golden onion pie + a new beginning

While the November issue of Gourmet magazine is the last—ever, it’s the “soft” launch of Gourmet, Unbound (you know that project Maggie, Olga and myself are working on). We’re excited to see what you all decide to bring to our virtual table when we officially open for business in December. Until then, we’re each taking a turn in the kitchen to cook the books, serving up a Gourmet recipe from the month of November.


Want to join us in this journey come December? Get the details here? And about that delicious looking savory pie pictured above…visit me at Gourmet, Unbound for a recipe you’ll want to cook up year-round.

Add these onions…


to this pot of bacon and butter…


and it cooks down to this!


Spoon it into a buttery crust and one hour later, you’ve got this yummy looking pie (okay, so I couldn’t wait to have a piece).