Sweet Potato Cheddar Muffins

My new post is up at The Cuisinart Stand Mixer blog. On the menu: sweet potatoes. The tulips are slowly emerging from the ground. And yes, we’ve enjoyed some weather worthy of shedding the winter coat. Still, while spring’s official arrival is just days away the earth’s bounty needs time before farmer’s markets are overflowing with fruit and vegetables. In the meantime, I’ve been expanding my recipe files with the wonder of sweet potatoes. I’ve had them on hand to feed my 10-month old daughter, but really, they’re a great ingredient regardless of age.

I start by baking a bunch on the weekends. Leave the skins on and bake on a foil-lined rimmed baking sheet in a heated 400º oven about 35 to 40 minutes, until very tender when pierced with a fork (the foil makes for easy clean up). After they cool and the skins are peeled, a quick go-round in the food processor results in a smooth puree (this also makes a great first food for babies, so you might want to make extra).

You can use the puree to make the savory cheddar cheese flecked muffins pictured above, or heat it and serve with a few pats of butter and dash of salt and pepper—a delicious dinner solution paired with a store-bought rotisserie chicken (Carroll Gardens folks can call in an order ahead of time at Cobblestone Foods). I’ve got my eye on sweet potato gnocchi, so stay tuned for the good things to come.

Visit the Cuisinart Stand Mixer blog for the recipe.

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