Blogging and the FTC

Okay folks, I promise a recipe is coming later today. I'm writing up the blueberry crumble I tweeted about last night as a matter of fact. Just wanted to take a moment to post this video.

Liberty Mutual, yes, the insurance company, was at the Blogher conference last week shooting segments for The Responsibility Project. The editing is horrible (sorry LM, but the Mr. is a video editor and would cringe if he saw this clip). The aim of the interview is a good one. With all the talk of the FTC wanting to regulate bloggers, it's important for all of us, regardless of what we blog about, to consider what makes one responsible and the unwritten obligation we have to our readers: honesty and integrity—it's all you have left at the end of the day. In full disclosure, I did receive a free external hard drive for being one of the first 20 bloggers interviewed. Since I have no idea what to do with it, I trust the Mr. will put it to good use in backing up all my files and food photos. I'll be back later with that blueberry crumble recipe inspired by Jacques Pépin. Ciao for now.