chocolate egg cream, a brooklyn classic

I know, you’re thinking “stop it, already”. You’re trying to stick to your healthy eating resolutions, and here I am sharing my chocolate egg cream recipe with you. Good news for us both—egg creams aren’t a calorie-laden treat. In fact, you can even make them dairy free, thanks to the recipe I shared recently for my homemade dairy free chocolate syrup.

Egg creams are part of any good Brooklyn upbringing. They’re as quintessentially New York as black and white cookies. And both are viewed as somewhat of an oddity outside of NYC. My vote for best is the long shuttered Dave’s Luncheonette in Chinatown. It’s been decades since I sipped one of their egg creams (I was a vanilla egg cream gal back then), but like my first crush, the memory lives on forever. Lou Reed even mentioned them in a song, which is news to me, so we never stop learning, it seems (also, I should come out of my cave more often).

So, what do you need to make my chocolate egg cream recipe? For starters, eggs need not apply. And cream, well, you’re not invited to this party, either.

Start by making my homemade chocolate syrup. Purists will tell you it must be Fox’s U-bet or all bets are off. I say phooey to high fructose corn syrup, but will share a secret. If you buy U-bet’s during Passover, you can find it made with real sugar. You’ll need to read the label, and make sure it’s labeled kosher for Passover. I forget where I learned that, but there you have it!

Now that we’ve got the syrup covered, you’ll also need milk (your choice, see the recipe below), and a FRESHLY opened bottle of seltzer. A brand, spanking new bottle of seltzer is NOT NEGOTIABLE. I know, there I go with the all caps again. If you skimp, and decide to use that already opened bottle sitting in your fridge, then erase all hopes of getting that fizzy head on top.

One last important note when it comes to egg creams. You want to down this baby. No slow sipping, and savoring. They’re meant to be sipped at light speed before the seltzer’s bubbles dissipate. Trust me on this one.
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This recipe is now part of my new site, Simmering. It can be found by searching the archives here.



  • Teresa

    I was so excited to see Fox’s U-Bet chocolate syrup during passover last year–so I bought two bottles. Oh my, it is horrible. Yes, it is sugar and not HFCS, but it is terrible. I promptly called the company to speak to them (as I love the original version) and they were very nice, but those two bottles got returned right away to Whole Foods. I can’t explain it, it’s just terrible. I now make my own syrup from Foodie with Family.

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, Teresa. I haven’t had either version in years, so can’t speak to my opinion on the flavor. Now you have an easy other alternative with my recipe for chocolate syrup (and dairy-free, too!).