Thankful Thursdays 10.20.2016

Ashokan Reservoir | In Jennie's Kitchen

I feel really blessed to live where I live. I also feel fortunate to have dug deep, and made a difficult decision to come back to New York. It wasn’t made hastily, and it wasn’t made without consequence. But as each day unfolds, it is so clear that this is our home, and the path we’re on right now is most definitely the right one, for this moment in time at least.

When people ask me how long I intend to homeschool, they seem to be looking for a definitive answer, and I don’t have one. All I can say is that it feels right for us now. The girls are happy, I’m content, albeit always feeling short for time, but they are happy, and that makes the stress and juggle of it all so much easier to balance within myself.

Our walks along the reservoir constantly leave me in a state of wonder, contemplating the roads that let to us being here in this very specific spot of upstate New York. There were bigger houses, in more accessible locations. This little house, though, is the house that could. It’s the house that did—the house that has connected the dots to so many important moments.

A few weeks ago we settled in with a most amazing sitter who has the energy and patience to deal with my high energy kiddos. Finding her would’ve never happened if I didn’t live next to the sweetest, hardest working young couple I’ve ever met. Our sitter is a member of their church, and my need for help perfectly aligned with her need for work after coming back from a church mission in Africa. She’s sweet, and kind, and polite, and hard working.

She walks gently in the lives of others, while making a bigger impact than she might realize. She helps reinforce the good qualities I’m trying to plant within my girls’ hearts and minds, and is forgiving of their sometimes over the top tempers and emotions. I am so very thankful to have her in our life.

As each day blends into the next I seem to be finding the balance I’m seeking. I know this life will never be a smooth, bump-free ride. I’ve gotten that memo. Today, though, I’m deeply thankful to finding my days filled with more balance than bumps. One day at a time, right?