my best gingerbread recipes

I love gingerbread. I mean, really, really, love gingerbread. I think it’s the peppery, warm scent of cloves that hooks me in more than the ginger, and other spices. Like allspice, I think cloves deserve to play more of a starring role in recipes, than simply supporting. Anyway, I was going to hold off on sharing this until I had my gingerbread scone recipe ready to go, but since you only see gingerbread one month out of the year, who am I to hold you back from enjoying it for a few extra days.

Gingerbread Chocolate Doughnuts |
I’ve put together a Pinterest board with my best gingerbread recipes, so you have them in one convenient place. Soon you’ll have two new recipes to add to the collection: gingerbread scones (post coming later this week), and gingerbread hot cocoa (I know, crazy…as in crazy good!). The hot cocoa makes for a great homemade gift if you’re not up for baking but still want to put a homespun touch on your gifts. In the meantime, enjoy these gingerbread recipes. See you tomorrow with a super quick & easy recipe (plus video!) for a Maple Sugar Orange Butter that’ll wow guests at any holiday brunches you might be hosting this month (p.s. they go great with the gingerbread scones, too).

Mom's Gingerbread |

Ta ta, for now, folks!

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