Better Butter

A few weeks back I went to an event for a "soft spreads" company which shall remain unnamed, hosted by a celebrity chef, who again I'll protect the identity. The setting was beautiful and the food was actually good but I'm the kind of girl who likes to be buttered up. As with everything, in moderation, there's no need to cut the good stuff from your diet. On that note, it's almost blasphemous to mention Mantuanella Farmstead Butter in the same paragragh here.

It's produced in Italy by the Mantuanella company which makes highly prized Parmesan cheeses. One whiff of this creamy, pale butter and the olfactories are hit with a pleasant wave of it's sister product. This butter deserves respect, so skip the recipe and slather some on a crunchy baguette—I also like to add a sprinkle of kosher salt. Carroll Gardens folks can pick up an eight-ounce pack for $5.49 at Caputo's Fine Foods at 460 Court Street (closed Mondays).