27 Prize Worthy Pies

Whole Wheat Pie Crust Recipe | In Jennie's Kitchen

Hope Sunday is being kind and gentle to everyone. Popping in here to share my recent round up from Parade’s Community Table. It’s no surprise this one is pie-centric, and you’ll find a lot of my own recipes in this post with 27 Prize Worthy Pies. I’ve been getting quite fancy with my crusts, but not sure when I’ll ever have the time to do a proper tutorial here. Luckily, this round up includes a link with some inspiring ideas from The View From Great Island. Since I’m writing this post a few days ahead, I’ve no idea what the weather will actually yield on Sunday, but I sure hope it involves some sunshine, and relaxing time in the yard. Cheers to a wonderful, happy, first weekend of June!

Click here to view the slideshow on Parade.