Thankful Thursdays {08.17.2017}

Last night a friend sent me a writing prompt. It lingered in my mind all afternoon, and well into the evening. I fell asleep lulled by thoughts of sand and shore. Some thoughts went dark, but as I delved deeper, my words transformed from pensive to peaceful, with memories of walking along our old beach in North Truro. I suppose we have to wade in the darkness more often than we like to find peace.

I Stepped Into the Water

I stepped into the water, salty waves tickling my toes

its warmth beckons me, pulling my feet in deeper

with each step my soul gives way

shedding the weight and worries of the day

shivers and goosebumps race up my legs

as waves hungrily consume me

my head bends backwards, eager to feel the comfort of my feet

hair strewn across the water

I stand firm as the water rises, my feet anchoring me

Knowing it is time to go back

I felt freedom that day I stepped into the water

And that is what kept me coming back, year after year

j.perillo —August 2017