strawberries, finally!

Watching everything come alive these last few weeks has been incredible after the long, cold, and snowy winter. Last week local strawberries finally made their debut up here. They were a sight for sore, fruit deprived eyes, after months of nothing but apples (the closest we get to local fruit during the winter months since they can be put into cold storage). Luckily I had exact change, as the farm stand had just an honor box, and no way to make change, to pay for the two quarts I bought.

We splurged a little this winter, and bought strawberries in season and shipped from Florida and California, but it just isn’t the same as the taste when your berries haven’t traveled thousands of miles. I might’ve moaned a little with that first juicy bite. Before the kids could devour them I made a pie to bring to my girlfriend’s house in Brooklyn, and then a batch of hand pies for a sleepover Isabella had at her friend’s this weekend.

I’m a little anxious since strawberry season is happening smack in the middle of moving, and need to multi-task a big work project, packing/unpacking, and making as much jam as possible to hold me over until next season. There I go, getting ahead of myself…missing the strawberries before they’re even gone. It’s so easy to get lost, instead of just focusing on being in the moment. And with that in mind, here’s some of my favorite strawberry recipes so you can enjoy every single second of this growing season, one yummy bite a time.

Strawberry Tomato Basil SaladStrawberry, Tomato & Basil Salad

Strawberry Blood Orange Jam | www.injennieskitchen.comStrawberry Blood Orange Jam

simple strawberry pie | www.injennieskitchen.comSimple Strawberry Pie

Roasted Strawberry Sauce| www.injennieskitchen.comRoasted Strawberry Sauce

And a few favorites from friends in the blogosphere:


  • Kristen Acosta

    I love strawberry anything! Your recipes look absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m going to get started on the strawberry blood orange jam =) I guess one good thing about living in California is that I can make these all year long =)

  • Shauna MacKenzie

    Living in southern Ontario, I get very excited when my favourite produce reaches its ‘season’. I’m in asparagus heaven right now ­čÖé Our strawberries still come from the U.S., but in a few weeks I’ll be stocking up at a local farm. And I will definitely be making that pie you posted!

  • Joy Tholen

    I’ve never really thought about the better taste that fresh, local grown food would have. I guess I have a new quest on my shopping adventures. Thank you for sharing your perspective.