If I’m purchasing the PRINT copies.. would I choose Magazine only shipping?

  • Nancy

    Jennie, I have walked in your shoes twice in my life…the first time I was 28…the second loss came when I was 38. Now I am 70….I never had the courage to try it again…I just didn’t feel I would be able to live through a third time, if it were to happen. It had taken all my energy to continue working as a nurse and raise my daughter, who had also suffered the losses with me. I feel so thankful now to have a wonderful healthy daughter and a grandson I love so dearly. What I want to tell you is that I’m so happy you are open and finding love again….I admire your strength. Go out there …go after life and happiness….it will be worth it, no matter what. (I have followed you for years now…I love to cook even though often it’s just for myself…I find great pleasure in trying new recipes.) Thanks for writing this blog!

  • Jennifer Perillo


    Thank you for sharing such a kind note. I will admit one of the most challenging things about being in love again is know that one of us has to leave this story before the other. I’ve joked with my guy that I get to go first this time, and feel truly blessed that he understands where I’m coming from with my “widow humor” as I call it.


  • Glenda

    Love your blog and recipes. My dad passed when I was 13 and my parents had been married 28 yrs. She never remarried or fell in love again. As a teenager, it didn’t matter to me. I was glad I wasn’t getting a step-dad so to say. When I became an adult it broke my heart to know that she didn’t fall in love again. She wasn’t open to it. I would often tease her “don’t you want a companion” and she’d always say “I’m good alone” 28 yrs later (as a widow) she passed in 2004. Now I can only think that she’s back with my dad happily ever after 🙂 I’ve been following since Mike’s Pie went viral and I’m soooo happy that you have found love again. I hope you enjoy every minute of every day you get to spend with your girls and your new guy! xx

  • Brandi

    Imagine my surprise to open an article on Yahoo this morning and it was written by you! It made me check your blog and I was so happy to find a new post. The discount code worked for me and I am so happy you decided to continue the print edition. I look forward to receiving it! I no longer buy food magazines but this one I know I will savor and treasure. Your happiness makes me happy! Now I am off to play tennis in 35 degree weather, in South Carolina. Ugh!

  • Laura D

    Rita, if you see this:

    I looked back in previous emails and saw that I had chosen flat rate magazine only shipping.. It should be listed as $0 for shipping.

    DO NOT select the one that says $10!!!

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Just one note for this. If I remember correctly, I think Rita is a Canadian reader of IJK. If so, there are international shipping charges. It costs double the amount to ship to CA, and I’m still not passing that full cost on with the shipping charge of $10 for the annual subscription. Thanks for chiming in to help Laura!

  • Rita

    Thank you Laura D for your help! I am now thinking about ordering the digital editions. Jennie is correct I am a Canadian resident and the cost comes to about $90 with the exchange etc. So I will wait until the digital version can be preordered.