perfect roasted potatoes

There are few things in life that are perfect. This is something I keep trying to remind myself, but my inner Martha Stewart often battles with the realities of life. A little chaos never threw me for a loop, but lately reigning control over some variables in my life offers incredible solace. Being able to make what I consider to be the perfect roasted potato is one of those variables. I wrote about them last week for Relish Magazine. I’m so happy to share the news that I’ve started writing for them again twice a month.

I’ve got some video to go along with the recipe too. You were all amazing in your response to the pizza video a couple of weeks ago. Adding more video to the site is something I’ve been mulling over for a few months now. I’d hide behind widow humor, though, and sarcastically joke that my producer/camera man/editor is gone. Then one day, it all clicked. There’s enough perfect, glossy, produced content out there. That holds true for food, fashion, parenting magazines, etc. What we don’t have enough of is real life. I’m talking about an honest glimpse of being in the kitchen. That is what I hope to capture in the videos I’ll be sharing from now on. My hair isn’t perfect, my Brooklyn accent is so thick, even a Ginsu couldn’t cut through it, and I now realize I say “okay” and “um” a lot.

But I’m having fun, more fun than I’ve had in a while in this space. I’m moving forward here, in the same way I’ve been making strides to walk a new path in my life outside this blog. As I shoot and edit cooking videos on my iPhone I constantly hear Mikey whispering “wait, let me help you with this”, as he would often say. He loved collaborating, and helping me succeed in everything. Making these videos has helped me feel connected to him as I learn to live without him. The magic of capturing life through this new lens has sparked something inside me. Perhaps it’s the first ingredient in my new life recipe.

Get the recipe for Perfect Roasted Potatoes over at The Relish Dish.

Music Pairing: Your Sweet Voice by Matthew Sweet

Perfect Roasted Potatoes (final) from Jennifer Perillo on Vimeo.


  • Meggie Wallace

    I love the video! It was simple and perfect!
    That’s one thing I love about this blog. Everything is so simple and delicious 🙂
    Like these potatoes? Look like heaven! I love crispy potatoes.
    Looking forward to the book. I need to pre order, but funds tell me I have to wait.
    Happy day

  • Angela

    Love.the.videos! You are right, having someone in our kitchen cooking along with us is what’s missing and you’ve nailed it. Thank you for being so real and so honest.

  • Lisa

    Love the added video – as much as I love to cook, there is nothing natural about it for me. I look forward to the next one!

  • Angie

    I’m really glad you are adding video to your blog. Just in the last year I have been trying to expand my cooking horizons, I had never really learned how to cook very well. It’s nice to see the video because it provides something that the written recipe alone can’t give. Thank you, and I hope you continue with the videos.

  • Tracey A

    Good Morning Jennie,
    LOVE IT! Great recipe and video. Makes me want potatoes and am tempted to make them NOW! (think I will wait until after I exercise 🙁 ) But, I will wait patiently!

    I still hear the “voices” too. Funny how that is. Am I crazy, I often think?

    Anyway, many cooking pleasures, hugs, rainbows, and happy voices in your ear,

  • Annie M

    Hi Jennie…just wondering if there is a substitute to using a cast iron skillet? Would a roasting pan not work?
    Let me know if you can…and thanks! 🙂

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Hi Annie. A roasting pan won’t heat to the same temperature as a cast-iron skillet. If you’re afraid of using cast-iron, don’t be (I’ll admit I was for a long time too!). Most pans are sold today already seasoned, and ready to use immediately. They’re pretty inexpensive, and a kitchen workhouse. Definitely on my must-have list.

  • Marisa P

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And i must say, i’ve never been able to make a crispy potato if my life depended on it!
    No excuses, i’ve seen the step by step…..can’t wait to try it 🙂

  • Tricia

    I love this. Video is great — really helps us visual learners and you are adorable. (the Brooklyn accent didn’t really kick in until late in the video – and is cute – and I didn’t hear any ums at all. Nice work!

  • Molly

    First off, I LOVE your voice! I love how you did the video and explained the steps. The perfect roast potato has been hard to achieve, and now I know why. I will try your method the next time I make roasted potatoes. Love the video. 🙂

  • Laurie

    Hi Jennie. Honey, you are perfect for video! What you can do one handed with an iPhone, is better than I’ve seen on most cooking shows. It feels like you really are talking to me–and that is way cool. I’m making these potatoes this weekend.

  • Claire L

    My mouth started watering watching your video! Those potatoes look scrumptious. I’m going to try roasting sweet potatoes according to your method as soon as I get the chance. Thanks for sharing video!

  • Jill

    I’ve read your blog for a while, getting to know you through your words. I didn’t realize until I watched your video that it was important to hear your voice to add to your “voice.” Your courage is an inspiration. Love the potatoes too!

  • rrp

    Thx for the video!

    Im from Germany and can´t see any problem with your, in my opinion, lovely accent!

  • LeAndra

    Thank you. More often than not, I am a mess in the kitchen. Those “honest glimpse” moments you mentioned mean so much. Your words give us such an honest glimpse into life, it seems natural to extend that honesty into the kitchen. Thank you again for sharing all that you do.

  • Peggy Sherry

    I think of your about picture in the market and wish I knew what you were thinking. The voice sounds just like a little of New York. The video sounds like a lovely idea.

  • Jean

    Love your site and share your love of russets, although in Canada they are typically the most expensive of the potatoes. Funny how that works. I parboil when doing big chunks but will try with smaller too. One thing I do on weeknights when I’m in a rush is to start smallish chunks on the stove in a covered pan (with oil and salt added) and let the potatoes steam, then uncover and bake. Not as good as par boiling but so much better than just plain roasting. And speaking as someone who used to have a thick Queens accent, a Brooklyn one rocks too.

  • Sirena

    I love the videos, and love seeing you in the videos! Your accent makes the word “salt” adorable, and it really comes across that you are having fun – which is fun for us as viewers. Keep it up!

  • robin

    Man that was alot of steps for some potatoes. I use a cast iron skillet also but do not boil or bake and I must say they come out great.

  • Jennifer Perillo

    Peggy—That photo captured one of my favorite memories, shopping through the Rialto market in Venice, Italy. I was taking in the wonder of it all.

  • Patti

    I made these last night for dinner. Yum! Just need to cut the potato a little smaller. It took another round of seven minutes to toast up. I will put this recipe in the favorites file. Thanks

  • Monica

    I love this video! The potatoes look amazing, and I’m always excited to find a new use for my cast iron skillet. I never would have thought to pre-heat the pan in the oven. I’m definitely going to try this recipe. Oh, and I’m with you on the well-done potato!

  • Judy

    Made these potatoes a couple of nights ago. Definitely the only way to make crispy “faux fried” taters. OMG. They’re the best ever! Exactly as you described them. I made three medium-sized potatoes and ate them all myself! Can’t wait to make them again. Thank you, Thank you!!