10 Questions with Jennifer Perillo at Gel’s Kitchen Blog

When I joined the masses and got on Twitter seven months ago, I didn't know what to expect. I just knew it was the thing to do. I learned as I went and it has opened a whole new world and created connections that make so grateful for technology. I had the chance to meet wonderful bloggers face to face in Chicago last week that I often tweet for help with ideas, both on and off the burner. Just two days ago I had the chance to share some love and went to an event for Scharffen Berger chocolate at the French Culinary Institute with Patsy from Family, Friends & Food and Anna from Very Small Anna.

Another wonderful opportunity that came as a result of twitter was the chance to do an interview for Sneh over at Gel's Kitchen. About a month ago, Sneh sent a tweet asking for the names of favorite food bloggers (here's one of mine). It turns out my kitchen musings and recipes inspired a few to throw my name in the ring too. Thanks Sneh for including me with such a wonderful group of people (and creating some nice titles on the picture above). Wonder what kind of vegetable I consider myself? You'll have to read the interview on her blog to find out. I promise tomorrow, there'll be a recipe, but today, how about visiting the links to see what's waiting for you in the twitterverse.

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