a birthday, of sorts

In the midst of running errands yesterday, I swung by my local Barnes & Noble, and there before my very eyes was Homemade with Love displayed in the window. Even though it shouldn’t have taken me by surprise, I still had to blink a few times to believe what I saw. It sounds silly to say, considering it’s been in other people’s homes for two weeks now, but this was my first time seeing it displayed in person.

So many of my hopes and dreams are laced throughout the pages of Homemade with Love. It’s funny how life seems to operate in both slow motion and warp speed simultaneously. It feels like just yesterday that I was a 24-year-old, reading an article Mikey gave me about becoming a personal chef in Newsweek—and yet, it was 15 years ago.

Next week begins the busyness of publicity for the book. I mentioned some book signing information in my last post, and have two more updates—Chicago and Canada, here I come! I’m working on Boston and New Jersey, just bear with me, as it’s a lot trying to manage childcare these days, especially the overnights. Thankfully, my auntie is coming up from Florida to lend a hand, and we seem to have finally found a wonderful new babysitter too.

I want to thank one more sponsor who is helping make the book tour possible. KitchenAid has been a part of my cooking life for over a decade. Their stand mixer became a fixture in my mom’s kitchen during the holidays when I was a teenager, after she had saved up enough money to buy her first stand mixer. She used to sell gingerbread houses as a way to make extra cash to buy our family Christmas gifts. When my auntie retired back in 2000, my whole family pitched in and bought her a stand mixer as a gift.

This is auntie's original stand mixer—still looks like new!

This is auntie’s original stand mixer—still looks like new!

I was gifted with my very first stand mixer in my mid 20s. It was an early Christmas present from my Uncle Ray and Aunt Barbara, and it has since become a family heirloom. When I upgraded to a newer model, I gave that original stand mixer to my best friend from high school. It now sits on her counter, and brings a smile to my face every time I go visit her. My uncle passed away 12 years ago, yet a little bit of him lives on not just in my memories, but with every turn of the paddle when Jeanise makes a treat for her own family.

KitchenAid has been a part of my journey for 15 years now. It is such an honor to have their support in this next chapter of my story. As I add my final words to this post, the clock has turned to March 26th—the official publication date for Homemade with Love, a literary birthday, of sorts for me when you think about. Keep dreaming big, I know I will.

Homemade with Love Book Tour


Sunday, April 7th 4:00pm—The Book Cellar 4736-38 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, IL.


Saturday, April 13th 7:00pm—BookCourt 163 Court Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY.

North Carolina

Friday, April 19th 7:30pm—Quail Ridge Books & Music 3522 Wade Avenue in Raleigh, NC.

San Francisco

Tuesday, April 30th 6:00pm—Omnivore Books 3885a Cesar Chavez Street in San Francisco, CA.

Toronto, Canada

Tuesday, May 7th—details coming soon!


  • Tara

    My copy is winging its way across the ocean to the UK as I write – can’t wait for it to arrive 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Jennie, congratulations and I am thrilled for you! It is one thing to know your book is published, but the first time you see it displayed in a bookstore is a moment you’ll never forget! Continued success and much love sent to you as you continue on with your journey!

  • Tracey A

    Good Morning Jennie!
    Yeah! You made it!
    Wishing you flours(yes pun intended) and sunshine,
    Are you coming to San Diego?

  • Rose D. Frenchtown, NJ

    I’m thrilled you’re working on NJ. I’ll be there with bells on!! LOL

  • Maria in NJ

    so do you need a travel partner someone to do your make-up and hair? ;0) Heh ya never know you might get big enough, keep me in mind , will ya!! or I can be you bench helper…i will do anything to get out of this job, no really so excited for you, and am excited for the NJ gig too, can’t wait to see where…m

  • Cheryl Arkison

    I hope you are enjoying this feeling. It is real special. And the more people get it, the more people who don’t even know you from this space start sending your notes and cooking the feeling grows. Drink it in.

  • Betty Ann @Mango_Queen

    Congratulations, Jennie! I was in NYC last Fri. and SAW your brand new book at the Barnes & Noble on 5th Ave. Was so proud of you. I know you worked so hard and gave your heart & soul to it. Can’t wait to have my own copy. Hope to catch you on your NJ book signing tour! All the best to you 🙂

  • Barbara

    Come to Houston!!!! Been following you since 2011. I feel like a proud mom for you!
    I ordered 4 books to give to my favorite cooks here in Houston..we cook from our hearts as do you:)

  • JulieD

    Happy birthday! 🙂 Amazon delivered my copy last Friday and I was so happy to get it into my hands. It’s beautiful and like I said it feels like home to me and so so comfy. I can feel the love coming out of the book and in the recipes. I can’t wait to cook from it.

    Hope you’ll do a signing here in Florida and I hope to get to see you this year so I can congratulate you in person! xoxo

    PS Congrats on the KitchenAid support, such a wonderful brand and I love working with them too.

  • M.C.W

    What do we have to do to get you to LA (Los Angeles, that is)? So excited for you and this next chapter of your life.

  • SuzyMcQ

    Best of luck with the lovely book as well as your tour, Jennie. What an exciting time for you!

  • Jackie

    Can I buy a book now and bring it to Raleigh to be signed? I don’t want to wait another month to buy it.

  • Jackie

    Can I buy a book now and bring it to Raleigh to be signed? I don’t want to wait another month to buy it.

  • Dawn

    Would love to meet you in Texas……
    I gasped when I saw your book in Barnes & Noble last week! It reaffirmed my love of, and need for bookstores. I felt proud, in some way, of your incredible accomplishment and strong spirit.
    Good luck on your journey, Jennie. And thank you for sharing it with us…..

  • Cherie

    I’m so glad I found your blog and got to know about your book as you worked on it – just finished my first browse – it’s WONDERFUl and beautifully done – and I love the pictures of you 🙂 Congratulations!
    can’t wait to start trying some things out

  • Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

    I love everything about this post, especially your family stories and connections with KitchenAid. They truly are a great company to work with 🙂

    ps: So hoping you’d do a book signing in FLorida 🙂

  • Michelle

    YAY!! Toronto!! I am SO excited to be there, and to meet you!! Hurrah!! And yes – KitchenAide is probably my favourite appliance. Can’t imagine life without it.

    You’re coming to Toronto!!! 😀 (I’m a wee bit excited. Can you tell?)

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Jackie, Sorry, but I’ll only be able to sign books purchased at the store. I hope you understand that is standard book store policy.

  • marni zarr

    what great news! the cover caught my eye right away… beautiful, the font, the photo, all of it.
    i hope you can find your way out west on your book tour. arizona would love to have you.
    xo, marni

  • Elizabeth Aquino

    I bought my book today at my small local bookstore where it was featured quite prominently! I think it’s beautiful and can’t wait to cook from it. Congratulations to you and your family — you should be very, very proud.

  • katie

    Congrats again on the new book and the additional support of KitchenAid. A wonderful brand! Everyone has a story to share about their first KA appliance.

  • Kelly Senyei | Just a Taste

    I am so so so excited for you, Jennie! You are one of the most talented women I have ever met, and I know your book is going to fly off those shelves! Can’t wait to get my hands on my copy 🙂 XOXO