roasted rhubarb jam

I imagine Carrie Bradshaw reacts to Manolos and Jimmy Choos, the way I do to strawberries and rhubarb. I just can’t help but leave the farmers’ market with an armful of each. 21 jars later, after last week’s jamming session, I had preserved a nice stockpile of strawberries to enjoy all winter long. Yes, I really said winter…in June. Our growing seasons is so short here, and soon enough I’ll be looking at root vegetables for months on end.

But not just yet. First I had to do something with all that rhubarb I greedily bought. I just couldn’t help myself, and am sure you all understand. I was in the middle of roasting asparagus and toasting bread to prep that night’s panzanella and figured it was time to try a new jamming technique. 


I cut up the rhubarb, tossed it in a non-stick pan with some sugar and cinnamon and popped it in the oven. Then I crossed my fingers and prayed for 20 minutes. Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. I knew at the very least I’d have a yummy, tangy topping for ice cream, but that was not my intention.

When I took the pan from the oven, the juices were all bubbly and gooey. I knew success had been achieved, and with little effort I had a new spread for our morning toast. I’m betting it would be nice with some grilled pork too, but that’s for another day.


roasted rhubarb jam

makes one generous cup

Wonder how I do all my canning? Well, it just got easier thanks to the new Ball Canning Discovery Kit. Last season I changed my ways and realized it made more sense for me to jam and can a few small batches of various fruits each weekend it was in season.

Then in comes Ball with an answer to make it even easier. Before receiving their new kit at a work event, the scariest part of canning was retrieving the scalding hot jars from the boiling pot of water. If you’re new to canning, have always wanted to give it a try or are even a somewhat veteran like me, you will so appreciate this kit. And guess what? Ball has kindly donated two (2) to be given away*. Just leave a comment letting me know your favorite way to eat jam. On toast? In your oatmeal? A dollop in the muffin batter?

The baby loves it by the spoonful. I prefer a thin smear of butter before spreading mine on toast. Isabella skips the butter. Funny, how different we are even though we share the same gene pool.

1 pound (16 ounces) rhubarb, tough ends removed & cut into large chunks

1/2 cup (4 ounces) sugar

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, optional

Preheat oven to 400ºF. Toss rhubarb with sugar and cinnamon, if using, in a 9-inch by 13-inch nonstick baking dish. Roast for 20 minutes until thick and bubbly. Stir to mix well, then let cool completely. Transfer to tightly sealed jar and store in refrigerator for up to two weeks. May also be processed in a hot water bath using sterilized glass jars.

*The winners for this giveaway will be chosen at random on Friday, June 4th. Please only one comment per person.


  • Angela: I personally love my jam on scrambled eggs, or in cookies. The rhubarb jam looks delicious!

  • merry jennifer: It’s boring, I know, but my favorite place for jam is on biscuits or toast. Lately I’ve added it to steel cut oats and to nonfat Greek yogurt. I’d probably eat it with a spoon but I try to have at least a modicum of restraint. :)

  • Amy: I enjoy a small teaspoonful of berry jam in a cup of black tea. I first had it in Russia in the mid-’90’s and I was hooked! And of course, jam on scones! (pick me!)

  • Kbosilovatz: I would love to starting canning fresh ingredient since the Farmers Market will soon begin here. But it all seems so overwhelming. I love my jam on freshly toasted english muffins.

  • radish: hey is this the kit i should get?? the jam looks awesome.

  • radish: oh and favorite way to eat it? as a tartine… on some nice baguette (sometimes with butter!)

  • Hannah V.: On fresh from the oven buttermilk buscuits. Or on homemade sourdough.. It’s a toss up!

  • Mia: This jam looks amazing. I too have a love for strawberries and rhubarb. I think my favorite is on a toasted bagel. No cream cheese or anything, just jam and a hot bagel. Mmm…

  • Lori @ RecipeGirl: I’d love to try this out… I’m a bit of a rhubarb virgin. Canning is something I need to learn how to do too.
    My fave way to eat jam? I’d say swirled into Greek yogurt with a bit of granola thrown on top!

  • Ashley: I love jam swirled in with my vanilla ice cream…or right out of the jar.

  • BluebonnetBaker: I love jam on a toasted slice of freshly baked bread. It’s a rare treat for me, but it’s by far my favorite. Apple cider jelly is probably my favorite, followed by raspberry jam WITH seeds!

  • Cathy (breadexperience): Yum! Roasted rhubarb sounds really good. I like to eat jam on toast and straight from the jar. The Ball Canning Discovery Kit sounds like a great idea! I’ve been using tongs to remove the hot jars from the canner. This would be a big help.

  • JacquieLH: Definitely on a freshly baked biscuit with butter slathered on first :)
    That may have to be Sunday breakfast this week…

  • Robin (Hippo Flambe): I just created a rhubarb apricot jam and I love it on toast and french toast, with a smear of butter first. On popovers with butter is another favorite, or as a crepe filling, without any butter this time.

  • Becca Levey: I never thought to do that with rhubarb, now I’m inspired to buy it up this weekend at the farmer’s market. of course, i’m always inspired after reading your blog!
    We are a crazy jam family – at least 4 kinds in the fridge at all times. Except grape, we don’t like grape. I love it on challah with butter smeared first. But for one daughter it’s got to be with peanut butter and the other with cream cheese.
    and one of my all time favorite children’s books is of course, Bread and Jam for Frances.

  • Jasmine: My favorite way is on really good bread. I save the best jam for bread that will do it justice!

  • Nancy@TheSensitivePantry: I’d like any jam put in front of me. But, I think a favorite is sour cherry jam. I’m partial to smearing it on warm scones or biscuits.

  • Luna: Oven jam? How amazingly awesome is that?
    I just made my first ever jam, a raspberry-strawberry delight that has been perfect with greek yogurt. I can’t wait to do more!

  • colleen @ foodietots: Mmm, this would be great on a baguette with some fresh ricotta! I love jam on toast, in yogurt, and with cheese.

  • Joan Bianco: Cinnamon raisin bread and corn muffins. H-m-m-m I could just feel it in my mouth.

  • Nicole Pelton: I love it on toast, especially with cream cheese or just plain. That looks yummy.

  • Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction: This jam looks lovely! I love it on toast, but I recently have been using quite a bit of jam in filled pancakes (ebelskivers)!

  • Delishhh: I am a huge rhubarb fan and during this time of the year i just buy a bunch of rhubarb. First i start of with making pies then at the end i just make rhubarb cream and eat it. But this is a great recipe and now i know what i am supposed to do with the rest of my rhubarb.

  • Bridgette L. Rallo: Oh, toast! With butter! Yummmmm…..

  • Erin: I love rhubarb anything and rhubarb PBJ is delish!

  • Mommy Lisa: I LOVE jam and this giveaway! hmmmm.
    Our favorite way to eat jam is spooned into greek yogurt!

  • Genevieve: Oh, gosh, I could eat rhubarb every which way–but it’s fabulous on a thick piece of crusty, homemade bread, with a smear of homemade ricotta. TO DIE FOR!

  • Britney Hendrickson: This recipe is brilliant. I hope there is rhubarb at my farmers market on tuesday so I can make it.
    I love jam on homemade english muffins. So delicious. Or with peanut butter. Because nothings better then some good ol’ PB&J.

  • Brandi: in homemade plain yogurt …

  • Melmcd99: Perfect way to use the last of my rhubarb. Thanks!

  • Hayley: As a Food Science and Nutrition major, I LOVE making my own jams/perserves. Additionally, I’m back in school to obtain a Family and Consumer Science teaching degree and hope to incorporate canning into the curriculum for the higher classes. This ball canning kit could make it so easy for the students. Canning is such a great skill:)
    I enjoy putting rhubarb jam on to my morning quinoa flakes. If it’s raspberry, I heat it up in a sauce pan and drizzle it over my stuffing and brie stuffed chicken breasts, or use apricot or raspberry preserves in brie en croute. Soo tasty!!!

  • irene: I love jam on bread (untoasted).

  • Karyn Soltis: Oohhh, I make my own yogurt and love it with my homemade granola. I don’t like it too sweet so I don’t sweeten it just the sweetness from the granola, but LOVE rhubarb and even though I just planted some (next year!) I would love to make this and put in my yogurt. My dad’s favorite is rhubarb – oh he would love this on toast :). Pick me because we just moved and hubby broke some of my stuff (canning).

  • Patty Campbell: Homemade strawberry jam spread on a toasted and buttered english muffin is the best way to enjoy jam!

  • Christina: I love my jam swirled in yogurt or on a bagel w/ cream cheese!

  • Noelle/Pink Bathtub Designs: On popovers or dutch babies!

  • Evan: I love jam and butter sandwiches anytime, but really love to use it as a glaze for roasted chicken.

  • Joan: I like using jams in bars or cookie recipes!

  • Shannon: I’m a jam-on-oatmeal kinda gal ;) thanks for the recipe & contest!

  • Di: Mmm. Mom’s homemade raspberry jam in sandwiches or on top of cheesecake. Deeeelicious.

  • Carole: Wow, I usually roast rhubarb and eat it. I’ll try your jam method. I usually make blueberry jam each year and a pear spice jam. I like to eat jam on crusty bread, an English muffin, or a water biscuit.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway

  • abbie: I’d love to win this! I like strawberry jam, still warm, on vamilla ice cream!

  • Joni: I would love to win this. I am about to start canning and haven’t done so in years. That means I have to start all over with items I need.

  • Joni: I forgot to mention that I love to put my jam on toasted wheat bread.

  • RiverDogPrints: Toast, a little butter and lots of jam! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • JulieAnn: Oh man…I love jam with old-fashioned popovers. So light and fluffy with some amazing jam…my mouth is watering already. I’m growing strawberries in my garden this year – I’d love to be able to can them to enjoy my popovers properly during the winter! :)

  • Rachel: Just like you… on toast with butter on it first

  • kelly h.: with yogurt and granola! yum! my jam always turns out runny, so it works out perfectly!

  • Ajf 4: Dream like the spring comes to annual meeting, for it, always can achieve! Spring is green, is the representative of hope!

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