Book Tour Update

April 1st is fast approaching people, but it’s no joking matter—this week starts the media merry-go-round for Homemade with Love! Is it okay to refer to it as such? I probably should run this post by my publicist, or at the very least not be writing it at 3:33am—make a wish! You know that one, where you make a wish whenever the time reads all the same numbers…11:11, 2:22, etc. I’m still a schoolgirl in that I make wishes at any chance I can get, like on the first star at night. I even do that thing where you tie the paper from a straw into a loop and if it comes out in a knot it means the boy you love is thinking about you. All silly stuff, but wishes are just dreams we want to make come true one day, right?

Any way, I’ve figured out the perfect recipe for squeezing in a few more work hours to the day.

1. Collapse in bed right after the kids are tucked in, which for me was 8:30pm tonight.

2. Wake up at 12:30am feeling completely rested.

3. Toss and turn for an hour because one really shouldn’t get up and start working at 12:30am.

4. Finally give into insomnia at 1:30am, and run a hot bubble bath. Then go into home office and start clacking away at your laptop.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the perfect recipe, but it is my State of the Union at the moment. I know I’m going to regret not trying harder to fall back to sleep, but since I can’t fall asleep on command—I was always envious of Mikey’s ability to do this, I figured it was a good opportunity to gather all my book tour information in one handy place. And there are updates—I’ve finally confirmed my Canada trip, and added another event to my North Carolina stop too.

Oh, and I have one more very exciting surprise for the U.S. portion of my book tour. KitchenAid USA is so graciously giving away one 7-quart stand mixer at each of my signings at The Book Cellar, BookCourt, Quail Ridge and Omnivore Books! Honestly, my use of exclamation points seems out of control these days, but that little announcement just screamed for one, right? You’ll get one raffle ticket for each book purchased, and the winners will be chosen randomly at the end of each signing event.

Okay, I think I feel a yawn coming on. Perhaps I can finally go back to sleep and catch a few winks before the sun (and my kiddos) rise. Nighty night folks. See ya on the flip side.

Homemade with Love Book Tour


Sunday, April 7th 4:00pm—The Book Cellar 4736-38 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, IL.


Saturday, April 13th 7:00pm—BookCourt 163 Court Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY.

North Carolina

Friday, April 19th 7:30pm—Quail Ridge Books & Music 3522 Wade Avenue in Raleigh, NC.

Saturday, April 20th 12:00pm to 2:00pm— Southern Season 201 South Estes Drive
Chapel Hill, NC.

San Francisco

Tuesday, April 30th 6:00pm—Omnivore Books 3885a Cesar Chavez Street in San Francisco, CA.

Toronto, Canada

Tuesday, May 7th—7:00pm The Cookbook Store 850 Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada.

 p.s. One quick note about these signing events. Please keep in mind that I will only be able to sign books purchased at the events themselves. It is a great opportunity to come support a local shop in your area. I think most of you understand that is standard practice with bookstore signings, but wanted to mention it just in case.


  • Jill

    I’m so excited you are coming to Quail Ridge in Raleigh. It’s my favorite bookstore in the area.

  • Tracey

    Good Morning Jennie,
    Whew! I didn’t have to cry today because this is an uplifting story! (well not about the insomnia, but you get my drift, right?)
    What I want to know is, where is San Diego on this book signing tour?
    Wishing you ZZZZ’s, a nap and a book signing in San Diego and a smile or two,

  • Lisa

    Best of luck to you! Have been following your story for a couple of years. My sister who is also lost her husband has been following too and someday, if your book signing heads to Florida, you two will meet. In the meantime…..wishing you all the best!

  • Courtney

    I’m so happy for you as your dream takes flight! Any chance you’ll make it to Seattle? We’d love to see you out here. 🙂

  • Nikki

    I didn’t know you were planning on coming to Toronto, so this post made me very excited! I will definitely be seeing you there!

  • AmyRuth

    Please consider adding St. Louis to your list.
    Besides the arch is really pretty at night.

  • Pat

    You’re coming to Canada! Yahoo! I am only 100 km from Toronto and I am going to do my very best to be there on May 7, 2013 at 7 pm. I cannot believe our good fortune to have you right here in Ontario. Looking forward to meeting you. All the best in your travels.
    Pat Dohaney

  • Linda Perito

    Your recipes sound just out of this world!! I got your recipe from my daughter-in-law, Veronica Gaboury. I just love your blogs–makes me feel really good. I, too , wish on the first star and fold my straw paper all the time.
    Guess we all get the child in us every now and then. It is fun! Gives you insight as to how it feels to be a kid again and to show our children what fun things are.
    Thank you–you put a smile on my face!