homemade dairy free chocolate syrup

Imagine being unable to enjoy a frothy glass of chocolate milk, or cozying up with a cup of hot cocoa after playing in the snow (yes, I know, we need some snow first!). Well, that’s what inspired me to make this homemade dairy free chocolate syrup recipe back when I was working on Homemade with Love. I wanted to create a recipe that everyone could enjoy.

Use this homemade dairy free chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk, hot cocoa, drizzle on top of ice cream, or my favorite—chocolate egg creams.

It’s also so easy, the kids can make it themselves, perhaps with a little help from mom or dad using the stove (my 12-year old is old enough to do it all on her own). And speaking of egg creams, I’ll be sharing my recipe for a real Brooklyn treat (there’s even a video to see how easy it is to make)! stay tuned, and subscribe here to get the recipe will be delivered right to your inbox.

This recipe is now part of my new site, Simmering. It can be found by searching the archives here.



  • Gill

    If you want an even quicker version and you have access to Golden Syrup (UK ingredient) just heat some G.S until it’s gone runny, then stir in cocoa until it’s as thick as you’d like. Voila!

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Yes, you could give that a try (even with agave or maple syrup for an unrefined sugar alternative), too. If you do, let us know what ratio of syrup to cocoa works for you, as Lyle’s is sweeter than the simple syrup is in this version.

  • Jennifer Perillo


    Any good-quality cocoa powder will do. I buy Valrhona at Whole Foods (sorry, that won’t work for you), and used to buy Guittard in bulk from a spice shop in Brooklyn. I’m sure you can find it online, too, with a quick Google search.