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Weight Watchers - Week One | www.injennieskitchen.com

Funny, how I’ve decided to do Weight Watchers without a scale (yet). The last one I owned broke, and never registered beyond 25 pounds. It was my favorite scale ever, and not sure why I ever got rid of it. Kind of like the evil stepmother’s mirror from Snow White…who’s the thinnest of them all?

Much as I started this to lose weight, what I really wanted to accomplish was to feel better about myself. I used a ball park estimate based on my recent doctor’s visit (those scales are the worst!) to “weigh-in”, so I’ll never have an accurate estimate of my weight loss. But that goal of wanting to feel better about myself? I think I’m onto something. In just one week of giving more thought to what I eat, when I eat it, and how I eat it, plus increasing my physical activity, my outlook is different. I feel like I’m in the driver’s seat, and not just a passenger in my own life.

Mind over matter, perhaps? Here’s what one week’s worth of homemade meals looks like while following Weight Watcher’s. And yes, there was pie! Sour cherry filling wrapped in a buttery homemade crust for our 4th of July dinner with new friends and family.

Weight Watchers - Week One | www.injennieskitchen.com Weight Watchers - Week One | www.injennieskitchen.comWeight Watchers Week One 05


  • joy

    This food looks so beautiful you would never think it was part of a Weight Watchers program! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  • Cindy

    May I ask? Are you attending physical meetings, doing this online or just on your own? I’ve had surgery to improve my quality of life and I believe this is my next step. Eating healthier, and being ‘there’ while I eat. BTW, your photos are stunning yet simple and pure. Reminds me that I need to get back to my ‘farmer’s’ roots.

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Cindy, I subscribed to it online only. Years ago I went to the meetings, and it was great for inspiration, but don’t have the time for it now. Loving vegetables certainly helps when trying to switch to a healthier way of eating. -JP

  • Vivian

    goes to prove WW is the best program out there.
    been a member since the 80’s.
    your meals look delish!

  • Carol Harlig

    Congratulations, Jenny, on making a commitment to healthier eating. Do you have a FitBit or other device that measures your physical activity during the day? It’s a huge boon to help you get in more steps, flights of stairs climbed, etc., each day and a fun way to challenge yourself. I find myself parking farther away from the market, taking the stairs, etc. you’ll get there!

  • Genny

    Your weight watcher meals for the week look wonderful! I also am following the program and have made room for dessert as well! It can be done and still stay within points! Good luck to you!