french toast waffles

All I seem to be doing today is counting the hours until I can retire to my jammies, and curl up on the couch for pizza and a movie with the kids. I had hoped to share some details about a project I’m working on with Kidzvuz. Rebecca, one of the founders, is a long-lost sister of sorts, and I’m really excited to collaborate with her and Nancy finally. I will be back with the goods on it all next week.

I spent my emotional wad spent writing this today, and I need to accept my creativity for stringing words together is now bankrupt. I’m counting on a cozy evening with the kids, and a good night’s sleep, to replenish myself. I did want to stop in, though, and share a fun brunch recipe. Heck, it’s so easy, you can add it to your weekday routine too. Watch the video below, then check out the full recipe for my French Toast Waffles up on the Relish for Moms blog. And if you want a chuckle to kick off your weekend, then watch this. It’s okay to laugh, I crack myself up every time I watch it too.

See ya on the flip side.


Music Pairing: The One I Love by R.E.M.

Waffle Maker French Toast from Jennifer Perillo on Vimeo.


  • Flavia

    Love this idea! I never thought to make French toast this way. I’m definitely going to try it out. Challa makes the best French toast, too!

  • Andrea Merrigan

    Yummy, so trying this! Thanks for sharing. I have to ask, what do you use to record your videos? I am wanting to try some cooking videos, but not sure what to use, not sure if my computer camera on laptop would work to well.

  • Emily

    Jennie, your rawness and honesty and optimism are simply… gorgeous. You are someone I’d like to know, and to have in my corner.

  • Minnie@thelady8home

    Jenny, that is very innovative. I have never used a waffle maker to make french toast (I don’t even own one). But one thing I was wondering…..does the bread not get too soggy if you let it sit on the board for a while? I would be afraid they would break….yours didn’t, so I am thinking, is it the bread itself?

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Hi Minnie,

    The bread doesn’t sit for too long, only a few minutes at most. The bread does play a role to, so if you’re using regular slice bread, you can skip this step, since it’s not as sturdy as a country bread or challah.


  • Claire L

    I made this for my family recently, and it turned out great! I used regular whole wheat sandwich bread that I’d made earlier in the week. The egg made the edges of the bread nice and puffy and a bit crispy, but the texture was still soft. So much easier than waffles and more fun than regular french toast!