avocado bruschetta

This is the recipe I intended to share before writing the last post—the one I literally published 30 seconds before sprinting into this one.

My life has odd intersections these days, and while food is the driving force, the thoughts I often want to share don’t fit neatly into a recipe. This avocado bruschetta was so amazing it deserved its own spotlight, hence two posts in one day, after a dry spell for two weeks.

I must admit, it’s not even really a recipe because I’m not writing it out. Grab a pen and paper, and add these items to your shopping list:

  • avocado
  • baguette
  • cilantro

Add this item to your pantry staples:

  • smoked paprika

And if you haven’t yet made Heidi’s citrus salts, then what are you waiting for? After you zest the lemons, you can make sidecars with the lemon juice.


Making this bruschetta is easy once you have all the ingredients. I’m not kidding. Just make sure you buy a super ripe avocado. Start out by slicing the baguette in half lengthwise and toasting it. Let the bread cool 5 to 10 minutes.

Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, and mash it up in the skin with a fork until it’s creamy and spreadable. Slather it on the baguette—you’ll need two avocados for a whole loaf, or one for half the loaf.

Sprinkle the citrus salt and paprika on top, to taste. I go for a generous pinch of each, and don’t forget to wash your fingertips thoroughly after handling that paprika. It sounds like common sense, but even us veterans make stupid mistakes like rubbing our eyes with said finger!

Finely chop the cilantro and sprinkle on top, then cut into slices and serve. This is perhaps the easiest appetizer you’ll ever make, and I think it’d make a damn good breakfast too.

4/26/12 p.s. It wasn’t until I made this for breakfast this morning that I realized I forgot one last garnish—a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil before adding the chopped cilantro!


  • Tracey Alvernaz

    Good Morning Jennie,
    I just saw your previous post, I didn’t get it in my email either! Hmm. Don’t know what happened. So this is more for that post.
    Our lives go back and forth, like a pendulum, some good and bad. I know if I look back on my life with Tom and now my life with Rich, I can see both my plusses and minuses.(or is that minus’) I know that there were times when I should have been downright content in my life and I probably wasn’t. So to me, that makes death much harder. I suppose it is a little bit of guilt, in not appreciating those times. Dont’ get me wrong, I was and am, good in these places. Are you following me, or am I just babbling at this early time of the morning. But anyway, I wish you a happy day of reflection, a rainbow or two and a smile to light your day. To life and a happy memory,

  • Kathleen Richardson

    Easy, like you said, yet I wondered when I would have use for even half a baguette. Then you mentioned breakfast and I backed up to appetizer, thinking, what the heck, I could spend a day eating one of these. Lovely photos. Is that parchment paper you have this treat sitting on?
    JP’s note: Yes Kathleen, it’s brown parchment paper.

  • Hannah

    Totally inspired bruschetta – I love its simplicity and I can never say no to an avocado. Just updated my shopping list! Thank you for sharing.

  • Mariana

    One of my favorite avocado recipes is to spread fresh avocado on great, crusty bread, add sprouts, a slice of good cheddar, toast in the oven, then top with a thick slice of fresh tomato.

  • debra/eatquestnyc

    i have avocado toast pretty much every morning! i add lemon juice to my avocado mash, i do use smoked paprika and sometimes sichuan red pepper flakes on top. generally i use an 8 grain bread (rock hill bakery on sat at union sq makes my favorite or the finnish rye from the fri/sat stand). completely addictive and keeps me full for more of the day than i thought possible!
    abraco is one of my faves too. thanks so much for sharing as always. sometime try Local on sullivan st – that’s where i “stole” my avocado toast idea from.

  • debra/eatquestnyc

    i wrote a comment earlier on avocado toast but forgot to say that i put a little olive oil on the toast before i add the mashed avocado. and you are so right – those citrus salts….!

  • elissapr

    You have just turned me onto avocados – mashed on toast in the morning (yes with a little salt) in my turkey sandwhich at lunch…I. AM. ADDICTED!

  • Dana_dana

    Thanks so much for sharing this simple recipe, Jennie. I was desperate for a fun, easy appetizer for company on Tuesday.. I made this and it was a hit. I didn’t have time to prep the citrus salt, nor do I have smoked Paprika on hand, so I substituted Hawaiian volcanic pink salt and Penzey’s Cajun Seasoning. I’m in Colorado, and don’t have access to great baguettes, but the local Safeway bakes pretty fantastic Italian loaves in-house. I put slices in the toaster, drizzled with olive oil, then spread with the avacado, and sprinkled the seasoning… yum!

  • Barbara

    Try using your favourite guacamole recipe on the toasted baguette. Rub the bread with raw garlic before you oil and brown it. Fantastic appetizer.